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Name- Tina

Age- sweet 16!

B day- May 17

State- New Jersey =)

Hobbies- Varsity cheerleading,JV softball, basketball and everything else lol

boy statz- Steven Eric Moody lol yes Moody is his last name

school- actually..i go to an ALL girls high school. im NOTTTT a lesbian though

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what r the symptons of being pregnant? (link)
most obvious.. u miss your period
you gain weight
you get cravings

get a pregnancy tets to find out.

hope i could help =)

are glasses a throw off to girls? (link)
im guessing your a boy..haha
the answer...NOT AT ALL..well for most girls its not. but some girls like the > (the i need a perfect guy with no glasses) wont go out with you. but if u have the personality and ur glasses look good and fit / complement your face, then you should have no problems =)

hope i could help =)

Ive been doing good dealing with my break up with my boyfriend, but lately its bugging the crap out of me cause i still love him. And right now Im having a very bad moment. Im a cutter, but havent cut since january. Right now I feel like i wanna hurt myself and i dont know what to do. i feel like i could kill myself right now. SOMEBODY TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!! :o( (link)
Doing that isnt going to get him back.. seriously.. why dont you just call him and talk to him. and when u get into the conversation..say, ya know, ____, i really miss how things were between us. i miss 'us'. and just go along with what he says. but, if he rejects you just get over him, hes not worth your time.

hope i could help =)

hey i need help, i dont know what to do. i found out that my boyfriend doesn't like something about me and i dont know if i should confront him or just pretend i never found out. (link)
just play cool.. like nothings wrong. but, if it gets to a certain point and he starts to act weird then defiently confront him but dont be like WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG lol just be like.. hey whats going on between us.. you ok?

hope i could help =)

How often a day should you brush your teeth? (link)
you should brush your teeth after every meal but most people (like myself) just do it when i wake up and before i go to bed..

hope i could help =)

everytime i have an orgasm i dont cum... am i quitting too soon or doin something wrong?? all my friends say they cum...o ya... i AM A GIRL! (link)
well usually when you get turned on you get wet so im sure nothing is wrong with you. you probably dont have anything to worry about. when you have an orgasm its more of a climax of pleasure building up with using ur voice.
hope i could help =) let me know

*15 Female
** mom and dad love my boyfriend AJ (his 18) but sometimes they porblems w/ curfew is 11 and he brings me home at 11 and we jst hang out down stairs for a lil bit before he goes home..well last nite he was over and my dad came down stairs and told him he had to leave and if he ever stayed late past my curfew at the house he would call the cops on him...what should i do when my parents don't like the things that me and my boyfriend do or the things that he does?

**we have been dateing for 6 months** (link) sounds like my dad. my boyfriend will be 18 in Oct. but what i do with my father is 1st talk to my mom and get her to understand what im trying to get through to them. it ALWAYS works for me.
hope i could help =) let me know

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