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can EX kill you or harm you???

Question Posted Wednesday March 14 2007, 10:56 pm

ok despite wat is told 2 us in health class i still have the doubt. ok well my bro has been doing EX since october. nothing serious, hes done it 7 times since then so maybe like once a month. cept the problem is hes convinced that the only way EX can kill you is if you get dehydrated or if you drink too much water. im not sure. last friday he took 7 hits of it. and that kinda worries me, he blocked out from 5-8 so he only remembers wat happened to him loosey. he has bruises and stuff like that so he was jumping around or fell down the stairs or something. he was too high to remember wat was going on. so if anyone actually knows the affects of EX or whether or not it can harm u pleaze tell me. and dont tell me to tell my parents becuz i wont. im not like that. he trusts me to keep it a secret. i just wanna help him myself.

if you havent ever done EX or have no experiance on the subject watsoever pleaz dont answer. id rather only those who can give me reliable answers to respond. and none of that whole, its bad for you crap. anyways sorry for being rude to anyone but i need to help him. i dont hate people who do drugs, its just that i have seen good people become mentally damaged because of drugs and i love my brother too much. btw hes 15 in 10th grade and im 14 in 8th grade.


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helpmehelpu answered Friday July 11 2008, 12:07 am:
My friend has done EX before and I am a recreational drug user but nothing too big, pot is it for me. But the fact of the matter is your brother needs HELP! Its BAD for him. I don't care what you think. 7 times is more than enough. People had died after 1 pill from heatstroke. The more he does it the more he's gonna hafta take to get a good high and the more he takes the harder his body is going to work to break the X down and eventually in the near future when he's high on X his body will get tired, he'll lay down and he won't get up. Your brother will die if you don't stop him. I had a friend in college whose best friend died in her arms because she was high on X. Its no good. I'll admit I wanna try it, but wanting to and actually following through with it are two different things, I'm a F*ckin burnout and I know that stuff is bad news. If anything have your brother read this. I mean does he even know that its abnormal to have survived taking so much X? BAAAAAAD Idea. Tell somebody, he's 15 for christs sake, he'll forgive you in a year anyway. Face it, he's a drug addict. He needs help.

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Balooshi666 answered Saturday March 17 2007, 6:23 pm:
i have been n shroomz Smack(heroin) X pot Hash speed snow... so ive had alot of experience in this kinda shit yeah he can die by dehydrated or over hydrated whatever talk to ur bro try gettin him into Hash/Pot instead of X they are the safest drugs i know of it has a pretty gd high and chances of death are realy low

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christina answered Thursday March 15 2007, 2:30 pm:
Yeah, you can die by doing almost any kind of drug if you do it enough.

"And none of that whole, it's bad for you crap." Can't handle the truth? It's insanely bad for you. You need to get your brother help because drugs are addicting & they can really mess you up. And you can't help your brother yourself. He's 15, you're 14. What the hell can a 14 year old do? Nothing. Tell an adult you trust, and get your brother help. Because by keeping it a secret, you're just as big an idiot as he is.

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Imperialistic answered Thursday March 15 2007, 7:31 am:
Your brother seems too have to much faith in himself. Yes, the chances of dying by doing it only a few times is slim. If you die, you're either overhydrated, dehydrated, took a tainted pill or are the one in a billion person who is allergic to them.
It is a relatively safe drug, is being tested to help mental disorders and is being slammed because of a few kids who mistreated it.
And that is what kills you when you are on MDMA: acting stupid, throwing yourself against walls, creating external and internal damage to your body, hitting your head all the time and not being able to remember to get it checked out, dancing all night and not drinking anything, taking huge risks that could endanger yourself.
He trusts himself to not do anything stupid but he takes the drug to be able to act stupid.
And the drugs long term effects are unknown too but heavy use has been linked with damage to the nervous system.
You probably won't be able to stop him but this is what you can do. I'm not going to tell you to lie to him, just give him these facts. People whose deaths are related to ecstasy usually have taken more than 100mg so he should only take one pill at a time. Those people also usually take other drugs with ecstasy so he should stay away from that and alcohol when he is tripping. Thirdly, he should space out how often he takes ecstasy. The longer he waits, the better effect it'll have when he actually gets high again because the body will start getting used to being normal (maybe this will convince him to wait). Everytime he gets high, he should use protective measures like wearing thicker layers of clothing and mouth guards. And most importantly, he should ALWAYS have a sober friend nearby to make sure he's okay and he stays out of trouble because this is the person who will be saving his life when all his other doped-up friends are frolicking in fields full of flowers.
I know you don't want to tell anybody else but if his behavior doesn't stop, you're going to have to talk to your parents about it. You don't want to live with the guilt in case he seriously injures himself and you know you could have done something but you didn't.

[ Imperialistic's advice column | Ask Imperialistic A Question

orphans answered Thursday March 15 2007, 6:25 am:
Yes. It can kill you. But drugs are line an accident. Sometime death is not the worst thing that can happen.Meaning
A lot of problems on your body control, nerv system. Your brother if he continues like this he will be retarted withing the next 5-6 years. I am telling you there is already someone mr. Parkingson in the corner waiting for your brother.
The best thing you can do to find out for yourself, is find some people who do it. People who it offten face severe problems withing the first 2 years.
Watch the end of the movie called a scanner darkly and you ll know what I am talking about.
From a group of 12 drug abusers 4 of them are dead and the rest are shaking on a wheelchair waiting for someone to clean their drool, just cause they wanted to dance and look at the lights.
7 hits is enough for someone to allready change as a person. Look at your brother. Is he the same person anymore?

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

karenR answered Thursday March 15 2007, 1:16 am:
Any one time using it can kill you. If it doesn't
you are lucky. I knew a kid who sat there and practically chewed his own lip off.

The truth of the matter is you can't help him yourself. I don't want to come off sounding mean
but if you don't say something to your parents, you could very well be living with the fact that you knew he was using and didn't tell, after he is dead. Not something you would want to live with the rest of your life.

Telling an adult is helping him.

Sorry I have no personal experience with the drug. I have worked in emergency medicine for years so I am not unfamiliar with its killing people.

[ karenR's advice column | Ask karenR A Question

russianspy1234 answered Thursday March 15 2007, 1:08 am:
the biggest problem with excstasy is that you have some guy who flunked high school chem mixing it up in his lab. even pure ex, made exactly the way its supposed to be, is bad and can hurt/kill you. its also often laced with other crap, and poorly made, it can really mess you up. but even with all that aside, dehygration is a serious enough problem. try introducing him to some of your friends that have ben hurt by drugs

[ russianspy1234's advice column | Ask russianspy1234 A Question

gothiccowgirl answered Thursday March 15 2007, 12:02 am:
It CAN definitely hurt you. I personally have been on it once, and that was enough for me. I was hopelessy gone. If someone had told me to go play in traffic, I totally would have. I also know that it can raise your body temperature to 115 F which by that time, doctors would be rushing to cool you down if you were in a hospital. You have brain cells dying left and right at that heat. You can be permanently brain damaged.

[ gothiccowgirl's advice column | Ask gothiccowgirl A Question

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