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i am here to answer ANY questions you want to ask me i will reply and answer the best answer i possibly can to anyone that asks me a question it could be about love,life,friends,school,modeling anything at all
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when can a girls really notice that a boy likes her?????? (link)
a girl can really notice that a guy likes her when he seems to be paying alot of attention to her and talks to her and smiles at her, she can really notice that a guy likes her when he tells her that he does or shows up at places that he knows she will be

p.s its really different for different people

hope this helps

love darling

Okay, I have a boyfriend who goes to my church (on wednesday nights) but i never see him because he never goes anymore and he doesn't go to my school. i want to dump him because i have this other boyfriend who i want to dump because he never sees me or calls me and i don't have his number and he doesn't go to my school. Okay, I want to dump both of them because I like this other boy who DOES go to my school and i know he likes me. If i ask him out though then ill have 3 boyfriends. i consider myself as if i don't have a boyfriend but i know i have to and soon will have 3. What to do? (link)
i was in the same kind of situation with one guy that i never saw and i mean never saw and then there was this other guy that i saw all the time at school and we even worked in the same music shop and he lived down my street and his parents were friends with mine so they were always over so i explained to the guy i liked that i have a b/f but i dont want him in your case it would be them then you can not be there g/f even if they dont know it they will soon find out aslong as the fact that you have not officialy brocken up with them doesnt bother the guy that you want to date.if you want to brake up with them but cant get a hold of them you can just say you have brocken up and then when you see them just tell them or try looking up there numbers or something.

p.s or you could always wait untill you see them again (yawn) as if you would want to do that.

ok well i hope this helps you im sorry i cant be more help if you have any other questions please ask

love darling xoxoxox

ok im 13 8th grade 130lbs and feel weigh to over weight i want to look like a modle and im not doing this for the man of my dreams im doing this to look good. im pretty and got all the right looks but i feel to fat andi want to look good in a bikini aslo i want the man of my dreams to go woah!! when he sees me even thouhg he already thibnks that about me but he likes girlss like paris hilton and i kinda want her figure and everyones gonna say dont change you look for him im not im changing it so i feel good around him cuz right now i feel ot fat when im around even though everyone thinks im beautiful and skinny just help me do u think i could get liposection? or soemthing i have tried dieting but i just crave food to much but im trying to cut dwon on the fatining stuff im in a little bit of good shape i play soccer and lift sometimes but help me someone? (link)
this is coming from a model and trust me being model thin isnt easy ok so what we look good in bikini's trust me i would rather be your size than mine. when istarted i wasnt the size that i should have beed so instead of cutting food out of my life and starving myself to death i sat down and wrote out a list of things that are good for me and how much of that stuff is to much i wrote down when i should have my 3 main meals (breakfast lunch and tea) and didnt skip one of them i cut down on snacks and instead of grabbing a packet of chips a biscute and a glass of coke i would get a apple and a glass of cold water. instead of putting a bottle of soft drink in the fridge fill up a jug of water or fill up a bottle of water and put it in the fridge.

and remember that you are you and you cant change who you are i am glad to hear that you arent changing for a guy though,

ok well i do hope this helps in anyway
if you need to ask any other questions on this or anything else please do


Ok my friend Kyle likes this girl who he used to date, but she's going out with someone else now. He wants my advice, but I really don't know what to say, can someone please help?
Kortni* (link)
well sit down with him and tell him that she is happy with her new b/f and that if he really likes her maybe he should just be her friend and respect that she has grown apart from him now and let her be happy with having a new b/f that she loves and a old b/f that she once did love and now wants around as a good friend and then maybe one day she might want to go back out with kyle and if he is still interested then go back with her. but if she would rather kyle completely out of her life it just shows that she is immature and dont worry about her find someone new

all the best to kyle and u

love darling

is it a bad thing to fall asleep while ur babysitting a 3 yearold in summer while thre in a pool?

~>confused (link)
jesus well if you were my babys babysitter i would fire you right away how could you honestly be that careless if you put a little kid in the pool you should either (a) go in the pool with the child or (b) sit right on the edge or right near the pool so that no accidents can happen not asleep that just shows how self centered you are!

what would you do if the girl your dating was given a number of another guy and didnt seem to think twice about it.... what if you were told by your friends that she thought he was hot...what would you love this girl so much and a blow like this hurts so bad.... do you call her on it and get it out into the i discard what i was told as jealous behavior...idk what to do....i still love her but im sure someone is able to understand the position im in...please help (link)
if you love her alot you should talk to her about this let her know that you just want to know whats going and that you respect the fact that girls with or without a b/f look at different guys and think wow he is hot. getting a number from him is what i am worried about maybe you should tell her that if she can get a guys number you can go out and get some girls number and see if she reacts different ok

hope this helps

love darling

Ok, I don't wanna sound brutal or anything, but my BFF (let's call her Emma) is so freakin' boring. I'm getting into going to parties, dances, and other fun stuff. Emma is the total opposite. She'll sit at home, watching TV, or sitting on her computer for 5 hours. I really feel like she's holding me back. What should I do? (link)
the best advice that i can give you is that if (emma) is your best friend keep her feelings in mind so do go out and do these things but also go spend time doing the things that (emma) wants to do and then maybe one day she will decide to go out to partys and dancers with you

p.s when it comes down to it you are your own person and no one can hold you back from doing things that you want to do (well except maybe your parents)

i hope this helps in some way ok if you want to ask me anything i will be here to answer

love darling xoxoxoxoxo

I have come to a conclusion.
My conclusion is: I am physically incapable of paying attention in algebra. I'm dead serious. I look DIRECTLY at the teacher, follow along in the book EXACTLY, and block out the sounds of Rick and Betsy ENTIRELY but I just CANNOT take in a word she says! When I was in regular math, I got all C's. Then I was moved to PreAlgebra and got 98's for a whole year. Now I'm in stinking algebra and starting to get C's again.
Have you ever been in a room with two people speaking a completely forigen language? You can listen and hear everyword, but it doesn't process in your brain. Welcome to math class. Another reason may be because I have it first class (8:00-9:45am) and the 13-year-old brain doesn't start fully functioning untill about 10. I'm just ALWAYS thinking about something else, usually my boyfriend, but sometime's I'll just read through class and then fail all the tests and homework. How can I get this into my brain??(sorry this was long)
~Non-Compliant with Algebra I (link)
ok well this is not going to be the best advice you will probably get but still when i was in school i HATED algebra just like you i couldnt seem to get it people next to me understood it perfectly and i found myself coping them which now i see was a bad thing, i never whent to the teacher for help even know she offered help for those who were having trouble, maybe thats what you need to do go to your teacher (maths teachers always seem to be the worst though) and ask them 4 help or you say you have it first thing in the morning so wake up early and maybe go through some notes or previous homework or go through your book or even as bad as this may seem to a couple of algebra questions just to get the brain thinking algebra or if all else fails dont plane anything for the weekends and maybe get a private maths algebra tutor dude or ask your parents to sit down with you and go through all this forigen stuff to you.

p.s dont sweat it tomuch im sure a little thing like algebra wont stop you from being a rocket scientist (or will it)

ok well if you need any help or advice on anything else please dont be afraid to ask ok i am always here. love darling

please can anyone tell me things to avoid on a dates ( mention whether it's for the girl or the boy) because i am starting a caution notebook on dates. (link)
i try to avoid being shy but i also try to avoid being to over confident. try to avoid conversations about ex-boyfriends or girlfriends
and try not to bring them up when your on a date just think about the guy/girl you are with.
also avoid bringing up other dates you have been own and never compare the dates to the person you are with well u can if you are telling them you like this 1 better than the rest i suppose.
these can work for either girl/guy there just simple (ex) things to consider when you are on a date

ok good luck with the book
love always darling

p.s i think the idea of a caution notebook on dates is a good idea maybe u should add things in it about relationships too (just and idea)

ok my xxbf sed i kissed to rough and my lasted xbf sed i kissed to low like on his lower lip! i wanna be a GR8 kisser.... soo how do i do it?? my xbf was SUCH a good kisser and left me breathless but how do i kiss then?? HELP!! me!!!! thnx

different guys like different things some do like it really rough and full on when others may like it soft and gentle with your next b/f this may seem pretty corny but ask him when he is kissed what does he like. if he says he likes it rough try to do it rough if he says he likes it soft try it soft but remember to kiss how u want to kiss someone not all what they want you have got to feel comfortable doing it too ok

I'm doing an extreme makeover on myself this holiday break and I need to change my whole style,especially my clothes. I'm in highschool and I've been going there dressed up as though this was elementary school. I'm still suprised no one has ridiculed me for wearing overalls the other day. I'm 6 feet tall and I am not model thin. What styly could help? (link)
ok well this is coming from a model and fashion designer ok well if you are tall but not model thin go for somehting that shows who you are but try to mix it up a bit choose a light colour and try to match it up with the same colour but a bit darker oh and just a hint dont where anything that you will feel uncomfortable in ok

I've had this best friend for about 11 years now.. but I'm so sick of her. She's always lying to me, deceiving me, hurting me, so much stuff that I'm so pissed off. I talk to her about it all the time but she just comes up with more excuses, then expects me to forgive her. She's pretty much friends with all my friends, and you could even say she's "stolen" some from me and now they're better friends with her then me, so I can't hang out with them anymore. What should I do? (link)
i have been friends with my ex friend for god about 15 years and she was a bitch she also lyed to me and always made me fell i had to suck up 2 her she was a mega bitch she would be my friend one minut and then the next she wouldnt trust meon this tell her to piss off or tell her to grow up you dont need friends like that honestly

How do I win back my ex boyfriend that cares for me and I care for him but he doesn't want to be in a relationship right now? I mean we flirt, cuddle, play around,and hug.I'm very confused. (link)
oh my god i have the same problem with my ex he always tells me he loves me and we also cuddle and fool around and kiss but he keeps saying he wants to be single (its driving me nuts) but there is ways of getting them to come around (i hope) maybe you should sit him down and tell him that you love him and you cant waiste your love life waiting for him to want a relationship and that if he isnt going to love you the way you want to be loved tell him you need to break away from him and find someone else that is willing to be in a relationship with you

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