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Boy Problems or is It Me

Question Posted Wednesday January 10 2007, 11:30 pm

right know im single...i want a boyfriend...but i dont know what to do,how to act,or what to say to them. i was hoping i would be a perfect girlfriend for my last 3 boyfriends, but i guess i was wrong because they didnt last very long. i think its because i freeze up and just backfire when im with them. im always so shy with them and i dont know how to act...i want a boyfriend bad but i dont know whats wrong with me please help me out!!! I want guys to see me as a beautiful confident girlfriend.

how do i keep a good relationship while not being so shady with the boys?

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L0CACiiTA answered Thursday January 11 2007, 8:21 pm:
you want to seem confident? then be confident. Guys arent stupid they can tell if you are really confident or if you are playing it off. I also think that you shouldnt go out with a guy just to have a boyfriend, wait for a guy you really like and feel comfortable with. That should help your relationship last longer.

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HeavensAngel01 answered Thursday January 11 2007, 11:24 am:
Wow i've been through this myself so here are some tips:

- start talking to alot of guys ask them questions and don't talk about yourself and less they ask you

- if your with your boyfriend don't think about it all you need to do is go with the flow. Don't try so hard don't be scared be yourself and if you can't because your unconfotorable with him then he's not the right guy.

- talk to your boyfriend like you would with your friends he just a boyfriend a lil closer then you then your friends so it really doesent matter you kan talk about how yu think this relationship is going get to noe him

-if you get to know him and your so comfortorable try linking arms holding hands guys they like a girl that isn't scared so don't think about what your going to do everyone makes mstakes but if you think about it and gett too nervouse you'll back fire

-so i suggest you just let loose and hopefully the guy will see how wonderful you realy are.

-but don't be soo loose that you'll do anything for him like your desprete guys don't like that either (trust me i've been through alot ahaha)

-Hope That Helps,

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xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx answered Thursday January 11 2007, 3:27 am:
OtAy WeLL GuYs UsUaLLy LiKe GiRlS WHo ArE VeRy ConFiDeNt LikE yoU SaiD you WaNt To Be SeEn As A BeAuTiFuL CoNfiDeNt GiRlFriEnd. TrY To ShoW SoMe AtTiTuDe Wen YoUr TaLkiN tO A GuY YoUr iNtErEsTeD iN. Be FliRtY LikE SmiLe AloT ToUch HiS ArM Wen You SpEaK LaUgH AnD SmiLe BuT DoNt bE To SluTtY. iF iTs HaRd To TaLk To ThEm TrY SaYin Hi WeN YoU WaLk PaSt ThEm AnD WoRk Up To A "hOw ArE YoU" Or "diD YoU cAtCh ThE GaMe oN ThE WeEkNeD??" TrY To FiNd SoMeThiNg HeS iNtErEsTed iN LikE SpoRtS EtC. WeN YoU FiNaLLy Get To TaLkiNg To Him YoUr ConFidEncE BuIlDs And You'LL Be ABlE To CaSuAlY Ask iF He MayBe WanTs tO go To ThE mOviEs oR a ParTy With A Few FriEndS oF YoUrS. JuSt TrY To aCt liKe your NoT iNtErEsTed iN HiM aNd ThAT your JuST BeiN NiCe ThEn Get MorE FliRty As The ConVerSaTiOn GrOwS. HuG GuYs Wen u SeE ThEm Or a PeCk On ThE ChEeK...HoPe i HelPed!! LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

[ xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx's advice column | Ask xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx A Question

vailgirl80 answered Thursday January 11 2007, 12:38 am:
if you want them to see you as a beautiful confident girlfriend they first have to see you as a confident yourself thats why their dating you because they like who you are physically and pesonality wise.try not to think so much im not sayin to act dumb and ditzy but relax let your mind flow and you wouldn't have to act anyway because you would be being something.but don't act like a dude in front of them until their really comfortable with them and vice versa cause most guys would think thats gross comin from their girlfriend.don't rush to a guy cause one is rushing to find you now

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