This Is Me. Take it - Or Leave it
I'm Emily
I'm 18 years young
I can be a bit straight forward but it comes from the heart
I'm moving to Florida next week!
I have a Jeep and it is very sexy.
I'm a little short for my liking
I am an aspiring model
I'm going to college for massage therapy, but am hoping to get into the entertainment business.
I used to be on my highschool's fencing team, and I miss it a whole lot ::sigh::
I used to fence with a sabre.
Art is my life
Andy Warhol is AMAZING!
I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
I am a guitarist, a photographer, a painter, and an artist.
I'm a loner, I'm a loser but I like it that way.
My friends and family mean the world to me.
I have 3 dogs.
I've been through more than I should.
I've been told I'm too adult for my age.
I'll answer your questions if you need it [=

Words of advice on love:
- Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not in love.
- If you say that you THINK you're in love, then you aren't. If you really feel it, then you are.
- Never let someone judge your relationship unless they know FACTS.
- To me, age is not an issue. If you are 13 and dating a 30 year old, then it's a big deal. If it's 5 or 6 years, not a big deal.
- If you are being abused mentally/physically GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! Don't give the excuse that he apologized. If he loves you he wouldn't do that to you.

I'm not a fan of answering questions that are listed in the FAQ. If it's a question you can look up on Google then please, look it up on google. Don't be lazy.

I do not like when people have issues with typing.

iif u typ3 liik3 thiiz iit piissesz m3 0ff. Alot.


(Rating: 5) Thank you very much for your answer and I am sorry it took so long to reply but I have just come back to Advicenators after a long time away. Everybody who said it wouldn't work out was right. I turned 18 and he was 15 and it became really clear that while I was in college it was going to be very awkward LOL!
(Rating: 5) thankkk you soo mucchh that hellped alot!!!
(Rating: 5) ha! love your answer
(Rating: 5) thanks - I was only trying to hide my age cos i'm a 17 year old girl trying to get into 18+ clubs that have MySpaces!!! (I am really paranoid that everyone thinks i'm a sexual predator after somebody elses answer, lol!) cheers xxxxxxxxxx
(Rating: 5) Thanks! =]
(Rating: 5) Thanks, for telling me what kind of chapstick to get. I already use it constantly but it never helps. So maybe getting some medicated or cocobutter will make a difference.
(Rating: 5) oh wow i'm stupid hahaha. thanks! i always carry a little bottle of lotion anyways.
(Rating: 5) wait but why did they give leileen 10,000 dollars? did shay get anything?
(Rating: 5) thanks your advice did help me alot
(Rating: 5) i really appreciate your input. i dont really care if its common or not though. i didnt even realize they were that common. but i really love them. and. i hope i didnt come off snobbish. because i am really thankful for your input. :D i hope you have a great day.
(Rating: 3) I was actually wondering if 12.5 percent body fat is a good number for my weight. Not my BMI
(Rating: 5) You got a point there (why not say people are gay in the first place)...
(Rating: 5) thnx
(Rating: 5) thanks =]
(Rating: 5) holy shit. 7 dollars. ha well thanks.
(Rating: 5) ok i was thinking of doing maybe like one streak of purple in the front. thanx =]
(Rating: 5) Yes! You feel exactly the same as I do. Thanks for sharing your opinion!
(Rating: 4) thats what im trying to do! the bottom layer thing
(Rating: 4) Thank you for answering. I really didn't like the swearing but the answer is good.
(Rating: 3) Thank you for answering. I still don't know which ones are bad for you and what damage they would cause though.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thank you for the advice. I like that you took the time to give me details of your experience. I really appreciate it.
(Rating: 5) thanks!=) yeah i know, because everyone i know is quick to judge, and even my own friends say im slutty...and easy..but yeah i dont know! but thanks for the help=)
(Rating: 5) thanks! this really helps alot! i mean i feel like this guy is using me because he is expecting ALOT from me and i have only hung out with him 4 days in total..so yeah! thanks alot!=)
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Exactly. LOL=)
(Rating: 5) Thanks man
(Rating: 2) I meant the letters in the brackets, so that wasn't really my question
(Rating: 5) haha yeah. one gave me medically and one gramatically. thanks<3
(Rating: 5) perfect. =) thanks -xotgrace
(Rating: 5) thanks a bunch
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Actually, the manager of our sports says that it is harder then some sports, such as cheerleading, soccer, etc, just to let you know! Thanks for the info by the way! Hev
(Rating: 5) thank you so much
(Rating: 5) haha thank you very much that really helped me out <3
(Rating: 5) Heh, this comes very close to when I received this answer. You really do have something with advice and the likes. This was very encouraging to me, and showed me the ways to go about it. I will probably go and talk to a few other people who know her about it, and see what is really going on. Then I'll go from there. I'll keep you posted if you want. Thank you so very much!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) thanks!!!<3
(Rating: 5) Thank You so Much!!
(Rating: 5) thank you. I live sorta near Freehold.
(Rating: 5) because its a gift, and its something that is real....its just really personal
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) man thank you soo much!
(Rating: 3) Well, she's not exactly a slut, she's been with that boyfriend for like a year. And I don't wanna upset her cause i don't know what she would do.
(Rating: 5) Thank you soo much!! &hearts;
(Rating: 5) thanks for the info!
(Rating: 5) thanks { &hearts; }
(Rating: 5) I don't care, Happy Hanukah.
(Rating: 5) Thank you!
(Rating: 5) OMG THANX I FEEL SOOooo0o0o0 MUCH BETTER NOW >3 mwah
(Rating: 5) haha yes thank u
(Rating: 5) haha love it <33 thanks
(Rating: 5) Well, congrats to you, too. thanks for the advice... and maybe you could let me know what you got your bf for your one year.
(Rating: 5) what do you mean hidden fees? why would they do that???? and thanks
(Rating: 4) Being rated by L2 moderator yg
(Rating: 4) Being rated by L2 moderator yg
(Rating: 5) hahaa thank youu
(Rating: 5) WOW! Thanks!!!! you deserve like 40958239058324 not just a 5.. wow thanks
(Rating: 5) lol, just to let you know, I'm a man so I really couldn't comprehend the...vagina aspect of the plan. I'll keep on trying to find someone who likes my idea though.
(Rating: 5) Thankss hun (;
(Rating: 5) Great advice... I love it! Most people do suck... especially that one person who left me an answer basically calling me a stuck-up, preppy, bitchy fake! Ugh... screw people!
(Rating: 5) Thank you!
(Rating: 5) Thanks :)
(Rating: 5) it is spelled Dinar. it is the New Iraq Currency. $1 will buy you 1423 dinar and experts say that 1 dinar will be worth $.13 by march and $3 to $4 by late "06". Not Diner. i rated you 5 anyway. i should have worded my question better. sorry.
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks a bunch! :-)
(Rating: 5) Thanks for your input and yes, I am aware of the price.
(Rating: 5) Thanks but it is going to be a stud so you hardly notice it at all.
(Rating: 5) thanx ~_* and, yeah, we always use a rubber.
(Rating: 5) that is very true.. i have no idea why but i feel like id rather "help him out" than have him help me out...you know? cus guys really dont know how to please a girl..no offensee to anyone
(Rating: 4) thnxs
(Rating: 5) thnx A LOT~!~~
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much, your advice really helped out. I might take one tonight, no one's home right now but I don't know, if the results don't show up now because I haven't missed my period yet, I don't have the money for another test. If you want to IM me at blondstbrunete34 I would really love to chat.
(Rating: 5) Already do all of that...thanks a bunch.
(Rating: 5) That's not exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for trying though! :)
(Rating: 5) Thank you
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Yes, I do mean my bikini line I'm sorry. Maybe it is from shaving. I have shaved once or twice. It's just scary not knowing. I have had cold sores but that's because of genetics. My mom gets them. I also have only kissed this one guy who has only kissed girls. Thanks so much though.
(Rating: 5) thxs
(Rating: 5) thxs
(Rating: 5) thanks :)
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) that's really cute i like what you had to say we both feel the same towards love i guess
(Rating: 5) ok
(Rating: 5) Cool, thanks for that!
(Rating: 5) right on hun!!!
(Rating: 5) its good to hear that someone else feels the same way.. thanks.
(Rating: 5) Yup thats what i do :)
(Rating: 5) ok thanks i'll do that
(Rating: 5) i know there are alls those risk but there are things that are much more dagerous and harm ful and stuff. there are always risks for everything. i mean which is worse having a baby or going sky diving or something and being paralyzed for life
(Rating: 5) ill give u a five for trying but we've tried that already
(Rating: 5) umm thanx
(Rating: 5) I've been looking at your mod discussions and some of your answers, they're really in depth! Favorite columnist-ing time! =D ~~Dakmor~~
(Rating: 5) "Being with my boyfriend for the rest of my life and marrying him and having his children." awww that's so sweet! Thanks for filling out my survey and good luck in your relationship!
(Rating: 5) Ouch. I imagine if Id had that bad of negative experiences with them, Id feel as you do. Ill admit I dont completely agree. Im one of those who feels that drugs can be used responsibly the same way alcohol is by some. And it can be abused the same way as alcohol is. The killed by the daterape drug kind of bothers me. Id not heard of someone overdosing on it before, wheather it was roofies or GHB. I didnt know you could. Anyway, thanks for responding.
(Rating: 5) haha i know. but i like spelling it "oober" idk why but it looks way cooler. THANKS A TON!!! <3 me
(Rating: 4) yeah, but if i got a huge dick, the girl can work it and pleasure herself more. average is 6, so i'm not that lucky.
(Rating: 4) thank you, #4 is what i do
(Rating: 5) hahaa lmao my parents would be so proud of me..
(Rating: 5) thanks! &hearts;

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