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Question Posted Friday August 12 2005, 11:50 am

The first day i get my period i always feel sick. i feel like i have to vomit and i get these really horrible cramps that actually make me cry. its only the first day i get my period. after the first day is over i dont even get cramps anymore..but my question is why do i get like that the first day of my period.


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Additional info, added Friday August 12 2005, 11:52 am:
i've had my period since the end of 5th now going into 9th grade ...if that helps with anything.

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ncblondie answered Friday August 12 2005, 7:12 pm:
Hormonal changes can make you feel sick at the beginning of your period. I would suggest talking to your family doctor or gynecologist to be checked out. They may be able to prescribe something to balance your hormones so you don't have to go through this every month.

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JSIMT answered Friday August 12 2005, 6:58 pm:
Hey, well, my cramps get so bad I pass out, throw up, feel numb, shake, cry, and I have to go to the hospital, It's just something thats in your genes, some women have it some dont, I went on birth control last month, and my period just came, it lasted 3 days, and I didnt feel any cramps, pass out, throw up, or anything, I was fine, and it ONLY lasted 3 days, when it ised to last 4-5 days. So if I were you, I'd go to a gyno, and ask for birth control, no worries though, they dont have to look in your vagina unless you are not sexually, so if you havnt done anything, youll be fine, its your decision anyways, they cant FORCE you to let them look down go to the Gyno, and get birth control, it works , promise :) I'm on birth Control for the pain, I'm not sexually active, ive never done ANYTHING, at ALL, so itll be fine if you use it.


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_sarahxoxo answered Friday August 12 2005, 3:03 pm:
I get that all the time on my first day of my period. My camps are so intense. The only thing that ever works for me is Midol. It works really well. You should try that.
~sarah <3

[ _sarahxoxo's advice column | Ask _sarahxoxo A Question

Brunette27 answered Friday August 12 2005, 1:55 pm:
It's different for every girl and that is just the way your body reacts. Talk to your parents or doctor to see if there is any medicine you can take to help! :)

<3 Brunette27

[ Brunette27's advice column | Ask Brunette27 A Question

ThugGirl041790 answered Friday August 12 2005, 1:51 pm:
Well this happens to females sometimes.. you could see a doctor about it and they could give you medicine for the cramps.. &hearts; Dez

[ ThugGirl041790's advice column | Ask ThugGirl041790 A Question

amsybethers914 answered Friday August 12 2005, 12:21 pm:
omg the last couple of times that ive had my period ive been gettin really bad cramps and i got sick my mom gave me some mylanta (i think thats what it is, pretty sure) and a sprite and salt and vinegar chips and i ate them and drank the sprite and about an 30 minutes later i felt better..maybe you could try that...

[ amsybethers914's advice column | Ask amsybethers914 A Question

LilMissLauraFaye answered Friday August 12 2005, 12:21 pm:
go to your doctor cuase they will give you the pill to help you out with that

[ LilMissLauraFaye's advice column | Ask LilMissLauraFaye A Question

DeeplyInLove102203 answered Friday August 12 2005, 12:19 pm:
I dont know but it happens to me too. but i think its just the first day of your cycle when your ovaries do something and it releases an egg which puts pressure on your lower abdimin causing cramps and sometimes your cramps causes there to be pressure on your back which happens to me...well i hope i kinda helped ya out if u need anything just ask*

&hearts; Caitlin

[ DeeplyInLove102203's advice column | Ask DeeplyInLove102203 A Question

xomegaroni answered Friday August 12 2005, 12:18 pm:
i have the exact same thing as you but not as bad. i started in 5th grade too, and i think that since it's the first day of your period, that's why its bad unlike the other days. to help, its completely normal and almost everyone i know has the same problem. idk if there's really a reason, probably juss because its the first day of the cycle.

good luck!

[ xomegaroni's advice column | Ask xomegaroni A Question

Teza answered Friday August 12 2005, 12:16 pm:
I dont think its anything you should worry about. Cramps like that are pretty normal. Before I`d get them and I just freeze and I couldnt walk because it hurt so bad but then the next day it would go away. It always happened! But it`s pretty normal and nothing ever happened. Just drink milk when you have cramps. I know its weird but honestlly it helps. That is also what my doctor told me so just try. And relax.

[ Teza's advice column | Ask Teza A Question

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