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interracial relationships

Question Posted Friday April 6 2007, 8:57 pm

i have a problem. ive been friends with this kid 'tom'. we're really, really close, and i just recently found out he likes me because he told one of my friends, who eventually told me. i was shocked, yet happy at the same time. Ever since i found this out, we have been together all the time in school. [in the halls, ect.] we also have a couple classes together and we text all the time in class. =X, ha, anyways, i have concluded that i really like him, alot, which is great for me because ive had trouble likeing someone ever since my last relationship i was in.[it was terrible.] But, theres one problem, hes 100% mexican, and pretty dark. Im irish, and my dad has a huge problem, and won't let me date anyone who's 'not white'. This bothers me because he is honestly, one of the nicest, and best friend i could ever ask for, and i really, really like him, and would love to date him. But i know my dad wouldn't approve. How could i try to talk to my dad about allowing me to be with him ? =/

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sweetipie205 answered Sunday April 8 2007, 1:43 am:
Well, its obiouse your dad is racist(sp). But tell your dad that you won't tolerate that he doesnt like u dating ppl who arent white because of him. Plus, Im irsh myself i know how white you could be. But listen, if you truly, and i mean truly, like this guy. Then you won't tolerate your dad. Stand up to him and tell you will date anyone you want, no matter what he says. Also tell your dad a little about Tim, this way he might aprove. This way you dont have to stand up agianst your father just talk.

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christina answered Saturday April 7 2007, 1:54 am:
Just sit him down one day & tell him you have this really nice friend. And although he isn't white, he's a nice guy, and you really like him. Ask your dad to meet him so that he won't be so harsh.

If your dad still says no, then follow his rules. Although it's a little bit rude, your dad makes rules for a reason. Also, when you get a little bit older, try & date whoever. If your dad can't accept it, that's his problem.

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cheburashka answered Friday April 6 2007, 10:10 pm:
that really depends on how undertanding your dad can be, and you know him best, so it's up to you to decide whether you have a chance at convincing him or not. try to pose some questions that may make him think about it, without telling him that you want to date this guy. ask him to explain to you why he feels that way about people of other races. ask him if he actually knows and is friends with anyone who is not white. ask him how he would feel if you had a friend who wasn't white (make it sound as hypothetical as you possibly can, like "just wondering" sort of thing). if you think that it is possible to make some positive progress in that area, let that guy know that you're interested in dating him and that you have this problem with your dad. introduce him as a good friend first. if you think your dad is okay with him, explain to him carefully that you're interested in that kid, and see how things go from there. if this kind of progress is impossible and you really really like him anyway, then just date him secretely. i don't know how you feel about keeping a secret like that from your parents, but if you can, maybe try that. i know, that can be really horrible idea and you might not want to do that, but it's up to you.

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XkittyOkatX answered Friday April 6 2007, 9:11 pm:
Aw, my parents are kind of like that, too.. I really don't like that situation. =(
Try going to your dad and telling him how much of a great guy this kid is. Also, even tell him how much better he seems than the last guy, how sweet he is, and stuff like that.
Also, make sure your dad knows that you're a fairly young age, so he wouldn't have to really 'worry' about anything, and express how whether you're the same color or not, it makes no difference.
Maybe even let your dad meet this kid; I know, it sounds kinda harsh, but it just might work if he's really polite or anything.

Honestly, to me, color means absolutely nothing. Maybe make that clear to your dad?

[ XkittyOkatX's advice column | Ask XkittyOkatX A Question

duckyville72 answered Friday April 6 2007, 9:06 pm:
If you really like this kid then you should give it a try, and talk to your dad about how he is a good guy. My first serious relationship was with someone who was black, and i went to a very white school, and my dad didnt seem to like it very much either. But a good way to resolve a problem like that is to talk to your dad, or even both your parents to let them know that even if he isnt white, he still is a good kid and they should give him a chance. If they dont like him in the end then they can deal with it. So dont let your parents get in the way if you truly like him, just talk to them. hope that helps<3

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