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Question Posted Wednesday December 27 2006, 10:30 pm

okay this is kind of complicated but here it goes, i was talking to this guy online for awhile. me being 17, and him telling me he was 18. my feelings for him were becoming strong, and we decided to meet up. when we did, he wasn't the person he told me he was. he was actually 36 years old!! and told me that he also had 2 kids!! but that their mother was out of the picture. putting the age difference aside... even though he had lied to me about a lot of things, i had already fallen for him, and forgave him. we haven't been seeing each other anymore, but still talk, and had planned on getting together when i turned 18. PLEASE DON'T JUDGE THIS DECISION. that's not what i'm here for. when i found out he had a 14 year old daughter, i searched for her on myspace and found her. i requested her as a friend, and after looking at her page a few times found out that she has a STEP MOM and a STEP BROTHER that also live with them! i was so heartbroken. i still haven't told him that i found out because i don't want him to know i was "snooping", even though i think that is something i deserve to know. so now, a normal person would probably be thinking "how can i get rid of this freak?!" but i am so in love with him that all i'm thinking is "i hope he chooses me and gets rid of his wife in may!!" i know i should stop talking to him, but its soo hard. i fell in love with him before i knew about all the lies and now it's just too hard to walk away. what should i do???

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loesje answered Monday January 1 2007, 10:26 pm:
I think you felt in love with this man because he know just the right words to say to make you fall in love

He is a grown man and your just a big girl but not yet a woman (in a positive way)
My advice to you is ,you are very young and you have a lot of another guys to meet
give yourself this chance,you deserve to meer someone as young as you

And putting all the age thing aside ,he already lied to you ,are you shure you want to spent your life with a lier ?

take care

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sandi74 answered Thursday December 28 2006, 10:48 am:
How can you possibly be in love with someone if you don't know who they really are?!? This is really simple-every single thing this guy has ever told you is a LIE, so you know he's not trust worthy. He's willing to jeopardize his family for a fling with a 17 year old girl, so you know he's selfish and irresponsible. And, he's almost old enough to be your father! Why would anybody want to be involved with someone like this? This guy is after one thing and he's playing a game with you because you're young and naive. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, but it sounds like you need a serious reality check here: If someone loves you, they tell you the truth! What you're in love with is the idea of someone who will "give up everything" to be with you. This is the real world honey, that rarely happens. There is a huge difference between real love and this fantasy life you want with this guy. True love is about honesty, loyalty, and responsibility Wise up! Stay away from this, date guys your own age and enjoy your youth. You're only young once and you don't want to waste it on this clown who obviously has some serious issues.

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Altruistic answered Thursday December 28 2006, 3:02 am:
The answer is simple. Forget about him. For one thing he's still married and i dont think you'd want to be his mistress. That can result in a lot of lawsuits and trouble. And his daughters almost the same AGE as you. Do you think he wont treat you like he would treat his daughter? ANd if you do get together with him, do you think his daughter would treat you like a mom? especially when you're only 3 years older? Chances are she'll resent you for barging in on their family and becoming her dad's lover. And i really doubt he'd abandon his kids for you. Get over him, get rid of him, he is so not worth your time. if he can lie to your once or more about really important matters, he can lie to you again and again about little things. If i were you,i'd find someone closer to your own age who will love you and wont lie to you.

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Alpha345 answered Thursday December 28 2006, 2:17 am:
Yeah, you kinda did deserve to know.

So, get rid of him. It's obvious what needs to be done. He LIED to you and hasn't been honest and up-front with you and if he does it now he will be gauranteed to do it again.

How could you EVER want to be with someone that lies to you and has a daughter that is practically your age? Your a side project for him because there is no way he will run off with you and ABANDON his children just like that, your just going to be his girl on the side, never getting the full attention or recognition.

Get rid of him, you know why.


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