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Question Posted Thursday November 9 2006, 2:44 pm

what does bulimia do to your body? and what effects does it have to people in the long run?

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god-smusgrove answered Monday November 13 2006, 5:32 pm:
destroys your body
starves it
shatters your insides
and you can get cancer, tooth decay, and digestive problems in the long run

[ god-smusgrove's advice column | Ask god-smusgrove A Question

WiseOne answered Saturday November 11 2006, 8:39 am:
Bulimia can have terrible affects to your body. For one...your teeth will begint to lose their enamel. They will eventually get eaten away through years of constant vomiting. The blood vessels around your eyes could break and cause puffiness and swollen eyes from the pressure of the vomiting. Bulimia can affect your internal organs as well. You run a greater risk of esophogeal cancers and erosion of your espohogus and throat. It can also adversely affect your heart. It is not as deadly as anorexia, but it can kill. It is also harder to treat than anorexia. There are programs in place to help you through your local MHMR chapters. This should be based on it will not cost you a fortune. Paying a small price now to recieve some help in dealing with this is nothing compared to saving your own life. I wish you well.

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xlittlebell420 answered Thursday November 9 2006, 8:13 pm:
well, bulimia is really not good at all for your body, it can make you loose weight but is that really the way you wanna do it??? but the effects in the long run is that it can kill you.. and you really dont want that.. it can also get you very sick and you could end up in the hospital for a LONG time.. beleive me my friend was in that position.. so please dont hurt yourself by becoming bulimic if thats what you are thinkin..i hope i help=]

[ xlittlebell420's advice column | Ask xlittlebell420 A Question

sizzlinmandolin answered Thursday November 9 2006, 4:28 pm:
This website has a lot of information about Bulimia.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

If you or a friend are bulemic, get help as soon as you can. Good luck. :)

[ sizzlinmandolin's advice column | Ask sizzlinmandolin A Question

Razhie answered Thursday November 9 2006, 3:52 pm:
Over the short term bulimia will cause irritation and inflammation in the throat, mouth and gums, after a few months being bulimic, your teeth begin to rot from the stomach acid flowing pas them. A person might also developer gum disease and swelling in your cheeks from that acid. Vomiting too often and violently can also rupture the esophagus.

As for the long term effects of bulimia, I'll just list a few of 'em to keep it short: Malnutrition (obviously), dehydration, dry skin, weak nails, hair loss, high blood pressure, iron deficiency and cancer of the throat or voice box. There are also numerous diseases you can develop in your intestines and kidneys and bulimia makes pregnancy more risky for women.

That is a quick summary of the wonderful effects of this eating disorder. If you or someone you know is suffering from it, tell an adult and tell them quickly. Bulimia can kill, no matter how little it’s being done.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

VainTaraLynn answered Thursday November 9 2006, 3:34 pm:
Well. Bulemia is the act of throwing up your food after you eat. It ruins your esophagus because when you throw your food back up, the stomach acids eat away at it, and it also rots your teeth. As for eating, kiss that goodbye. Once you start the process of bulemia, it becomes a natural reaction that whenever food enters your body, it exits back out. Your body will become so accustomed to throwing it up that it wont know how to keep liquids or solids down anymore. Basically, since you cant keep food down you will be malnutritioned and have to enter the hospital where you will be closely monitered and nutrients will be injected into your system. I dont suggest trying to become bullemic, it really messes with the process of injecsting and digesting foods.

[ VainTaraLynn's advice column | Ask VainTaraLynn A Question

orphans answered Thursday November 9 2006, 3:30 pm:
it decays the back of your teeth, and causes shortage of minerals and enlarged salivary glands. you can also get stomach ulcers and rare heart diseases.
(but mainly, your teeth will be DECAYED badly!)

im assuming either you or a 'loved one' has bulimia, so if its your friends, you should talk to them or get them to see a counselor, and if its you, you should see a counselor

also, this goes with anorexia, you will lose your period, meaning you may not be able to have a baby till yearssss after you start getting your period (i notice ive been saying you/your, i dont necessarily mean you..) bulimia is serious disease

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

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