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Grandma sick

Question Posted Sunday November 26 2006, 7:40 pm

My Grandam is very sick and might die!! I cant deal with the pain it is causing my family ecspecially my dad! Every time a tear comes to his eye it comes to mine!You see my grandpa went down to cincinati to have open heart surgery and he made it through fine. That night my grandam started to not be able to breathe so they took her to the hospital. Now she has to have open heart and is sooo frail she might not survive! Is there any way to stop me from crying all the time and to be sad some of the time not all? ANd any ideas on how to cheer my grandpa up? Let me know thanks!

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justaskVy answered Monday November 27 2006, 12:51 am:
well hunnie, I know you're hurt because you might be losing someone you love and care for. There's nothing you can really do other than think of the good times and make the best out of it for her and yourself. If something goes wrong (I hope not) then at least you're left with memories.
About your grandfather, you can have a heart to heart talk with him. Talk about how you both feel, whether its sad or happy, letting it out always make a person feel better. Be there with him and comfort him, let him know everything will be alright, think positively, pray (I don't know if it helps but I always do).
I hope I helped and hope your grandma will be alright. good luck sweetie.

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just_ask_me answered Sunday November 26 2006, 10:57 pm:
I do know what your going through, because my grandmother is also very sick. You have to think positive though, to help yourself and your family. Don't assume that she might not make it, push yourself to believe that your grandmother is strong and will make it through okay. The more you think negatively, the more your family will too. Also, remember your grandmother lived a long life and many people do not get that oppurtunity AND many people do not have a family who care about them that much, like you care about your family. Your grandmom knows how much you love and care for you, and remember to show your grandfather and dad all the love and support. As long as they know you love them unconditionally, that's all they need. Keep your family close and support them. You could also try keeping busy with school, friends, a job, etc. Living your life is also important, so try not to stress too much. I hope everything works out for you and your family.

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not_your_star34 answered Sunday November 26 2006, 10:37 pm:
I can definitely relate to you here. Just this summer, my grandpa had cancer. We took care of him, and watched his health worsen over time, which was hard to do for me and my family. After about three months of taking care of him, he died. It was sad to see him suffer, and it was even sadder to see him go. I know this isn't about me, but I just wanted you to know that I kind of know what you're going through.

When it comes to the crying and the grief... there isn't much you can do.
Pray for your grandma. Have hope. Don't think, "Oh, she's going to die soon." Instead, you should think, "Well, I hope that this open heart surgery goes well, and if she does pass on, at least she's in a better place and is away from the suffering."
Try to take your mind off of it. Hang out with friends. Play a sport, or take up a new hobby. Don't sit around in misery, because it's not going to do you (or your grandma) any good.
If you need to, talk to a friend, a parent, or a guidance counselor about it. It really helps to get all of those feelings off of your chest.

When it comes to cheering your grandpa up, you can do many things. Send him flowers. Make him a card. Take him somewhere that he loves (Like a movie or something like that). Cook him his favorite meal or dessert. Remind him of how much you love and care for him (Believe me, he needs that right now, more than anything else). You can do those things for your father, too.

Most of all... Tell your grandma how you feel about her. Let her know that you love and care for her, no matter what happens, now and forever. Don't wait to do this, however; Tomorrow is promised to no one.

I hope your grandma's surgery goes well!

I hope I helped you, and if you have any more questions, feel free to leave one in my inbox!

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abstract_profanity answered Sunday November 26 2006, 9:47 pm:
Sweetie, you need to hope for the best. Right now your grandma needs you to believe in her that she can make it through this. If your dad and grandpa see that you're in high spirits, that may be enough to give them some hope too. Your family needs that strength to back them up. I know that right now, you're probably looking at all the possiblities and risks that it might not go over so well. But if you're talking negatively with each other it will decrease the confidence you have in your grandma. And she needs to be in your thoughts and have confidence in her that she is strong enough to fight this.

It may also be up to you to hold your family together. It's going to be a rough time for you and your family but try and let it run its course. Because there is really nothing you can do to change this except changing the attitude you have towards it. If you need a break, try clearing your mind by walking or doing something that you enjoy. Try and relax. ( I know it's easier said that done)

And in the meantime I will keep you and your family in my thoughts. I hope she's okay.


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ductape_n_roses answered Sunday November 26 2006, 8:30 pm:
Don't think about the worst because if you do, that will happen.

Tell your dad that your grandma will make it perfectly well and that she'll get better in no time and that he should think positive thoughts about the outcome.

Tell your grandpa the same thing and be there for him as much as you can and do little things for him like help him around the house and talk to him on the phone regularly. Visit your grandma if you can.

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