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I'll try to anwser any questions
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This is a bit of a tabu question. I am a singer. I have been told by a few teachers that I am a second soprano. i have always felt like I have the potential to reach higher notes but have never gotten past an E. ( now I am no expert. but it should be about an octive higher than the open E on the guitar. The smallest last string). Last night in the shower, I was pleasing myself, and i felt like singing for some reason. When I started singing, I was able to reach 2 full notes past what I normally can. I believe that would make it a G. Very clear, very easy on my throat. When I sat up and tried to do it it was scratchy and hurt my throat. When I laid down and started pleasing my self again, it came out easy and free. I even tried lying down and doing it but it still hurt my throat. So I am wondering why that happened and how do I reach those notes with clairity and ease without having to please myself at the same time? Thank you for your wise answers.
Nava (link)
To tell you the truth the same thing happens to me except my voice gets deeper about 4 notes than usual it also gets higher about 6 notes than normal and I never could figure out why I've done countless hours of research to find out and never found an answer. therefore i cannot tell you because I don't know. and i'm a musican and A singer to so I know how you feel. If I find out I'll let you know

thanks Bluegrassnut52568

My page is set up so that my friends,comments,and song are hidden.There's nothing on it besides a comment box.Anyway,for some reason the bottom links (about,faq...all of that stuff)is right under my about me.I wouldn't mind if it was at the bottom of the page where it should be,but I'd rather have it gone altogether...but I can't get rid of it no matter what I do.

Whats up with this? (link)
I've had this happen before
what I did was contact myspace and they took care of that and fixed it

So I would give that a try

on myspace bands. do like there "people" like publicists et cetera go on the bands profile??? because i didnt think the band members would have time too. but im not sure so THANKS FOR YOUR ANSWERS! (link)
yes there is people who do that

i REALLY need a good myspace profile tracker. i've used traczor and it sucks. so are there any other ones that actually work?? THIS is VERY improtant! thanks soo much! (link)
There's a really good one i use called myspace tackzor

okay so i have a boyfriend who i love so much but in school i guess you could say i don't "show him off". i'm not really into the whole pda thing (like kissing in the halls) but i do it anyway i've gotten pretty used to it.. but its like sometimes in school we seem like just friends and not boyfriend & girlfriend (we've been going out for almost 10 months and we're in 11th grade haha) what are some ways to act more like a couple in school without being all over eachother.. (we hold hands & hug & kiss but not making out cuz i don't like that in public) what else? or even what are cute things i can do in school to show i love him a lot.. like is whispering in his ear cute or weird? stuff like that.. thanks! (link)
I totally understand that your not into the whole PDA thing. He should respect you for that. But you could maybe let him put his arm around you or maybe stand in the hall way between classes and let him put his arms around your hips. Anything like that is good. I dont like doing that kind of stuff either and im a guy :) You could also maybe spend even more time with him outside of school. You could even simply flirt with him a little bit. But the main thing is if your happy with what your doing. Who cares if people think you guys are just friends. It sounds like you do are doing fine. Especially since youv'e been going out for 10 monthss O_O thats a pretty long time.

I'd like to learn how to play the guitar,but I'm determined to be self taught.I don't want any lessons or anything.How do you do it thought?What are some practicing methods and what not to get me started? (link)
It takes practice and a lot of patients.

learn the basic chords then learn the more difficult chords, like bar chords

If you have any more questions just ask me

does anyone know the song by toby keith that goes something like this...

"we'd still be together but she left me. i got mad about it, but it never did upset me. she'll remember me until the day that she forgets me. we'd still be together, but she left me"

i heard that song once and i never figured out the title. and i teach dance class and i was interested in that song to make up a dance to.

please help (: (link)
I believe it is she left me

I hope I hepled

okay so basically i'm 16, turning 17 in april and i am a 34/b but it doesn't look like that at all. my friend is the same size as me but she is bigger than me & i def don't want to get implants i just want to be bigger (like most girls).. i got my period when i was 13, do i still have time to grow any more? also my mom, grandma's & aunts all have pretty big boobs does this mean that i'm just a late grower? also i've done gymnastics all my life does that have an effect as well? let me know thanks! (link)
yes that means your a late grower, but it is perfectly normal your not the only one

well i shave down there and i can only do it once a week because if i try to do it two days in a row or even two days later it hurts and i get alot of little cuts does anyone know why? also does baby powder prevent odor and razor dumps down there? (link)
because your skin can't take shaving down there so many times in a certian time period.

aloe gel works for the bumps

how do you like erase your previous history? like on google, and yahoo, and ect. i don't know how and like everytime you type a letter the old stuff is on there. thankkss. [: (link)
you can highlight the word and hit the delete button on your keyboard that will get rid of the words from before that pop up


I have this beaded curtain on my door to my room. Its pink with flowers and such. My boyfriend is facinated by it and he wants one.

Hes looking for a punkish type one. Like black with flames.

I've checked just about every store here. Mine was ordered online, and I can't remember the site.

Does anyone here know where I can buy a beaded curtain online?

[besides ebay] (link)
maybe a place called spencers

Ok soo I really want to know what is the best acne wash.I dont have bad acne just mild. I tried Pro-Activ and it worked alright but not well. Everything else I tried really hasnt worked well on my skin. If you know of any good face washes or like cleansers let me know please.

Thanksss. =)

(wasnt sure what category this goes under but whatever.) (link)
I heard that product called sea breeze really worked I've used it it's the best i've used

okay so i have stretch marks on my inner thighs.. i'm not fat or anything but i'm a gymnast and i hurt my ankle real bad and had to get surgery so i was out of gymnastics for almost a year & thats when i got them since i couldn't do any leg exercises.. anyways i know there isn't a real permanent way to get rid of them.. but does anyone know of lotions that make it fade a lot? i've been using vitamin e, aloe, mederma on it and they've faded some.. is that good or is there something else i should use also? (link)
there is a product that i used to use, it worked really well I believe it was called mederma if that's not it it's something like that

Those who sell them declare that they are 100% natural and safe, but seriously...who trusts them? Of course they wouldn t say it if they were dangerous.
What is your opinion? If combined with really hard exercise and really healthy nutrition are they safe? If I am about to buy them, I ll ask a doctor first but I want peoples personal opinions. (link)
in my opinion I wouldn't fool with them. they mess with your moods and several other things. they cause vomiting, dirrea, and etc.

Are people in USA allowed to carry a replica gun in public? A fake one?
My guess is no. (link)
no, it is A federal offense, if the police see you with a "fake" gun, they might take it for the real thing, and will probably will start shooting at you. I've seen it happen, it's nothing to fool around with

ok well i'm skinny...i weigh like 100 pounds but anywayss my friend said i had cankles...not to be rude but isnt that what overweight people have? I dont get how i can have cankles if im not you have to be overweight to have cankles (sp) (link)
yes you do have to be overweight to have cankles

I broke a few-month old Dell Inspiron laptop (don't know the model) at work today. It belongs to my boss, but the company bought it. I dropped it and the lcd is all screwed up now. How much do you think it would cost to fix? what should I do? The first thing I blurted out is "I can pay for it" but honestly it would take every penny I have, and I'm getting married in May, and that money is for the wedding. WTF? (link)
It always cost alot to get anything of dell's fixed. so It might cost alot. but your company probably will pay for it. Accidents happen your not gonna be considered a criminal

I have a Panasonic 3CCD Camcorder and am trying to upload my videos to my computer. The problem is the computer does not recognize that the camera is connected to the computer. I have tried all the USB ports in the computer(as well as othr accounts on the computer) and when I plug it in the little bubble pops up that a new device has been found, but the software the camcorder came with says that there is no device connected to the computer. I know the camera can tell it is connected, so any ideas as to what is going wrong here?
Thanks! (link)
your USB ports might not be connected to the mother board. Or your cord that connects it might be bad

How doo i get my ex GF back ,she dumped me, and i need her back i need help on some stradigies :P thanks
make out with a girl right in front of her

i just downloaded frostwire and it looks he same as limewire. is frostwire safer than limwire? can i still get viruses from it? what is frostwire exactly? (link)
it's exactly the same just different version

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