Hiya! My name is Chi-Chi, and I'm really easy and good at talking to and making new friends. School means everythig to me because I hope to make it BIG! I Love GOD (yep...I'm a Catholic-Christian and proud of it!) and shopping at Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. just makes my day :) I'm exciting and crazy and act wacky at most times, but hey-I don't like to be boring. I'm also super random :) Having a good time is my specialty, and I enjoy cheering people up. I would say that I give good advice as well as many other people on this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask and I'll answer ASAP. I really do love when I get messages in my inbox because I feel that I am up to the job to answer your question the best way possible. Well...enjoy my site, and make sure to tell others about it. I'm outty. PEACE.


I loved Laurens hair in the one episode when spencers sister is in her computer class when she was home and adurina came in thats how i wanted my hair for awhile. Is there anyway i could get a picture of that??

I watched the episode! :)
and I loved her hair as well.
well this is the closest picture I could find...


(scroll down some)

It's not much, but you can see the tones and highlights in her hair. I hope I helped!


What kind of colours can make someone look thinner?

Dark shades such as black, navy, dark gray, brown, etc.

I hope I helped!


14/f. African American.

so basically, my hair is very weak. and it's pretty short. it's about as long as the middle of my neck...but right now, it's in box-braids. i wanted to get extensions for my hair as my back-2-school look, but extensions damage my hair, whether it's sewned in, or glued.My mom thinks it's best for me to just leave in the box-braids, but i don't want to leave them in. I don't have a perm so, all i would do, is just straighten my hair, every 2 weeks.

so my question is, what do you think i should do??!! i want a cute back-2-school look, without damaging my hair.!!


I hear "Quick Weave" is best because it promotes hair groth. The reason why your hair is weak and short is because you are using WAY too much heat! All that straghtening will just burn off your hair, especially since you do it every 2 weeks. Quit that. Try wrapping your hair, but cross wrapping it or using your hands every night and brushing it only like once or twice a day because brushing frequently can thin out your hair. Make sure you grease your hair often with creams that promote growth and healthy hair such as Tea Tree Oil. Also, you might want to consider platting and/or threading your hair and try drinking a lot of water.

I hope I helped!


Ok, so my school has a uniform, and you can wear colorful knee socks with your skirts, but i cant find any. Does anyone know where i can find cute, somewhat cheap COLORFUL knee socks? [ argile, striped, patterns, pokadots? ] THANKYOU(:

American Apparel has a great selection of cool and colorful knee socks, tights, leg warmers, stockings, etc.


Also, try Urban Outfitters-www.urbanoutfitters.com


Does anyone know of any really cute stores with upper scale clothing. For example, anthropologie, free people, jcrew, jasmine sola, bcbj, etc..that have great online websites? Im in need of some new fashion updates but ive been looking at the same websites forever.

Thanks a bunch.

Urban Outfitters


Betsey Johnson



I hope I helped!


i am seriously going nuts i have no idea how to do my room.
the main color of my room is orange the celing is pink and the trim around the doors windows and walls at the bottom have no color...im thinking a limegreen. but it cna change.

i am not a girly girl.
but im not hardcore punk.
i hate the color blue.
and im looking for a more punkish look but sitll have it cute.

i have looked everywhere and cant find a thing!

can you guys please help me!
im begging you!
show me links to sets comforters..anything!

please dont say look at macys target jcpenny stuff like that i need a different place they have like nothing. thanks!

Delia*s have great room collections that could inspire you a lot, they're really cool:


They have different styles to choose from, and you can even order from them (online only) to get the look you need. The victorian room (main picture) and the pink polka dots w/ black music notes room are my personal favs


What is Soho? (in NYC) I've heard of it but I'm really not sure what it is. Why do people say to "watch your purse" when in Soho?

Soho is an artsy neighborhood in Manhattan with a vast range of diverse and eclectic people. I've heard it's really cool and I want to go soon :)


14/f (9th grade)

I need a tote bag for school. It doesn't have to be big enough to carry a bajillion books (i still have arms and boys :] ), but I want it to be able to carry some books and stuff.

I like PacSun's bags (minus black and a lot of them aren't big enoguh :[ ) and I kind of don't want to pay $40 for one (coughAbercrombiecough).

So can you give me a link or a place to look at some cute totebags?

-Hater of akward backpacks

I too like to carry totebags around school to carry my bags. It's stylish and handy at the same time :]]. Well here are some stores...

Hollister ($30 range)

American Eagle ($20 range/or more)

Victoria's Secret PINK



I hope I helped :)


i like clothes and fashion but is working in a clothing store at the mall going to be boring? i dunno what kind of jobs there are, but im guessing like cashiers or people who put clothes back on the racks

That's true, it does depend on the store you work at. Working in a mall would be good though because on your breaks you could shop at other stores, and grabbing a bite to eat on your lunch break would be closeby. I would prefer a fun & vibrant, hip store with cute and unique clothes. If I were to work at a store I would probably go for Urban Outfitters (has a cute unique style and they sometimes have bands perform in their store, which should be a lot of fun!)or just any store that you're really into and seems like you would have a great time workig there.

Also along the lines of sales merchandising, they'll let you dress the mannequins in outfits you (as well as other employees, manajers, etc.) feel will inspire the customers' fashion appeal.

You should narrow down the store you want to work at (particularly your favorite because they give you employee discounts) and go to their store websites to locate the job offering they have in your area. I hope I helped!


Ok so I've seen a couple people wearing like kinda dressy shirts that are longer than a regular shirt but shorter than a dress and they wear leggings under it and it looks soo cute! I was wondering if anybody knows where I can get shirts like that? And I don't want them to look too dressy, but not too plain. Just something thats cute and stylish. Thanks so much!

ohh you're talking about the 'shress':]] cutee!

Forever 21, definitely!



Urban Outfitters


i have african american type hair kuz well im african american. i cnat do much with my hair kuz its short like downto my shoulders BARELY! what type of hair styles should i use instead of just a ponytail and down??

thnxx. : )

Flexi rods, small curls (full, half twist, half cornrow).

Personally, I don't wear hair weaves except for when I get braids on occasion but if you do choose to wear one then get the "quick weave" because I heard it can make your hair grow.

I hope I helped!


okay so my boyfriend's bday is coming up in a couple of weeks. he recently bought his first polo from aeropostale and he decided he really likes it. so i think i should get him another one from a designer store, such as lacoste or ralph lauren. however, since he is a teenager (16)and wears a small in polos, i dont know if i would be safe getting him one at a store like that since its for men. should i get the same size or maybe go to extra small? thanks

"Ralph Lauren Polo" sells for teens, so they're bound to have something in his size!

:D I hope I helped!


hey. well, i'm looking for a dress for my friends party. i really want a dress with lace. sorta like this:

only not as poofy and any color works really. i just want a dress with some lace. i wear a size Large, but i don't know what number size that is. i want straps if possible. i don't want any thing slutty or anything, somthing pretty, and kinda classic or something. not to short eaither. thanks so much!!!

They sell that in cream at Macy's...


I hope I helped!


So I really like this show called "the best years" and its really new. It just premiered yesterday. So anyways the main actress, charity shea (that's her real name) well I like her hair a lot. And I wanna get my hair cut like hers. So I went on google but there no pics of her with straight hair so the person cutting my hair could see what it was cut like, so if anyone can find me pics of her with straight hair or w.e then thank u sooo much

I saw that show! It's good :D. So here's the flipbook of Samantha Best (Charity Shea) and as you flip through you'll see the pictures of her with straight hair-It's the 6th picture (it was on the-n.com):


I hope I helped!


I go to the pool alot, and I know this is going to sound really stupid, but I don't like to go in the pool because when I do, my makeup gets all runny. I have this "waterproof" mascara thats kind of cheap so it still runs. and I can't find any cheap waterproof eyeliner. I know, your going to say just don't wear makeup. I really like to wear makeup though and I like applying it everyday and it just makes me feel nice, and I want to be able to swim underwater and have fun at the pool without worrying about makeup. So i'm asking, do you think I should invest in this expensive waterpoof eyeliner at Sephora called "Make Up FOrever Aqua Eyes" for $16 and mascara "Tarte Lights, Camera, Splash" for $18? I saw them in cosmogirl. Has anyone ever tried them? You can still answer my question though if you haven't. Thanks!

I know you want to look your best and that I can understand, but let's get real...nobody swims with make-up on, or they shouldn't because what's the point? You can just wear it there and then take it off when you're ready to swim. Reapply it when you're done swimming. The pool is a place to have fun, not for you to worry about your make-up. You can buy waterproof mascara for other personal uses (say if you cry or your eyes get watery and you don't want it to run) but I don't reccomend wearing make-up while swimming :D.

I hope I helped!


Me and my friend need matching bikinis that at least have a LITTLE bit of pink in them. We walked all over the mall and couldnt find any and i've also looked online. They need to be less than 40 dollars. Does anyone have any good sites we could order them off of?

Victoria's Secret PINK


American Eagle


^^The pink may be more visible in person




I hope I helped!


I am 15, turning 16 in about a month. Everywhere I go, people think I am SO much younger than I am! For example, I was getting my hair cut, and my hair cutter asked me how old I was, I told her, and then she said, "Oh really? I would have guessed like 13!"

It really bothers me...

Are there any tips that can make me look older?

Well sometimes when people get shor haircuts it makes them look older and more sophisticated. Like these:





Also, make-up should give you a more grown-up look and feel, but don;'t over do it because then it will look as if you're playing dress-up-creating an even more youthful appearance. Eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, and lipgloss should be enough. You could also use some foundation for a more put-together look and it will make your face look even-toned.





I hope I helped!


polo shirts with aligators on them..what does it mean? where are they from? is the store expensive?

It's from the brand Lacoste. There symbol is the alligator:


Nordstrom & Dillard's carry their clothing as well.

Yes, it is an expensive brand, but you can probably get them on a cheaper price on Ebay.

I hope I helped!


so i just got a relatively large purse. its super cute and i LOVE it! but.. its really big, and has a lot of pockets and compartments. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO PUT IN IT! it looks dumb to leave it unfilled because then it just looks empty! so far i put my sunglasses, camera, ipod, cell phone, and wallet in there. it still doesn't fill it up! what else can i put in? what do you put in yours? thank you!

Sweater (incase it gets cold or if you just want to wear it later), Lotion & Spray, small mmbrella (just in case, lol)and maybe an extra pair of shoes if you get tired (i.e. flip flops).

Pretty much the sweater and shoes will mae it look full.

I hope I helped!


sorry if its the wrong category

how can you get rid of split ends?
how can you prevent them?


Get trims every few months on a repeated basis. Surge Plus 14 Hair Revitalizer works well to prevent split ends and promotes healthy hair:


I hope I helped!


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