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Cheerleading/hair styles/Makeup

Question Posted Tuesday November 2 2004, 9:00 am

I'm doing Varsity Cheerleading, and I was just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for hair styles besides the regular pony tail, or bun..for games, and for competitions..I'd like to do something really different for the games this year to draw more attention to myself..Maybe some cute new makeup ideas would be good too..thanks alot cuties*

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CheerNtumbler4LYFE answered Tuesday August 9 2011, 1:35 pm:
Hey! So I'm also a varsity cheerleader and some of my favorite hair styles are: teasing the top and make a little bump snooki style then slicking back the rest and put a ribbon around the hair band. Or just put your hair back with a big bow and then use spray in hair glitter. And my favorite is have a French braid just at the front(this works better if your hair isn't parted in the middle), so braid it on the thicker side then pull it back half or all of your hair into a hair tie, for games you can have your hair half up and it looks nice. You can also do that look as a fishtail just look up on YouTube how to do a 2 piece side fishtail it looks really cool.

For makeup you should go out and find cheer glitter(riteaid or walgreens usually has it). DONT just use it as eye shadow though or that will make a mess, instead put a base coat of the same color of normal eyeshadow on first and then apply the glitter over the eyeshadow. Curling lashes also makes them stand out.

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cinderellagirl94 answered Sunday January 24 2010, 9:03 pm:
i'm a sophomre. this is my 2nd year on varsity. and this year we got 1st place at state competition,and we did french braids with a messy bun at the bottom of the two. you're hair has to be up,i noticed that someone said down and curled. well that is a huge no no. i suggest puffing the back so you have a bump, pulling it back and pinning your bangs off to the side. as for makeup absolutely no glitter! it is a rule. wear black eyeliner in a thin line and pull the top line off the eye a little so that your eyes pop more. use a natural color eyeshadow all the way to your brow and in the outer colo use your school color. using an eyelash curler curl each eye's top lashed at the roots for 16 seconds and use black mascara. without big eyelashes your eyes will not pop! hope i could be help

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AdInA answered Monday December 27 2004, 6:05 pm:
use hot rollers, or french braid your hair. your hair will look so cute! for make up.. use some eye glitter.. it looks awesome!!

[ AdInA's advice column | Ask AdInA A Question

blnk182chikk answered Monday November 15 2004, 6:53 pm:
well. hm.. Hot rollers are always a good idea. & glitter spray on your uniform is so cute. the hair gonna look into that. But if you go 2 im SURE theyll have something in there. the magazine is great, it has tons of hair & makeup idea. & for some makeup, example: if yalls mascot are the stars, draw a star with eye liner in the corner of your eye & put glitter to color it in. its so cute!;)

[ blnk182chikk's advice column | Ask blnk182chikk A Question

xXAsKmEaNyThInGXx answered Sunday November 14 2004, 5:55 pm:
you could french braid your hair all the way or you could french braid until end of head and the put in flip up pig tails with ribbons trust me its cute


[ xXAsKmEaNyThInGXx's advice column | Ask xXAsKmEaNyThInGXx A Question

pRiiNcEsS_bRyT answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 7:08 pm:
hmm well i wuld do little twisties on top n then scrunch all yer hair and add spray glitter and as fer make up take wutever color yer team iz and get that color make up glitter and have it sorta come from yer eye like flames iits rele cute!

[ pRiiNcEsS_bRyT's advice column | Ask pRiiNcEsS_bRyT A Question

Jane answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 4:39 pm:
*French braids, pig tail buns, wear your hair down and put back the side peices...put your mind to the rest.*

[ Jane's advice column | Ask Jane A Question

SoNuLiCiOuSsS answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 4:18 pm:
You should either corn row... or twist your hair half way... & curl the rest... or put ur hair in a half pony tail... & curl the hair in the pony tail... & the hair thats down...

[ SoNuLiCiOuSsS's advice column | Ask SoNuLiCiOuSsS A Question

Babyzee answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 4:09 pm:
hey my friends were cheerleaders and they would but there hair up in a ponytail after a shower then put sponge curliers in and sleep in them over night then take them out and recurl them if they r messed up and use alot of hairspray *hope i helped* U can ask me nething else hehe*STEPHANIE*

[ Babyzee's advice column | Ask Babyzee A Question

XxSXyKaYlYnXx answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 3:25 pm:
hEy!!! In cheer toO! SOmetimes we all curl our ponytails or we put our hair half up and half down with a ribbon. Pigtails curled with ribbons are cute too or even french braided!!! ThoSe are Some idEas! they all look Cutet thO! good luck!

[ XxSXyKaYlYnXx's advice column | Ask XxSXyKaYlYnXx A Question

S_C answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 12:09 pm:
well for hair, you can always do pig tails with pontytail holders, and then tie ribbons around it. Or you can braid your hair. For makeup, just mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, powder, and a some blush that matches your skin color, so it doesn't stand out much, and then maybe some lip gloss. You don't have to have all those makeup items on, just naming some. Make the eyeshadow (if you wear it) go with the cheerleading uniform. Or with school colors (usually the same.) Hope this helps some. 3 of my best friends are cheerleaders, so I'm just telling you stuff they've done. The pig tails are REALLY cute, especially with ribbons that are school colors dangling from them!!

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

xojenna09 answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 10:45 am:
I cheered for a year and my sister cheered for 5 or 6 years so I think i might be able to help. Sometimes for games it is cute for the whole team to french braid their hair. It looks nice and clean, but also keeps it out of your face. Also, don't over do the makeup because you dont want to look like your trying too hard. Juts be extra spirited when you are cheering and always smile and everyone will notice you! Hope that helps!

xoO_ jenna*

[ xojenna09's advice column | Ask xojenna09 A Question

WoWsErS123 answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 10:10 am:
* Srunch your hair and spray that glitter stuff in it! i was at my cousins football game and all the cheerleaders there had theirs like that and it looked soooooo awesome!!!! try it! *

[ WoWsErS123's advice column | Ask WoWsErS123 A Question

frenchfries21 answered Tuesday November 2 2004, 9:38 am:
maybe some cute sparkles around ur eyes like tht match the color of ur uniform and for hair... sorry no ideas but if i get any ill tell u. hope i helped ~stef~

[ frenchfries21's advice column | Ask frenchfries21 A Question

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