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Keep him or drop him?

Question Posted Saturday December 30 2006, 2:42 pm

I've been dating this guy for two months and he's always making me upset and then happy and then upset. It's always an emotional rollercoaster because I end up getting disappointed most of the time. We're both gay by the way. Anyway, for his birthday I bought him massage oil and bubble bath liquid from Bath and Body works and he turned it down telling me he should've told me what he wanted and been more specific. Lame right? So I kept the gift X_X. Now Christmas comes around and I ask for a wallet from Fossil since he doesn't "do suprises" he said that, "he would feel better knowing exactly what I wanted that way he wouldn't feel bad spending money on me." Lame again eh? So anyway, he texts me telling me he's at the mall at fossil so I call him and tell him what color I want. 2 days come along and he tells me that he actually didn't buy me the wallet because I sounded unsure on the phone. Truth be told I didn't really care THAT much but I still need a wallet since mine is getting stuffed... Lame again anyone? This is what he said me regarding his new gift to me. "Since neither of us know what we want for christmas how about we just spend time together?" Now I don't feel so bad about this since we hardly spend time together and since it's christmas break we haven't spent any time together for about a month. He goes, "I don't want to sound cheap since you already got me a gift but this is probably the best that I can do." Now hahah this just doesn't seem right... Anyway... I need help honestly. I've asked a ton of questions regarding whether or not I should keep him and most of them come to the conclusion as "no." But I do like him, and everytime that we ARE together it's fantastic but recently it just seems that he's not paying any attention to me and always playing games over me and we never talk since he's always playing World of Warcraft and his absence of attention is starting to make me lose interest in whatever it is that we have. We're not exclusively in a relationship since he's still in the closet but seriously... if he wants a relationship with me he needs to know how to have one... I've had many talks with him regarding "us" and all the questions that I ask him are answered with "I don't know =/" and now I just don't know if he's worth the stress and nights where I stay awake just wondering what I should do with him. I hate having to be angry about him and I ALWAYS have to comfort myself by saying to myself, "we're just friends" since we're obviously nothing more... This statement also confuses me since he keeps telling me to tell people that are interested in me that i'm "currently dating someone." Blah... Please help!@! and sorry it was so long I just needed to get all of this out...

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Seriously09 answered Tuesday January 13 2009, 8:09 am:
WOW! All i can tell you is to follow your heart Does he make you happy? Do you enjoy being with him? Why do you think he acting like that? so you say he tells you to tell people you in a relationship so that means he wants you but at the same time scared someone will find out. You have to understand that he cares about but really dont show it when all he do is play that game. Dont stress your self out trust me i been there, Talk to him ask him Whats going between us? do you want to be with me or not? take the time to feel what he is feeling "IF" you really like him but if NOT i guess you know what to

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OASIS answered Monday January 15 2007, 3:31 pm:
i think he likes you but you need to tell him to stop with the bull and give him a bit of time alone so he can see wat he has got with you
go out have a laugh

gud luck darlin

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xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx answered Thursday January 11 2007, 3:56 am:
OK. FiNaLLy ReAd ThRoUgh All ThAT. WeLL i TiNk YoUr MaN iS jUsT AfRaiD To SaY HeS HoMosExUaL [[ObVioUsLy BuT ThOuGht iD PoiNt iT oUt]] He DoEsNt WaNt u To Be WiTh AnyOne ElSe BecAuSe He TrUlY ReAlLy DoeS LoVe YoU BuT HaS A HaRd TiMe SaYinG AnD AcTiNg Like iT. MaYbe Hes LiKe ThiS With EvEryOne He DaTeS? As FoR ThE GiFtS iT ReAlLy iS RuDe To ReJeCt A PreSeNt WHeN iTs ThE ThOuGhT ThAt CoUnTs ThaT You AcTuAllY BoThErEd WiTh A GiFt. TrY CoMfoRtiNg HiM MorE AnD TrY To GeT hIm To OpEn Up AboUt HoW HeS fEeLiNg, Why WoNt He SaY YoU TwO aRe A cOuPlE EtC. iF HeS StiLl ThE sAme i ThiNk YoU NeEd To LaY it OuT StRaiGht. TeLL hIm YoU LoVe Him BuT yOu'Ve HaD EnOugH oF BeiNg a ShAdOw iN HiS LiFe And iF He DoEsNt AcT MoRe LiKe a BoYfRiEnD ThAT YoUr GoInG To FiNd SoMeOnE BeTtEr BeCaUsE YoU DeSerVe SoMeOnE BettER. BuT DeFiNaTlEy TALK FiRSt. TrY To GeT hIs AttEnTioN MorE to liKe MayBe HuGgiNg oR KiSsiNg HiM LikE With My Man i LiKe To KiSs HiS NeCk oR MaSsAgE hIs ShoUldErS. HoPe i HeLpEd OuT =] LuV xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx

[ xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx's advice column | Ask xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx A Question

karenR answered Saturday December 30 2006, 4:45 pm:
You need to let him know that unless he gets serious about the relationship then you are going to start accepting offers elsewhere.

You have already talked to him about your relationship but it doesn't seem he is getting the message. As with your last question...don't stay in a relationship that is causing you stress. You just don't need it. If you don't see someone for a month
you don't want to sit around watching them play games. Good grief, that's just rude.

I think you need to make sure you aren't being used.
If you are the only one around who knows he is gay that may indeed be the case here.

I hope it works out for you. :)

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