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what are your thoughts on oral sex? (link)


Ok...I have a boyfriend and he gets really jealous when i even talk 2 one of my guy friends even the gay ones and if i even talk about them at all he flips out...IDK what 2 do. I love him 2 death but I'm tired of it and I feel like I can't have a life other then him b/c he is always getting mad about that and he even gets mad and jealous when i get a beep while on the fone with him and its one of my bffz and i need or wanna talk 2 him he wont let me or get mad and upset and they girls for crying out loud! What do I do?

~*~*~* Mrs. Brightside *~*~*~ (link)

well you need to just tell him how you feel and say hey look need to let me have my friends still and not just you...he will probly get mad at you but its the best thing to...let it out babe =]

I have 3 boyfriends right now and i just can't break up w/ any of em. what do i do?..i mean i cant pick..ive tried..idk what 2 do..please help me (link)
ummm you really sholudnt have got your self like that in the first place babe...just tell them you need to break up and be honset...

Ok i always say i love you to people after they is that wrong?
everyone needs a 'i love you" every once in awhile=]

Do you think that girls that like alot of boys wrong?

I really need to know i like about 50 boys right now. (link)
yeah, you should just stick with one guys...i mean its okay to like maybe 2 guys but 50!? wow you shouldnt do that...and if you told tohuse guys you liked them someone could get there feelings careful! =]

hey katie!!!.. yeah for some reason i feel like my boyfriend likes my best friend brittney b.c. along time ago when he was going out with his ex. he would call me after he was done talking to her and he would flirt and hug me more than his ex. and now he's doing tthat to me with brittney. and i dont blame brittney b.c. she doesnt like him. but i mean she gets more hugs from him than i do. and last night on the phone i was like brittney wants you to call her and he was like yeah i will. and i was like ok go call her. and he was like ok i'll talk to you tomorrow. and i was like gee thanks. but i mean he says he only calls her b.c. of dan who is brittney's bf. but i think thats an excuse. katie please help. i hate when i feel insecure

meagan (link)
okay, this sounds normal for alot of 8th grader these days...but it will work out...dont worry...i can see that he loves you alot or he wouldnt be with you for this long period of time...its okay if your friend brittany gets hugs b.c ppl(even guys) will do that sounds like your friend doesnt like him (so she says-and she has a bf). maybe tyler just likes her in a friend way or brittany and dan are having problems and hes helping out...but dont get to insecure about you or tyler...things will work out and i hope this helps =]

Is it normal to have a bush?

P.S. (You have one that needs a shavin') (link)

your weird sometimes cory

If you are nice and considerate of the popular ppl will they like you? I mean let's say one time in the locker room they needed a brush and every one was saying no i don't have one((some did)) and then I gave them cuz' I'm a very caring person ppl say and I wonder is that like brownie points for popularity?? Being nice?? (link)
well some what....but not all ppl that are like "popular" are gonna be nice back =]

wat would you do if you were skatin and ur board went up ur buttox?

a real cool kid.
and post this plz (link)
haha umm i dont skate...but umm i dnk what i would do get it out haha?

justin jackson or trey breeden (link)

i dont kno who they are

Ok, so now you know who I am. This isn't cool. Now what am I suppose to do? I think I'm going to kidnap you so you can come to MCHS. You don't need Fuquay. So just give me a date and time to kidnap you and I'll come get ya.

Later biotch! (link)

haha your just soo weird erich! but your awesome!

whos hotter... nate or ben? (link)

u think nate's hotter than ben? (link)
whos this?

omg...i have SOME popular friends but it's like i want to be completetly popular!! what really messes me up is my best friends would think omg she's becoming a prep! but they would except that and that's no reason to not be friends so i give credit for do you become popular?? it's hard when you don't wanna seem like o she ALL OF A SUDDEN starts wearing Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch...i wear some of that stuff but yeah...i feel better with the popular ppl cuz' im more of a preppy happy person...i hate goths or NEAR BLACKNESS lost HELP ME!!

°*-_popularity sux_-*° (link)

beeing popular might be fun...but think about your other friends too...if you want to start wearing differnt clothes then do shouldnt care what ppl think at a surtain point....go for it =]...ppl shouldnt make fun of you...but who cares!

This guy and I have been talking for 5 months now. And we're both really into each other. And he keeps pressuring me to have sex with him, and I really want to. I don't have a problem with that. But I'm not sure what to do, and what is right. I think I am ready, so what should I do? (link)

well it all depends on if your ready and really love him...i think 5 months is way to early but thats what i think...and i also think that ppl should wait till there married...but what you feel like is right is what you should do...maybe ask your parents for some help too =]

Before I told you that I was obsessed. Now I'm taking it to the next level. I must have you. I need you. I even wrote this lovely little song for you.

Even if you run... I will find you
I decided I wanted you
Now I know...I need
If you can’t be bought, tougher than I thought
Keep in mind - I am with you
Never left out fate, can’t concentrate

You will be mine!
Ah, fucking you will be mine!
Ah, fucking you will be mine!
Ah, fucking you will be mine!

I found you

Leanin’ out of an open window
You laughed (my fingers clenched)
Too perfect, far too careless
I couldn’t help myself - I just took you

Dammit man I knew it was a mistake
(you brought it outta me)

Better make yourself at home
You’re here to stay
You won’t bother me...if you let me bother you
All the doors are locked, all the windows shut
Keep in mind - I watch you
Never leave my side, never leave me, fucker
Even if you run

What the fuck is different? Man, I can’t believe I’m doin’ this

Dammit man I knew it was a mistake
(you brought it outta me)

Ok, well maybe this is just the guy who does your LA homework for you. (link)

rank these guys from hottest to ugliest... brian j, ben m, nate s, jeremy b (link)
brian j....nate s...ben m...jeremy b

How do you make friends? i find it hard to socialize w/ people... b/c like idk i feel like they dont like who i am.... and i just dk what to do? (link)

you just need to start talkin to ppl in your classes...see who has more then one class with you and maybe they will want to talk about what happened that day...if you just start talking to ppl maybe they will talk back...and dont feel bad if someone thinks your weird b.c everyone has there problems and everyone needs help =] and this one guy reeeeeally like each other, but all of MY friends HATE him and think he is soooo ugly. some people agree with me that he is hot but yeah. one time he asked me out and my BEST friend said omg u shouldn't so i felt reeeeeally bad. WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?!?!?!


well LoveLifeSux,

if you really like this guy then it shouldnt matter what your friends say...they are gonna have there opinion but dont let it get to you...tell them to mind there own and tell them that you really like him

Katie I really like this person but my parents tell me that if i ever bring home a guy that looks dirty or not kept up with they would kick me out of their house?! what should i do? should i still like that guy or try to forget him and listen to my parents? i dont know what to do help me katie! thankyou (link)

if you really like this guy then you need to stand up to your parents and tell them..i kno it may not be the best thing to do but if you stand up for your self and for the person you like maybe your parents will relize how much you do like him and how much you want to be with him...and you shouldnt ever give up on him =]

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