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Question Posted Saturday December 24 2005, 11:15 am

HI im 12 years old and one of my best friends cuts herself ive been told to tell the guidence councler and stuff but either im nervous or she thinks shell get in trouble do u have any advise of what I can do to help her? thanks
i rate high
dazed & confused

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Advicelady6798 answered Monday December 26 2005, 2:58 pm:
I know it is hard to watch a friend do things that are as serious as that. But if you dont tell the guidance counciler then she will do it again and the next might be worse than the first. She may get mad if you tell but would you risk her hurting herself more than ever just to be on her side. I think you should tell them and her parents. Sometimes when you cut yourself you dont want to stand the pain of the things in her life and doesnt want to feel the pain of cutting herself so she takes her own life. You shuld do something before she gets to that stage. Try taking her somewhere where she doesnt have to feel anger or anything. Take her to the movies and go out to eat and tell you will help make things better and do anything you can to help her. Keeping her mind off of cutting herself will help ease the temptation for her. Most people who do that are having family problems or just feel angry. Maybe finding a guy will help her find happiness in her own life. Never give up that is the best advice of all. If you give up so will she.

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here2help1143 answered Sunday December 25 2005, 10:40 pm:
My friend did the same thing before,I ened up throwing away all of the sharp objects she used,but if you really want to help yourfriend,get both you and her to talk to your guidence counsler,ask her why she decides to do this and tell your counsler about it,she (counsler) is not allowed to say anything to other people about what she is told, so she can't tell anyone,just take her aside talk to her about it then both of you go to the counsler, it's the only way,:/ hope I could help, if you want e mail me and let me know how things go,


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caden answered Saturday December 24 2005, 4:54 pm:
Well, something you could do is get your friend to join a group or get her into religion.
I want you to think about this; if your friend cuts herself, she could die, whats better, finding your friend dead or your friend getting in trouble? Plus I heard you could get in trouble for not telling people that she cuts herself, its a moral obligation to tell people who can help these kind of things.

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MELiixMARiiE answered Saturday December 24 2005, 2:18 pm:
Dear dazed & confused,

Well, I think you should tell the guidance counselor. She won't get in trouble ; she'll be getting help, and that's what is important right now. You might be nervous also. You might be afraid she's going to get in trouble, or that you might upset her by doing this, but like I said.. her saftey right now is the most important thing. You need to tell at least someone if not the guidance counselor.. like her parents, you parents, any adult that could help. You need to talk to her. Tell her she needs to stop. If she won't stop for herself, then ask her to please stop for you and for everyone that loves her. She needs to learn to take her pain and anger out onto something else other than herself. A pillow, talking to someone ( tell her she can always talk to you about her problems and everything ), blast loud music.. there are so many ways to relieve emotions without resulting harm one oneself. Talk to her about everything first, and then talk to the guidance counselor and see how everything goes from there. I hope I helped. If you want to talk to me more, IM me at imELECTRiCbaby x.

Mel <3

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PerkyPeacock answered Saturday December 24 2005, 12:36 pm:
listen, when someone cuts themselves like that, they don't want a guidance counselor to know. it's because it's considered shameful. however, it's so incredibly dangerous, and there's a lot there psychologically that your friend needs to work out in her life. and she's not going to be able to do that without help; after all, her solution to her problems is to cut herself. please tell someone, either a guidance counselor, a teacher you both have, or parents. but an adult needs to know soon.
good luck with all of this, i wish you and your friend the best

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