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Question Posted Saturday January 27 2007, 9:13 pm

okay, well my mom and her boyfriend smoke. a lot.
i only visit on saturdays, but it drives me CRAZY because whenever i come home i smell like ciggerettes. and i dispise that smell. i don't like people who smoke that much either, because i have heart issues and i can't really breathe around it.

how can i try and convince my mom and her boyfriend to stop smoking? i already tried, and i told them how bad it is for you and everything, but they didnt' care. i WANT them to care. i hate this.

can someone give me advice on how to avoid this? or something?

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chrissabelle37 answered Sunday January 28 2007, 5:29 pm:
Hey. I would try talking to your mom alone once more. Tell her how much you love her and that you really wouldn't want anything to happen to her because she's your world. Tell her how upset you would be. Tell her that you know it will be hard to quit but you're going to help her through it because you're her daughter and you love her. Also, tell her that you really want to help her boyfriend too and that you're willing to help him too. Say that you love visiting her but you worry about all of your health because second hand smoke really is just as bad for you. If you find it difficult to do this in person I would write her a letter telling her how much you love her and want her and her boyfriend to quit. I really hope this helped and good luck! =)

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Boochie answered Sunday January 28 2007, 4:39 pm:
Tell them how it hurts you too. You're her daughter and she's poisining you! Say that if they don't stop, you won't go back to her house.


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Frendz24 answered Saturday January 27 2007, 11:48 pm:
If you have heart problems you should tell your mom and she would stop because she wouldn't want to hurt her own child. You should tell her that smoking gives lung cancer and you don't want to lose her.


[ Frendz24's advice column | Ask Frendz24 A Question

megan13456 answered Saturday January 27 2007, 10:39 pm:
Oh i know how you feel. My parents are addicted and so is one of my brothers and he started really young now hes 20. My dad quit because he had a heart attack and doctors said because it was from smoking. Hun there really is no way to help them quit. I know how hard it is. I hate smokers and i feel bad for them to. they are addicted and depending on the person you might not be able to help them. try the best you can. Scare them if you need to. tell them to do it for you. You breathing in that air is second hand smoking and DOES effect your body. Plus if you already have heart issues that's even worse. It's tough to convince them to stop but try everything you can. If whatever you do doesnt help then stop going or just go outside.

Hope I helped :)

[ megan13456's advice column | Ask megan13456 A Question

WHATS_THE_QUESTION answered Saturday January 27 2007, 10:33 pm:
well no matter what you try and say at first your mom and her bf wont understand becuase they have been addicted for soo long, that their body tells them that they need that cigartte to survive. First you need to sit your mom down and tell her that you want to have a serious conversation. then you need to first bring up that u have a heath problem and that the smokeing might worsen it and cause more problems. You can try to work out a way that your mother and her bf can smoke outside or in the basement if you have one,that way the smoke will not irretate you, also you can try to tell your mom maybe that she also has problems heath wise and that her lungs may be damaged or may become damaged in the futrue and may get lung cancer. While you are saying that tell her that you will always be by her side and that you love her ,and will be their when times get tough becuase smokeing is very hard to quit becuase it is a drug and you become addicted.

You may not get your wish of your mother stoping but at least you can come up with a solution so she does not smoke around you.

[ WHATS_THE_QUESTION's advice column | Ask WHATS_THE_QUESTION A Question

Depressed_Poet answered Saturday January 27 2007, 10:18 pm:
here's what you have to do:

explain that they're telling you that they dont care about jeopardizing their own health but you care for them. word it like this "mom, i need to talk to you. its about the smoking. i mean this with full respect's unhealthy and if something were to happen to you i'd be miserable and depressed. would you want that to happen to me? im worried for you and your boyfriend. wouldn't you care if i smoked? least think about what ive said and talk to me. i love you and i would never want anything bad to happen." and if it makes you feel any better my mom smoked for 17 years. it will be ok. best of luck. hope this helped <3

[ Depressed_Poet's advice column | Ask Depressed_Poet A Question

peebles7 answered Saturday January 27 2007, 10:18 pm:
you need some sort of bold statement. it's not just about you, it's about them DYING. take pictures off the internet of black smoker lungs and stuff like that and tape it to your mom's cigarettes, hang it on the door and under it write something like "stop killing yourself" sit your mom down and honestly tell her how much she means to you and that you don't want her to leave you, because honestly she is already going to die earlier than if she never smoked, that's the truth and it's sad but every cigarette takes 11 minutes off of a person's life, and that adds up, plus they could get lung cancer.
just be bold and DON'T BACK DOWN do everything you can to make them quit, nothing is too extreme and if they think you're being juvenile, tell them that that's fine with you, as long as they quit, it's important PLEASE be strong, it affects your health as well

[ peebles7's advice column | Ask peebles7 A Question

bluegrassnut52569 answered Saturday January 27 2007, 9:50 pm:
They probaly do love you. Its just that smoking is a really hard thing to quit. Its a proven fact that smoking is even more addicting than cocaine, and heroine. But they really should be more conchienchess. Maybe they should not smoke around you though if you have a heart condition. Hope I helped! :)


[ bluegrassnut52569's advice column | Ask bluegrassnut52569 A Question

yourrtrustyhelpline answered Saturday January 27 2007, 9:30 pm:
they probably don`t care because it`s themselves. i think you should tell them how much it hurts YOU and how much it affects YOU. maybe then, they`ll give it a second thought.

[ yourrtrustyhelpline's advice column | Ask yourrtrustyhelpline A Question

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