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older guy.

Question Posted Wednesday January 31 2007, 6:51 pm

okay well i'm 13 & the guy i like is 16. is that bad?? like he gives me signs that he likes me too but all my friends are going "laura, he's 16." & i go "so?". i just want to know if that is too much of an age difference.

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MelLeDisko answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 8:37 pm:
No, it's not a huge age difference at all. I mean think what if you two were like 40 or so? you'd only be 40 when he'd be 43. That doesn't sound that bad now, does it? Most parents have a couple years apart from eachother.

It just seems huge because 13 is the youngest age for a teenager, whereas 16 seems alot older - you can drive and you got alot of priviliges. Plus, whenever kids think ages, they associate them with grades too. So they think a seventh grader dating a tenth or eleventh grader sounds like a huge deal, but it's not.

Me and my boyfriend are like, two years apart. He's going to college next year, and I still got two years of highschool to go.

And who cares what your friend say anyways? You like him and that's all that should matter. They should just be happy for you.

I hope I helped.

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Sleepy answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:43 pm:
Take it from me, I'm 18 and my boyfriend is 24. Just because hes 16 doesn't mean nething. It doesnt mean hes a child molestor and it doesnt mean your daydreaming. it can happen trust me. (when my boyfriend was a senior i was in 6th grade)

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xY0M0MMAx answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:31 pm:
alot of people say age is just a number.
yeah, okay.

keep in mind though, every single guy is different. these people don't even know him. so, we have no idea which type he is. i sometimes agree with that 'age is just a number' thing & all but with our world today...? i disagree most of the time.

here's a little warning though:
most guys out there dating girls 3 or more years younger than them only want one thing & it is NOT a conversation with you.

[ xY0M0MMAx's advice column | Ask xY0M0MMAx A Question

megan13456 answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:27 pm:
Noooo. Me and my boyfriend are 3 years apart as well. Ignore your friends. Probably they are jealous that a 16 year old likes you. If he likes you and you like him i say go for it. Your friends are just
jealous. But make sure he's a nice guy and wont hurt you before you decide to give it a try.

Hope I Helped :)

[ megan13456's advice column | Ask megan13456 A Question

Swiss answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:27 pm:
I think it's fine. I'm fourteen and I like a guy who's sixteen. You've got nothing to worry about. If you really like him and he likes you, there's never really an excuse for age difference (I don't mean to offend anyone, but 20 or 30 years is a lot). But no, you're fine. It's a great feeling when you like someone and you're in love. You shouldn't be deprived of that. Go for it!

[ Swiss's advice column | Ask Swiss A Question

christina answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:23 pm:
Honey, age is nothing but a number. Honestly, I'm gonna be 16 soon, and in a few months, my boyfriend will be 21. Age is nothing to us. I love him, he loves me.

If you really like this guy, then go out with him & who cares what your friends say. Besides, there are people who more than 5 years apart. So don't even worry about it. And there's nothing wrong with dating an older man. =)


[ christina's advice column | Ask christina A Question

LOL_x0x answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:23 pm:
you have my name :]

lo..but anyways
no i don't think
3 years is that bad..

not if you're really into each other
and want it to work =]

[ LOL_x0x's advice column | Ask LOL_x0x A Question

112903 answered Wednesday January 31 2007, 7:11 pm:
3 years is NOTHINGGGGGGG there are people that are together that are like 20 years apart. but really age doesnt matter. if you guys like eachother whats stopping you from being with eachother. dont let your friends put thoughts like that in your head just do what you feel is best! GOODLUCK!

[ 112903's advice column | Ask 112903 A Question

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