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ya ok at the begining of the year i went out wit this kid, he was really nice and everything but i dumped him for another guy after a couple months of going out. well im single now and i like the kid again, alot but i kno he doesnt really wanna go out with me again cuz i hurt him and now he's a lot more popular with the girls then wen i was wit him. should i still go for him and try to convince him im not gunna hurt him again or should i just let it go? (link)
Say that you still like him. If he says no, then tell him that you were sorry and all that stuff. If he says no, then just let it go. It doesn't hurt being single.

i've had this friend with benefits for almost a year now and i decided that i dont want to keep it going. i started having feelings for him and i told him but i don't think he liks me. i think it would be better to just end it because i dont want to get hurt so i wanted to know if anyone has some advice on a good way to end being fwb without ruining our friendship (link)
Just talk to him about it. Tell him that you like him, but you don't want to hurt the relationship. Hopefully he'll understand. Then again, maybe you should take a risk. Keep it going with him. If you really care about him that much, maybe it's a good thing that you're with him.

I really want to become and actor...but I haven't seen any agents or anything...I might want to do The Starlet or something or hopefully, someone will discover me because I really want this...does anyone know what you have to do to be an actress...besides memorize lines? Also, I need to know how to cry on cue..I rate.. (link)
First, you should just keep practicing. Learning how to cry on cue, showing emotions, that kinda stuff. If you still go to school, then just get involved in the school play or musical. At our school, there's Shakespeare Club and Drama Club. Get involved with the plays and stuff at your school, and then maybe you'll get discovered.

If you don't go to school anymore, there are a bunch of sites with agent contact info. I'm sure google will help.

Ok. I was planning a surprise for the best teacher of all time. I had the principal call my teacher out of the room and had the assistant principal come in and i discussed the surprise and collected some money. Right after my teacher came back, my friend shouted out, "Mrs. *******, we have a surprise for you." The class went dead silent and I almost burst into tears. During my next class, I wrote him a note explaining that if he had any consideration for other people, he wouldn't have blabbed. He is now officially supermad at me, and I feel terrible. I think I came off as a bitch and i need to fix that by the morning! Ahhh (link)
Okay, if you really did act bitchy, then you should apologize. Of course, what he did was inconsiderate. So what you should do is wait for him to talk to you. Then tell him that you're sorry about acting like that. If he doesn't come around... then that's not right.

hi well i just broke up with my ex about 2 going on 3 months and he quit school the day after we broke up well his bestfriend and him is saying that i am bisexual and i need to leave his sister alone b/c i dont need her or something like that. well my boyfriend now got told about it and now he dont know who to believe i never wrote a note about saying stuff like that what shhould i do i think he is trying to ruin my life at school he is physco and nuts well get back with thanks (link)

First of all, you should tell your ex to bug off. Then tell your boyfriend to ignore your ex. If he is trying to ruin your life at school, tell him to just leave you alone.

i take showers every day..i wash myself very very clean and i have pimple/zit things on my butt..i dont kno wat they r and i dont kno how to get rid of them! IM ONLY 13 and im embarressed by themmm!! How do i get rid offf themmmmmmmmmm.THANK u so much (link)
Nobody is looking at them, and no one can tell they're there, unless you tell them. Nobody will tell they're there. Don't worry. They'll go away soon.

Ok well there is this girl that i go to gymnastics with and she has been coming to gym with bruises and marks all over her legs. I've asked her many times to tell me what happend and she told me 'nothing!' and i keep asking her the same question and even the coaches ask her and one time the coach asked her if she fell and she said 'yes' but then she told me she lied to him! I think her parents might have abused her because shes very quiet and timid and if u tell her not 2 tell anyone, SHE WONT!(even my dad thinks so) I'm really scared for her so please help! How can i make her tell me the truth? (link)
You just might be jumping to conclusions, but if she is being abused you need to help her. Talk to her, comfort her, just confront her about it. Hopefully she'll do the right thing and tell you.

i convinced my cousin to introduce me to some of her friends, and she did lol. so..we met on the phone and my cousin got jealous and told me not to ever meet them in person. we went behind her back, tho, and met at the mall and had an awesome time. but my cousin found out, and shes jealous and mean and thinks that im a backstabber..shes so controlling and protective over her friends. what should i do? oh, and my cousin hates me now (link)
Tell your cousin that it's not her life and you can hang out with whoever you want. She shouldn't be that protective, because they are only her friends. If she has feelings for the guy, then that's her fault that she didn't make a move earlier. Just tell her to back off.

i recently got my belly button peirced 3 weeks ago, its healed really nicely. my boyfriend gave me a really pretty ring for it for my birthday and i can't wait to change it. Is it too early to change it, because it says wait 8 weeks, but its healed and i know a otn of people who have changed it earlier, thanks! (link)
Just because everyone else is doing it, you shouldn't. Do what's healthy. Just in case, wait for another 5 weeks and then put it on. If your boyfriend asks, just say that you couldn't put it on yet. He should understand.

i have had discharge for a long time and i want to know when i will have my period. im 13 and of course a female but please help me. and i would like to talk to someone about this so if it is okay please leave your screenname i am really sad cause all of my friends have had it. (link)
I got my period early so I don't know how it feels like. But what I think you should do is just wait. It will come eventually. I was embarassed because my period came before anyone else's. Don't worry, it will come soon.

I think I am pregnant what do I do what are the other side effects beside a missed peiord please help me out
If you think you're pregnant, buy one of those pregnancy sticks or go see a doctor. A missed period doesn't mean you're pregnant, it just might mean something's wrong with your cycle.

Hi people this may seem like a totally weird question but I'm going to a costume party next weekend and I have no clue what to wear! Do any of you fashionable girls out there have any ideas or suggestions? Oh yeah, I'm a girl and I'm fifteen. I RATE 5's!!! (link)
Well figure out what you like. Dress up as a celebrity, or an object. Be unique. One of my friends, to be crazy, dressed up as a table one time. Think of all the little quirks about you and pull something together.

Okay there's this one guy and i like him and he likes me. But he was put on the spot and went back out with his girlfriend. Whenever im with him he's like.. i need to find a way to get rid of her! Does anybody know what he can say to her so that they can breakup without her knowing it was because of me?! (link)
If the guy doesn't like her, then he'll dump her himself. If you're sure he likes you, then eventually he'll do something to get something between you guys. If he doesn't, then you should talk to him about it.

i have had the urge to write songs lately but all of them are about love and my lovelife and i seem to copy from alot of other songs? to help come up with my own ideas and NOT about my love life what could i do??? any advice is helpful here i dont care! (link)
I'm a writer too. Just keep writing, don't pay attention to what it sounds like or what you think it does. Just write all of it. It sounds like writing is an outlet for you, so don't care about what it is similar to. Maybe change some words, use different meanings and just write. Eventually it will all come together.

I have extreme anxiety that comes every single day. I'm only 15 years old but its so intense. Does anyone know of anything that could help me? (link)
If your anxiety comes from school, maybe you should lower it down a bit. Take a easier class, or just try to work through it. Everyone goes through this stage, and it will just seem like a crazy blur to you. Use time wisely.

If your anxiety comes from home, then you should maybe talk to your parents. If it comes to an argument, tell them that you're feeling very stressed.

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