This Is Me. Take it - Or Leave it
I'm Emily
I'm 18 years young
I can be a bit straight forward but it comes from the heart
I'm moving to Florida next week!
I have a Jeep and it is very sexy.
I'm a little short for my liking
I am an aspiring model
I'm going to college for massage therapy, but am hoping to get into the entertainment business.
I used to be on my highschool's fencing team, and I miss it a whole lot ::sigh::
I used to fence with a sabre.
Art is my life
Andy Warhol is AMAZING!
I'm obsessed with tattoos and piercings
I am a guitarist, a photographer, a painter, and an artist.
I'm a loner, I'm a loser but I like it that way.
My friends and family mean the world to me.
I have 3 dogs.
I've been through more than I should.
I've been told I'm too adult for my age.
I'll answer your questions if you need it [=

Words of advice on love:
- Don't ever let someone tell you that you are not in love.
- If you say that you THINK you're in love, then you aren't. If you really feel it, then you are.
- Never let someone judge your relationship unless they know FACTS.
- To me, age is not an issue. If you are 13 and dating a 30 year old, then it's a big deal. If it's 5 or 6 years, not a big deal.
- If you are being abused mentally/physically GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP! Don't give the excuse that he apologized. If he loves you he wouldn't do that to you.

I'm not a fan of answering questions that are listed in the FAQ. If it's a question you can look up on Google then please, look it up on google. Don't be lazy.

I do not like when people have issues with typing.

iif u typ3 liik3 thiiz iit piissesz m3 0ff. Alot.


hi I like this 20 year old guy and he likes me I'm 16 in october. I really like him and he likes me. he is scared of what people will think if we date and the law my parents his ect ect ect. what I need to know is what can I say to him to make him ask me to be his girlfriend. thank you

I was 15 and dated a 21 year old, so forgive me if this sounds as if I'm telling you what to do. I'm 19 years old sugar, I've been there. You may think it's cool that an older guy likes you but TRUST ME because I have gone through it you have nothing in common with a 20 year old boy. You guys are at two completely different stages of your lives, and he more than likely will try to take advantage of the fact you like him so much. It's not a good idea, if you're a virgin, and you do end up dating this guy GUARANTEED he will take your virginity and more than likely break up with you soon after.

Like I said, I have BEEN THROUGH THIS, this has happened to me and I know how older guys tend to think. Its not smart to date him, but I know that in the end you're going to do what you please. Just be careful.


Well there's this boy who lives in Florida and I have been in love with him for 10 years last year. He's a total hottie and he's going on 16. I'm going on 14. I'm not sure a long distance relationship is going to work. I'm almost sure he has feelings for me and he knows I have big ones for him. I want to have my first kiss with him but I can't if he lives all the way in Florida! What do I do I really need some help asap!

You've been in love since you were 4? Wow... I thought boys had cooties then!

You're 14. Relationships at 14 don't last anyway, and long distance relationships especially at a young age such as you almost NEVER work. You're 14. You'll find someone else and you'll move on. Trust me.

Sure, it's not what you want to hear. But I bet when you're like 16 or 17 you'll forget all about him.


how do you make someone like you?
I mean i'm not ugly, over-weight or anything just he doesn't like me, I know it's not all about looks but I have been told I have a great personality too, heres a few pictures of me.


You can't make someone like you. If you force someone into something, it just makes things worse in the end. BELIEVE ME. Just be yourself and don't try too hard, because if you're acting like you're trying too hard, then it's just a turn off.

You're a very pretty girl. Just keep your head up. You're young someone will come along.


is it bad to have just met a guy, and it was the second time we hung out at his house, and he fingered me and i gave him a hj? does that make me seem easy or slutty?
thanks for any help!=)

It depends on who you're asking. Me, I think it might have been a little soon to go that far, but I'm not going to say OH MY GOD YOU'RE SUCH A SLUT! Cause, you're not.

Kids get horny, and those things feel fantastic. We all need a little sexual satisfaction.

Don't go out there and tell the world that you guys did that, because then you'd get the reputation that you are that way.


15/M There is this girl who i know used to like me a lot. Im not sure if she still does. I never thought i had feelings for her before, but now i realize i do... a lot. I was annoying when i talked to her a couple days ago, and now she wont pick up when i call her. Do you think i still have a chance with her or shld i give it up?i havnt called/txtd/ or IMed her for like 2 days now, when would be the right time to approach her and how shld i do it.

Right now if you want to.

Leave her a voice mail or a text that says something like "Hey listen [insert name here] I'm really sorry I was pushy the last couple days, I guess it's just because I've been kinda nervous and I don't know how to act around you cause I really do like you. I'd love for us to hang sometime, I'll take you out to dinner and a movie or something if you'd like! I really hope to hear back from you give me a call when you get the chance.

If she doesn't respond, then hell it's her loss! Just keep your head up she should come around.


i know this is a weird question to ask, but how do you know if a guy is using you?

like what are some signs to know?

guys/girls can answer, but i really would like some help! thanks! anything is appreciated!=)

Oh this is a good one!!! Cause I just got rid of the guy that was using me!

-They will only call/text you the day before or the day that they want to hang out.
-When you make out/have sex/ do whatever it is that you do he seems to ignore you after that.
-They generally won't call for a few days.
-You find that you are always the person to start conversations with them.
-They give you one word answers when you talk.
-They start to "drift away".

Honey if you feel like you are being used END IT RIGHT NOW! Because things will just get worse in the end.


my boyfriend and i had a fight last night- i was mad at him and this morning i got a text asking: is this it? is this over? wat should i say? i dunno if he wants to im so confuzed plz help!

If he's asking it like that odds are he's just scared that it's going to be over. If you want it to be over then obviously you say yes. If not, then tell him no and you guys just need to talk things out.


have asked this question,but a bit differently.anyways,i've already decided to get a lip ring,so I wanna ask do girls perfer lip rings on
1)the middle
2)the side,if so,which side?

and is there like a meaning if you pierce on the right side?cause my friend said that it is for gays...

and besides that ,could you girls help with suggesting other places beside the lips that you find attractive,and how many a guy should have.

thanks a lot,really appreciate you guys.

Oof I love lip rings =]

I prefer the side. Doesn't matter which side.

Snake bites are hot too. My ex had snake bites.

The whole myth about getting a certain side pierced means you're gay is bullshit. Who the hell cares.

Personally I like eyebrow piercings. But you have to wait a while after you get it pierced to kiss and stuff. Cause all girls play with lip rings when they kiss. So if it's not healed it would definately hurt.


I have bean accepted to join the Royal Marines in July 2007 but i am not sure if i sould go, i fell in love with an amazing girl and i dont know if i can leave her. she always cries whenever i bring up the subject and she is begging me not to go. I have wanted to join for my entire life but now i am not so sure because i am scared she will not be there for me when i come back.
Please help give me your opinions.

If it has been your dream all of your life, then do it. You shouldn't let anyone hold you back from your dreams. If she loves you and cares about you then she WILL be there for you and support you 100%. Sure, she's going to be upset. If I had a boyfriend doing it I would 100% support him. Of COURSE I'd be devastated that he was leaving but if I knew it's what he really wanted then I'd support his decision 100% all the way through. Don't let anyone hold you back. If it's what you want then DO IT.


I was wondering if it was true that after spem come in contact with air do they really die? If a guy ejaculates and then wipes off completely and then has intercourse unprotected is there a chance that pregnancy can occur even though air has touched the sperm?

Yes, sperm does die. However, there are millions and millions of sperm in one "load" so to speak and very very few of them die.

Pregnancy can occur no matter what. No matter how protected you are it can still happen. Using a condom AND birth control still isn't 100% guarenteed that you will not get pregnant. Sure, it's like a 99.9999% chance you won't, but there's that 0.0001% chance you can. And believe me, it can happen. So, to be on the safe side when truely the only way to avoid pregnancy is abstinence. (Which I don't believe in.. Heh.) So, if you aren't going to be abstinent then wrap it up before you tap it up!!!


Stupid question, but...I'm 14, and my bf is 18. I was wondering if he could get in trouble for the age difference or anything. If so, what would happen? Do you think we should stay together?

Age has never been an issue in dating in my opinion. Unless of course he is over 7 years older than you. My ex boyfriend is 22 and I'm 17. So that's 5 years.

If you two are sexually active, it most definately can be a problem. He is a legal adult and you are a minor still. In the majority of states you need to be 16 for the age of concent (age where you can legally "decide" if you want to have sex). Any time under the age of 16 they say that you are too young to decide if you wanted to have sex or not. If you two are having sex, he could be arrested for endangering the welfare of a minor and for statutory rape.

I just advise you to be careful in what you do, anything that goes on between you two try to keep it between just you two because he can get in alot of trouble.

If you really like him and he really likes you and he's not in it just for sex or anything, then stay with him. I don't have a problem with it. Age aint nothin but a number. So long as you're happy that's all that truely matters.


can you french kiss with braces? and do 13 year old boys expect closed or opened mouth kisses?

Yes you can french kiss with braces. You don't use you're damn teeth to kiss unless you're an idiot.

And it depends on the guy what they expect. For God's sake some of the expect sex by now.


Ok well this guy i know well is a man whore basically but i got to know him for like a year and i really like fell inlove with him i mean he is a real funny guy and i knew at that point he wasnt just trying to get in my pants...then we started having an interest in eachother then like around year later we had sex and it happens all the time now but like im not going on with him cuz we both dont want to have bf or a gf but he goes out on the weekends and fucks random girls...but idk if hes in love with me probably not but does that make me a hoe that im still fucking this guy bc im inlove with him knowing he probably isnt inlove with me and that he goes and be's a hoe on the weekends?

No it doesn't. If you were out there doing the same shit he was doing, then I could see you getting the lable of being a hoe.

Even though the feeling is not mutual, you are doing it because you love him. Having sex with someone you LOVE is not a big deal. Whether or not they love you back is a different story.

It's ONE guy. Not 5 not 10. Just one. I will warn you, having sex with someone will make you emotionally attatched to them. If you're already in love with him, having sex with him is going to make you even MORE attatched. And he seems like a typical guy.. But he could be the type that will just get sick of you and say "Hey, I don't want to talk to you anymore".

So you just have to know that he might end up hurting you, and being as emotionally attatched as you are can cause problems for you in the future.

Best of luck.


first of all, i am 14, and my brother and his friend are 15

K well my brother and this kid named jon have been best friends for 5 years right... and ever since i first saw jon there was something there, sparks, firworks, love at first sight! what ever you feel like calling it... and well we both liked eachother from then on and then about 1 year ago we went out for 6 months, but it was a secret becuse i knew my brother wouldnt aprrovew, well then he found out and i jon and me ended up braking up (not because we didnt like eachother, but because of mybrother) see, jon is the kind of guy who wants his girlfriends parents to like him and aproove and all, and well to say the least, my parents did not like him. an dhim and my brother quite talking and practicaly hated eachother. And now, about 1 year after we broke up, we have been talking and he still likes me and i still like him! i guess my question is should i go with my love?? or should i respect my brother and not go out with jon?

I can see where you are coming from, it's a tricky situation to be trying to please yourself and others at the same time. It's like, you want to make yourself happy and yet you can't disrespect your family by doing so.

But in all honesty, I would completely follow your heart. Have a conversation with your brother and tell him that you're sorry if he doesn't approve, but you cannot help the way that you feel and that you don't want to disrespect him but YOU want to be happy, and that means being with Jon. I'm sure that he won't be happy about it, but he will eventually get used to it.

I'm sure he's acting this way because you are his little sister and he feels that he has to be the over protective brother. In a way, I wish my brother were like that. My older brother does not give a damn about what I do, who I date, etc.

But if you find happiness with this boy, go for it. If it makes you happy then do it.

Your next issue is your parents... You can't disrespect your parents by dating him if they don't care for him. Maybe you should talk to them and tell them that if they really sat down and talked to him that they'd see he's a really great guy.

Best of luck to you and Jon.


he took me to the dance last night and I just couldn't dance with him!!!!!! I told him that I was the chicken that's still in the egg and hasn't got the courage and will power to come out!!!(the chicken is refering to me!!!!) I hung out more with my friends than I did with him!!!! I feel like I'm the worst person in the world( which I know I'm not). we were supposed to go skating today around 1:00 and I told him to call but he hasn't and my nanna erased his number off of the phone and I can't find it in the phone book!!!!!!! help me please!!!!!!! I need some advice and I don't know what to do!!!!!!!

I'm sorry, but I don't understand why it's such a huge issue...

If he goes to your school why don't you tell him on Monday that you were sorry you didn't spend as much time as you thought you would with him, and chose to hang around your friends rather than him. If he's an understanding guy, he'll be okay with it and there should be no problem.

Now, as for the issue of not having his number... If you have one of his friend's phone numbers give them a ring and ask them for it, or you can wait until he calls you [which he most likely WILL do at one point].

You are not the worst person in the world, trust me that's not the worst thing you could have done to a guy, and I'm sure that he knows that as well.


ok well im a 15/f and my bf is a 16/m. we have been together for over a year now and i know what people are going to say your 15 sex can wait and i know it can. i mean i want to wait until later on in life but yet i sometimes feel like im ready to do it with him.. i mean me and him have talked about it before and he says he thinks hes ready but it all depends on me. i mean i love him to death and never felt this way about a guy before..he tells me he loves me alot and wouldnt make me do anything i wouldnt want to..hes told me that hes never felt this way and wouldnt know what to do if he lost me. but i mean when i say i want to i know for a fact ill chicken out because im so self conscience and like because of pain and possible bleeding. we talked about it last night and like when he wants to and stuff but he told me its up to me. like how do i know if im ready? how bad does it hurt? and like would i bleed alot? like i dont want to screw up and stuff like im scared to do it how do i get over it?
sorry its so long
(i rate)

When you're ready, you will know. It's good that he's not pressuring you into anything. When you are ready, you should feel a little nervous, just as anyone would.

The amount of pain depends on how "tight" you are there and how big he is. The tighter you are and the larger he is the more pain. You won't bleed profusely. Odds are you may not even bleed. If you do, it's not much at all.

The best thing to do is to talk to him about it, the more you two talk about it the more ready you will feel because you'll feel more comfortable.

I'm not going to say that you're too young. Because I know what it's like to be 15 and in love. The way I see it, sex is something to be shared with someone that you TRUELY love and care for, and same for them. You two have been together for a while, and you clearly love eachother. So, don't listen to anyone when they say you are too young. When you're ready to do it, don't let anyone stop you.

Of course, you'll get the normal lecture on getting pregnant. So ALWAYS protect yourself. If you aren't on birth control, consider going on it. You can ask your mother to go on it to help with cramps and to keep your period on a normal schedule. If she doesn't let you ALWAYS wear a condom. You CAN get pregnant from precum. So, if you aren't on birth control, use a condom. Hell, even if you are on birth control still use a condom. The safer, the better.

Best of luck to you and yours.


I'm 17 & been with my boyfriend who's 18 for awhile now and we have an amazing connection. Our relationship is healthy, fun, and still growing. I'm a virgin, he's not. He's not exactly pressuring me, but when we're both in the mood he'll want to go further. I feel like I lead him on too. How do I tell him it will happen but for now, I'm not ready and pressuring me doesn't help.

You say exactly what you told us.

"It will happen eventually, but for right now I'm not ready and with you pressuring me it's not helping me."

If he cares about you, he'll understand and respect your wishes.


Dear Columnists,
I need help really bad. Last weekend I was at a sleepover with me and my 2 other friends. They are my best friends. I was talking to my -ex and he said that he liked my friend...(one of the ones that was sleeping over)They went out for a while and I cried the whole time. She broke up with him because she felt bad ad that she did want this kid to Jepordise our friendship. She is giving me time but I feel inside as I never want them to get back together...Even though I am being selfish. I still love him! We have been off and on for a little. What should I do?

Srry it was SO long.

I rate 5's for good answers!


You're not being selfish. It's messed up that someone who is supposed to be your best friend dated your ex.

Even if you were over him, it's still messed up. Your "best friends" aren't supposed to take what you just had. That's just wrong. I was with my ex for almost 2 years, and though I am over him and I have moved on and so has he I would be DEVASTATED if I found out that one of my friends was dating him. That's like, a total shot to the heart. If I were in your position, I would have already said my fuck you's to your friend and your ex. That's really messed up. I would have just said that they she wasn't a true friend to go and do that. Especially if she knows that you weren't over him.

Even if she didn't know you weren't over him, she shouldn't have just gone out with him unless she talked to you about it. That's just my opinion.

I think you need to figure things out with your ex, find out what his feelings are and ask him where you stand in his life right now. Because, if he has no feelings then what the hell is the point of having you go through the heartache thinking that there's still something left in the relationship that you can salvage?


I'm doing this thing for my boyfriend for our one year aniversary...and well I need 365 reason why I love him. However I'm having a terrible time with creativity. So if you could just tell me some of the things you love about your Bf/Gf/crush that would be great. I won't steal your ideas, I'm hopeing they will remind me of my guy


Oh I remember doing something like this with my ex! We both came up with a list of 100 reasons why we love eachother. And I'm letting you know, getting to 365 reasons could be nearly impossible.

Anyway, here is my list of reasons that I had:

Sure, you can steal a few ideas from there. But think of all the cute things that he has done for you and stupid things that you two have done together. Add a few inside jokes in there too.

I love the way you smile at me
I love the way you play with my hair
I love the way you kiss my lips
I love how you seem to always find my hand
I love how you always cover my eyes when there is a snake or spider on TV so I donâ??t get scared
I love when I kiss your neck you pull away cause you think Iâ??m tryna give you a hickey ; )
I love when I say good night to you on the phone
I love when you call me after we fight
I love when you kiss me when I cry
I love that youâ??re amazing at everything you do
I love that you play soccer
I love that youâ??re ALMOST as obsessed with Spongebob and your car than you are with me
I love when you talk to me about computer stuff and I have no clue what youâ??re saying
I love when you nibble my lip when we kiss
I love when we dance to our song, you whisper â??I love youâ?? in my ear
I love when you try to sing even though youâ??re terrible at it
I love when you try to dance and canâ??t
I love how you hate to dance but youâ??ll dance with me to our song
I love how you call me first thing in the morning
I love how you love me
I love how I lay on you and you keep your arms around me
I love when you try to act mad at me, you canâ??t stay mad
I love when we have dinner at your house you always get me my drink
I love how you pick me up when you hug me
I love when you kiss my nose
I love when weâ??re on the phone and you play our song just to make me cry
I love when you tell me Iâ??m beautiful even when I look like shit
I love that youâ??re insanely smart
I love that you NEVER take down that god damn Sin City poster of those flippinâ?? hookers
I love how you help me out when we play retarded video games
I love how you couldnâ??t figure out to open your trunk and I had to do it for you
I love that you trust me
I love that you canâ??t stay mad at me
I love the feeling when I wake up I know youâ??re thinking of me
I love when we feed each other popcorn
I love it when you share your candy J
I love how you spin me around when we dance in the rain
I love when I stand on your feet and we try to dance like that
I love that you can look me in the eyes, tell me you love me, and mean it
I love those stupid sponge bob boxers you wear
I love that your obsessed with Star Wars
I love that you think my dog looks like an Ewok
I love it when we take naps together
I love when weâ??re in the pool and we try to kiss under water, but we never do it right
I love that we can be retarded together
I love that you hate taking pictures
I love that you are a pain in the ass 99% of the time
I love trying to get close at the movie theater, but we cant cause the stupid arm rest is in the way
I love when you get jealous that I talk to other guys
I love that youâ??ll watch girlie movies with me
I love when you think some scenes in The Notebook are sweet
I love that you care a lot about Sam
I love how you always defend me when your brother makes fun of me
I love how you can come up with 100 reasons why you love me in 45 minutes
I love when you write me poems
I love when you send me romantic songs or songs that remind you of me
I love how youâ??re the Michael to my Jackie
I love how youâ??re the Pokey to my Gumbie
I love that you love my Jackie face
I love you being my Jedi Knight
I love when you make me watch every God damn star wars movie
I love when you let me wear your sweatshirt
I love that face you make when I run my fingers through your hair
I love how youâ??re the only one I let touch my feet
I love when you give me foot massages
I love when you rub my back
I love when you text me in the middle of class to tell me you got a hat trick and then donâ??t explain what it is
I love when you call me in the middle of the night to make sure I went to sleep
I love when you call just to say hi
I love when you save the last bit of chocolate just for me
I love getting butterflies before I see you
I love feeling like every kiss is our fist kiss all over again
I love when we snuggle under the blanket
I love writing every song about you
I love when after I see you, I canâ??t stop thinking about you
I love that kiss we share when we havenâ??t seen each other in a week
I love the feeling I get in my stomach when we kiss
I love listening to your heart beat
I love looking into your eyes and getting lost in them
I love how you sneeze like a NINJA
I love when you kiss my nose
I love when you attempt to put makeup on me
I love when you let me sit on your lap when youâ??re on the computer
I love when we fake argue and call each other names
I love when itâ??s 10:22 and you say â??Happy 10:22â??
I love the smell of you after you get out of the pool
I love that you know what color my hair is. People have trouble with that
I love when you let me rest my head on you in the car
I love falling asleep with you in the car
I love when you pick me up and bring me upstairs
I love being able to be myself around you
I love that you try to put my needs before yours
I love it when youâ??re there to catch me when I fall
I love waking up next to you
I love watching Nip/Tuck with you
I love thinking of reasons why I love you
I love the way we kiss after we make up
I love when you send me emails
I love how when you say I love you Emily Nichole you spell out my middle name
I love everything about you


hey iam a 22 year old girl in a muslim coutry where a girl's virginity is very important and an intact hymen has to be preserved till marriage.
now i've had several relationships in which i made out with my bfs & there was penetartion sevral times but i never bled or felt pain the penius goes in smoothly & i did'nt reach an orgasm.i really want to know if iam still a virgin coz i heard tht some people have elastic hymens & tht it does'nt have 2 b broken??? how do i check my hymen & i can't go to a gyno. i really need help please give me some advice.

I'll answer each question in order:

-No, you are not a virgin. Penetration is sex. Whether you or him reached climax or not. It's sex.

- Elastic hymens? I know that for some women it's harder to be torn that others. Your hymen can be broken or torn at any point. Using a tampon or having your first period, sitting down, riding a horse or bike... Anything can tear it. But your hymen has nothing to do with virginity. Because, if having your hymen torn ment losing your virginity, I would have lost mine at 12.

-There is really no way to check yourself. You would NEED to go to the gynocologist. Other than that there is really no way to find out.


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