Hiya! My name is Chi-Chi, and I'm really easy and good at talking to and making new friends. School means everythig to me because I hope to make it BIG! I Love GOD (yep...I'm a Catholic-Christian and proud of it!) and shopping at Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. just makes my day :) I'm exciting and crazy and act wacky at most times, but hey-I don't like to be boring. I'm also super random :) Having a good time is my specialty, and I enjoy cheering people up. I would say that I give good advice as well as many other people on this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask and I'll answer ASAP. I really do love when I get messages in my inbox because I feel that I am up to the job to answer your question the best way possible. Well...enjoy my site, and make sure to tell others about it. I'm outty. PEACE.


(Rating: 5) Yeah, it was a good picture. Thanks. :]
(Rating: 5) omg, thankkk you!!!
(Rating: 5) thanks. lots. but what is wrapping?? cross wrapping??!! i thought that was only for perming your hair! because i tried a perm..and it was NOT working out..do i have to go to a salon to get it done??!! i'm sorry, for all these questions!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thank you that's great advice!
(Rating: 5) Thanks so much!
(Rating: 4) thats what i meant.. kinda.. too bad they're only in brown.. haha my skin is like the same color as the bracelet so it wont really stand out..
(Rating: 5) omg thank you!!!!
(Rating: 5) thank you!!!!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much!!
(Rating: 5) thanks! that sounds adorable, i'll try it!
(Rating: 5) ive heard some of these but just never knew what they were called thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thank you so much!
(Rating: 5) thanks a ton=]
(Rating: 5) lol thank you!! & I love your answers!
(Rating: 5) Thanks =D
(Rating: 5) You were one of the best people to answer my question thanks! You sure did help!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) very to the point. thanks!
(Rating: 5) thanks bunches :]
(Rating: 5) thankyou
(Rating: 5) Thanks! Awesome stores.
(Rating: 5) Thanks that great.
(Rating: 5) Thanks!!
(Rating: 5) thank you soooooooooo much!
(Rating: 5) aw thankss :]
(Rating: 5) thx so much
(Rating: 5) ya thats what i told him- reenact their first date- lol
(Rating: 5) thank you but im really shy and i dont think i could tell him to his face that i like him.
(Rating: 5) thanks for all the help!
(Rating: 5) Thanks and I will. And you did help.
(Rating: 5) thanx so much . i cant buy online because i dont own a credit card. do you know where delias is located ?
(Rating: 4) thanks- but i do think i should study the day before just make sure everything is instilled in my head
(Rating: 5) thanks hun =)
(Rating: 5) Thanks!!! =D
(Rating: 5) THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥
(Rating: 5) thankya.
(Rating: 5) thank you!
(Rating: 5) Thanks!
(Rating: 5) Thank you : )
(Rating: 5) Thanks! Your advice helped a lot. I'm MeganKristine on Advicenators, for the record. ^^ Thank you and God Bless!
(Rating: 5) Haha, its kind of funny because I opened a chinese cookie a few days ago and it said "You never know unless you try." so that kind of gave me inspiration. Thank you !! =)
(Rating: 5) Thankyou for you nice answer!! It feels nice to have people so supportive, and now I know Im not the only one that thought he was being a jerk.
(Rating: 5) ty
(Rating: 5) thnxx ill try that
(Rating: 5) thanks =)
(Rating: 5) thank you so much that did help! xoxo!
(Rating: 4) people have been telling her and me and she asked him and he said no and she didnt really belive him but is still going out with him but thank u
(Rating: 5) Thank you! :-)
(Rating: 5) great advice, thanks alot :-)
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the advice it's so true.
(Rating: 5) thanks
(Rating: 5) Thanks chick. You make a very good point.
(Rating: 4) yeah i guess sex shouldnt be the reason!! but i tell myself that but i cant stop thinking about him ever!! so i dk!! yeah i agree its immature!!! but he always gets me introubel cause the teachers found a sexual letter that he wrote me and isnt it tru that if a guy trys to hate u they are flirting with u?
(Rating: 5) THANKZ good advice giving
(Rating: 5) Thanks you really helped me!
(Rating: 5) thanx!
(Rating: 5) THANKS!
(Rating: 5) Thank you so much I am going to take that advice and use it to the max.. omg thank you
(Rating: 5) Thanks, my boyfriend respects my decision, but we just wish that wouldn't have to be the case.
(Rating: 5) thx
(Rating: 5) thanks i cant let him and never will i cant live without him he always be my side.i will try a long distane realtionships thanks a bunch.:)
(Rating: 5) Thanks for the really good help!!!!!!!!
(Rating: 5) she doesn't really know me but my girlfriend said that she gets "resources" from someone. anyway her mom thinks im i think it was horny. Hey thanks for help.
(Rating: 5) thnks
(Rating: 4) thanks for the advice!
(Rating: 5) thanks!
(Rating: 5) Thank you SO much!
(Rating: 5) agreed!
(Rating: 5) thanks so much =]
(Rating: 5) thanks a ton =D
(Rating: 5) Thanks, he's not interested anymore..its so hard to be friends too knowing that we had something more and it cant be there anymore
(Rating: 5) Thank you for your most caring message. I don't live in the same state he does, but I'm going there in a couple of weeks. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks again.

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