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i have a life!

Question Posted Saturday November 20 2004, 8:55 pm

okay so my boyfriend we have been dating for about 3 months now and we talk on the phone constantly! i mean i really love him but i have a life and i dont have time to just talk to him for hours every night! and like when he calls he barley has n e thing to say! wut should i do? i dont wanna break up with him but i mean it will b really hard to tell him not to call me n e more!

aahhh please help me sooon!! b4 he calls again!! lol jk but yea i need advice soon

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FallingStars829 answered Sunday November 21 2004, 7:50 pm:
you have to explain to him that although u love him and wish u could talk to him so much that other things in ur life tell him maybe if you can figure out an amount of time thats good to be on the phone for both of you just make sure he knows that u want to talk to him but there are other things in ur life that also need ur time

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aggiegirl6349 answered Sunday November 21 2004, 7:21 pm:
Dear person,
just tell him that u dont have time to talk to him as much as u do.
or next time he calls have ur parent tell him ur not home right now/or that ur very busy/or that u r in the shower


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3_SiMPLE_W0RDS answered Sunday November 21 2004, 4:18 pm:
If he has nothing to tlak about when your on the phone with him just tell him you gotta go..and he will think that you really do..LOL! Hunny, don't dump him over that and also just be like..Babe we can't talk on the phone as much because my bill is getting high..or something like that if you don't wanna lie then be like..Babe I can't be on the phone with you as much. I hope I helped sweetie. MWAH <3 Jenny

[ 3_SiMPLE_W0RDS's advice column | Ask 3_SiMPLE_W0RDS A Question

KeLsEy__x3 answered Sunday November 21 2004, 12:39 am:
oh gosh thats hard! just tell him that your parents yelled at you for how high the phone bill was!! thats what i did. tell him its ok to call once evry few days but not for 3 hours every day. ill agree thats way too much! if that keeps goin on you too could get sick or each other and want to break up!
*hope i helped*

[ KeLsEy__x3's advice column | Ask KeLsEy__x3 A Question

jenack310 answered Sunday November 21 2004, 12:22 am:
Try making up an excuse next time he calls. Give him subtle hints that you don't want to talk so much but don't cut him off completely. Talk to him in person, on IM, but try to make up little white lies as to why you can't talk to him. But, you should probably just tell him. The key in a good relationship is communication.

[ jenack310's advice column | Ask jenack310 A Question

PerkyPeacock answered Sunday November 21 2004, 12:02 am:
next time he calls, have an excuse as to why you can't talk, premade and everything. then call him back a little later and tell him you only have about ten minutes. or just tell him that at the beginning of his call...

best advice i can think of is to talk to him about it. it can even be on the phone, and at least then you'd have something to talk about, right? just tell him that sometimes when he calls it's not always the best time, but that because you love him so much you don't really want to just ditch him on the phone. try having a set amount and time you two talk every night. like, 7:30 or something, for twenty minutes. that way the insanity is confined to 20 minutes once a day. maybe, i'm sure you'll figure out something perfect for you two

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BaseballBri1818 answered Saturday November 20 2004, 11:18 pm:
If you have caller ID, when he calls at a bad time. Dont answer. But it sounds like u have a good catch, not many guys will call often.

[ BaseballBri1818's advice column | Ask BaseballBri1818 A Question

KrayZeBeaUtyFuL answered Saturday November 20 2004, 11:05 pm:
Dont tell him to never call you again, you should just tell him you dont wanna talk on the fone too much.. Maybe two times a day would be goodand not for hours on end. Just make it short and sweet and if you see him, tell him youll see him tomorrow or whatever, thats all u gotta do and im sure you wont hurt him, i mean i rarely talk to my boyfriend on the phone because we are always hanging out! Goodluck

[ KrayZeBeaUtyFuL's advice column | Ask KrayZeBeaUtyFuL A Question

LoLo2454 answered Saturday November 20 2004, 11:00 pm:
just tell him when he calls that you are a little busy and that you will call him tomarrow or something. Hope I helped :)


[ LoLo2454's advice column | Ask LoLo2454 A Question

Solaris answered Saturday November 20 2004, 10:55 pm:
Dont make up an excuse. Tell him straight up you need to have a little room. Sure at first he'll be hurt but then he'll realize its for the best. Dont breeak up with him over that though. Its a stupid reason to. Just tell him. "look man. I really like you a lot but sometimes I need to just be off the phone and such. Too much of a good thing can turn bad. Itll be better for both of us."

Just tell him straight up. Honesty is the best policy.

[ Solaris's advice column | Ask Solaris A Question

americanxidiot answered Saturday November 20 2004, 10:51 pm:
when he calls tell him your mom needs you to help her with something and give him a certain time to call back. when that time comes, go in the shower or have a sibling pick up the fone and say your busy. jus tell him u have other things to do than be on the fone all day.

[ americanxidiot's advice column | Ask americanxidiot A Question

AsIaNsKoOGiRlY answered Saturday November 20 2004, 10:28 pm:
Welps just tell him...your busy...always works for me when some random guy calls to talk...
Hoped I helped RATE me!!!

[ AsIaNsKoOGiRlY's advice column | Ask AsIaNsKoOGiRlY A Question

WoWsErS123 answered Saturday November 20 2004, 10:26 pm:
HAHA! B4 HE CALLS AGAIN! THATS HILARIOUS! sorry im in a laughin mode right now but anywho! just tell him you cant talk and your busy or your mom,dad,sis,bro whoever has to use the phone! works for me! hope i helped! leave 1 in my inbox!

[ WoWsErS123's advice column | Ask WoWsErS123 A Question

superstar10 answered Saturday November 20 2004, 9:59 pm:
well u dont exactly have to stop talking to him on the phone. just limit ur time. that or do the things u need to do b4 he calls. or if he calls and ur really busy just tell be like "hey can i talk to u tomorrow, im really busy and doing......" w/e ur doing..good luck..i hope it all works out!

[ superstar10's advice column | Ask superstar10 A Question

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