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Clothes borrowing

Question Posted Saturday October 15 2005, 9:16 pm

Okay, my friend (we'll call her mary) and I are about the same size, except i'm a bit leaner because i'm tall and stuff. But she ALWAYS wants to borrow my clothes. I didn't mind at first but now it's coming to every day -- she sees what i'm wearing and says "I'm borrowing that." Also, our other friend is like 2 sizes smaller than us but "mary" has even borrowed clothes from her. "Mary" has worn my petite friend's favorite hoodie more times than she has!
Its really starting to get on both of our nerves. During the summer I let her borrow one of my coolest skirts and she got a stain on it. Yeah, it's tiny. But I mean, come on. Also, she always says I can borrow any of her clothes whenever I want when she borrows mine. But the truth is, her fashion sense sucks. All she does is buy brand names and the clothes are usually the wrong size for her because shes in denial about being a size xlarge. So, she gives the clothes to our small friend who could practically wear them as nightshirts their so big on her. Anyway, so should I just keep kinda ignoring her requests to borrow my clothes or just let her borrow them once in awhile to keep her sated? Or just outright tell her that she stretches out my clothes? WHAT?

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honestymatters answered Sunday October 30 2005, 5:02 pm:
Dear Clothes Borrowing,

Everyone covered most everything. You could tell her that your parents won't buy you any more clothes if you keep lending them out. You could stop being friends with her if she annoys you so much. OR just buy duplicates of everything you wear, only buy them 4 sizes to small for you. When she says I have got to borrow that, give her the one that is 4 sizes to small, she will soon quit asking to borrow clothes because she doesn't fit into them. Haahhaaaa. Either way you should do it soon because she will only keep taking advantage of you. Keep in mind if you tell her that your parents won't let you lend your clothes out, you cannot let her see other girls wearing your clothes either. The best thing for you to do is just sit her down and say please don't take this the wrong way but your fashion sense sucks and you are stretching out my clothes. Honesty is always the best way to go and sometimes the truth hurts. Put your foot down now before it is too late.

Good Luck


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TLM answered Sunday October 16 2005, 9:54 pm:
just tell her your mom doesnt want you to do it anymore. shell believe it just have your mom go along with it. hope i helped!!! buh bye!!!

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X0C0URT answered Sunday October 16 2005, 1:14 pm:
Yeah that would be really annoying. Next time she asks to borrow something of yours just be like, "My mom doesn't want me to lend out any of my clothes anymore because she's worried they'll get stained and stuff." Then your friend won't be mad at you. She probably wants to borrow all your stuff because she realizes that you have cuter clothes. Maybe you guys could go shopping sometime and you could help her pick a bunch of cute things. If she knows you think they are cute then she'll be more likely to want to wear them and stop borrowing your clothes. Good luck!


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mollers512 answered Sunday October 16 2005, 1:07 am:
I had a similar friend who always wanted to borrow my clothes and it got really old after awhile. One night she even took a shirt out of my closet while I wasn't looking and said it was hers, and I knew for a fact it was mine. I told my mom that she basically stole my shirt and every time after that night that she asked to borrow something I just told her my mom didn't want me lending out my clothes. Maybe you could do the same thing and just tell her your mom doesn't want you to let people borrow your clothes because they get ruined.

[ mollers512's advice column | Ask mollers512 A Question

Vendetta answered Saturday October 15 2005, 10:55 pm:
You should just tell her the truth.

If that is too hard (which sometimes it is) make up an excuse. Say you need to wear it later on that week. Or say your parents won't let you lend out clothes anymore.

Slowly start to let her borrow clothes less and less. Sooner or later, she'll find someone else to borrow from.

I mean, it is okay to lend people clothes but only once in a while. Not every day.

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gUeSsHoO278 answered Saturday October 15 2005, 10:40 pm:
let her know sometimes you feel like wearing clothes but you can't cause shes borrowing them and tell her this happens often. ask her to go shopping with you and suggest taking her to stores you shop at cause she obviously likes your taste

[ gUeSsHoO278's advice column | Ask gUeSsHoO278 A Question

ItzMzManda answered Saturday October 15 2005, 10:25 pm:
You should just tell your friend the truth and explain to her why you dont want her borrowing your clothes. Let her know that your not trying to be mean but you just can't stand it anymore. If she doesn't take it well then she isn't being a good friend because she should repect your reasons. If you dont want to tell her the truth then say that your parents dont like you sharing your clothes so she can't borrow them anymore. Or tell her that your not comfortable sharing clothes with anyone anymore. Hope this helps!


[ ItzMzManda's advice column | Ask ItzMzManda A Question

Curry09 answered Saturday October 15 2005, 9:53 pm:
you can tell her the truth or you can just make up an excuse like my mom/dad says that you can't borrow my clothes anymore, and make up a big story or whatever.

[ Curry09's advice column | Ask Curry09 A Question

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