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i want to make out with my boyfriend.but im always scared im going to be bad at it or mess up. i dont know how long to go for and i dont know what to do with my tongue. i want to blow him away.have any tips or suggesstions?

First thing's first, make sure you're wearing a sweet tasting lip gloss and maybe a peppermint breathmint or altoid to give him that nice refreshing taste you should get out of a make-out (Trust me, you wouldn't be wanting to kiss chapped lips or be in contact with bad breathe neither, lol). Some tongue action (french kissing) in the make-out will make him love it even more, and maybe a nice little sucking of his bottom lip too. These techniques will just show him that you're into it, making him want it even more. Also, make sure you're eyes or closed...you want to enjoy the feeling too :]].

You can go to you-tube and search "How to kiss". It's really not too much because you want it to be good, so taking tips will help you in doing so. Try the typical making out with the pillow or teddy bear for practice. May seem silly but it could work! I hope I helped!


wel he didnt.. lol..
i know for sure..

but i had my period about a week in a half after.
i should be fine then right?

Oh yeah, if you had your period then I doubt you're pregnant. Plus he didn't touch his penis so you're totally fine. :D.

I hope I helped!


Okay, so like a week and a half ago, i gave my bf a handjob, and im not sure if he touched his penis after.. but then he fingered me.. like a week after i had my period.

i couldnt be pregnant right?

There's a chance you could be pregnant because you're unsure whether or not he did touch his penis, so you remain unaware until you ask him. Find out, but if he says he did, or didn't, you should still take a pregnancy test to know for sure.

:D I hope I helped!


What is up with a guy who has been saying hi to you and he wants you to say hi back to him whenever you see him in the halls?? And what if it goes on for 6 months and you like him. But alls you can do is smile at him, and he smiles at you, and all he ever says is hi (my name), then I say hi(his name).And sometimes the other way around? sometimes we think of clever ways to say hi like tap each other shoulders or wave or whatever. I thought of everything. I just want him!
Im confused, and I have been crushing on him. Whats weird is when you have a crush your not suppsoed to even talk to him, and alls I have said is Hi (name) and other stuff but not a real conversation only once. and by the way he stares at me a lot and follows me, and knows which class I have and looks inside and nodds.
what should i do I always never can decide?

I'm sorry I got this to you late :(

So it's obviously the two of you like eachother but are both hesitant to admit it. Greeting eachother is fine, but you might want to add a little more to get the conversation going like "Hi [name]. How are you? What are you doing for summer". You know, questions like that. Maybe ask if he's getting a summer job. If the conversation still seems limited, you might want to talk to him online via email, myspace, or facebook if that proves easier. Try to find some similarities, and when you meet up you can continure the conversations that you had over the internet if you guys get into them.

Since the signs are pretty much clear that he has something for you =), you should just chill and relax. Engaging in funny, interesting convos can build a great friendship and may even lead to a relationship. You might have to start the convos in the beginning but you guys will learn to be more comfortable around eachother and it will be no big deal and it won't seem awkward.

I hope I helped and sorry again!
Good luck!


For a LONG time, This guy likes me, and yesturday I just started liking him. He was talking to me and he's like flirting with me and stuff. I just cant stop thinking about this and him. He helped me with my homework, laughed, talked. But then I found out later that he was dating someone by one of my friends. My heart was crushed, and she's like OH YOUR JEALOUS. But really I didnt want to show it but I kind of am. I like him but then again I wonder why am I liking him? Hes not cute, but he has a great personality. The guy I like and the girl (who he is going to prom with) are going to prom today, and I cant go because I'm a sophmore and hes a junior. Which is even weirder is one of my other friends told me that the guy I like doesnt even want to go to prom with that girl. HE wants to go with me. But yea so proms tonight and Im wishing I can go. But I cant so any ideas how I should feel better about this?

wow...I know what's you're going through. I've had my share of guys who show signs that they like me but they end up having girlfriend already which sucks. You need to keep in mind that he likes YOU and not the girl he's going to prom with. I know that it's hard knowing that he's with somebody else but he really likes you, not her. When he comes beack from prom, ask him how it went. Show that you're not upset that he didn't go with you because it will just show a sense of vulnerability. Be strong, and casual.

Also, I think that you and him should really talk about your relationship as friends so if you two want to take it a step further. I know it may be uncomfortable, that's totally normal, but this teasing and acting like you guys like eachother but not saying anything is getting you two nowhere. You guy both like eachother, but you're keeping it inside, holding on to a relationship that could get serious. If you think that you two are meant to be, go for it. Yes, it will hurt his girlfriend but in a way it's no fair to her b/c she's getting fooled by a guy who doesn't even like her.

Sleep on it, and really think about how you're going to break it to him b/c talking is a good way to clear the air of bottled emotions.

Good Luck! I have faith in you =)

I hope I helped!


hey omg i have a boy friend but he lives all the way in a nother state on the outher side of the country what do i do u think it will work
much love ashes

Well, you have to decide if you really love or like this guy. People say that long-distance relashionships don't work out, but that's only because they don't try hard enough. I think that you should still go out with him if you're still able to communicate with him and if you get to see him. It can be very hard not getting to see him all the time, but if you think that you guys can make it work, then go for it and continue the relashionship. If you really believe it will work, don't walk away from it. I hope I helped and if you have any more questions feel free to ask me. I wish you and your boyfriend the best.


Theres this boy Jordan, he`s in the grade above mine. We both liked each other before, and he kissed me. It was so sloppy and gross, he just became completley repulsive, and we got into fights over stupid things. Now we both like each other again, or atleast I thought I did. So I`ve totally lead him on, but now I just don`t feel like I like him very much again, he`s not exactly attractive, he`s really sensitive, and ugh he`s lame. I want somebody exciting, and cute ;] I went out today and saw a bunch of hotties and the whole time I was like " ugh, and all I`ve got is Jordan " So what should I say to him, were not going out, but were flirting like crazy, and I want that to end, please help!

Tell Jordan that you want to be just friends. It makes no sense to lead him on if you want your relashionship to go nowhere. Let him know that you just want to be friends, and that's it. But don't tell him harshly since he's really sensitive. Let him know in a nice, direct way and that you mean no hard feelings. I hope I helped!


what are things you can do for a one year anniversay? (guy who is planning for a girl)

i need to know for my friend so please help asap

A sweet thing to do for an anniversary would prbably have to be taking her out on a date to the place of their first date. That site would bring back so many cherished memmories. Or, he could take her to the beach side at night, and set up a romantiic picnic or something, with petals of roses and/or her favorite flowers, around her. I hope your friends' anniversary goes well, and I hope I helped!


ok well im 13 almost 14 and ive only had 2 boyfriends my whole life guys tell me i look hot although im 5'8" and all the guys at my school are shorter if they like me why wont they ask me out....?

Well, some guys probably aren't looking for girlfriends right now. You know...they don't want to be tied down. Also, there might be guys who prefer to date girls who are shorter than thy are. If you ask me, I think that guys 5'8 and higher is ideal for me. I hope you find what you're looking for and I hope I helped!


okk. ill start from the beggining...i started liking this kidd(bob) at my friends party. and my other friend(jake) knows that i like him so we've been calling him. and id be on mute and jake would ask him if he likes me and he wouldnt know im on the phone...this is how the conversation goes...Jake: heyy do you want to go to the mall? Bob: maybe ill think about it Jake: jill likes you bob:well ill think about it and ill call my friend and ask him if he wants to go. Jake: so are you gonna ask her out Bob: i dont know. so ill call him and see if he wants to go gtg bye. so what do you think. does he like me. anyways...now that he knows that i like him its gonna be awkward. cause tonight im going to the movies with a bunch of people. including him. which is gonna be awkward right?
please help

Hey. From reading that conversation, it seems that Bob really likes you. He ditches the question everytime your friend Jake brings it up. It's as if he's afraid to tell Jake the turth and about his true feelings towards you. Going to the movies will be awkward for the two of you, but you can do something about it to make you both feel comfortable. Pull him aside, and really tell him how you feel. He should here it from you, not from another person- so that he knows it's legit. Let him know, and ask him if he likes you the same way. You have to find out, and whatever happens, you have to respect his answer. If he wants to be friends, then you guys will be friends. If he wants more than that then that's great. I hope I helped and any other problem you have feel free to ask me! Have fun at the movies, and I hope everything turn out the way that you want it to.


I would really like a boyfriend,
just to love and be loved in return.
I'm just lonely, and everyone says,
you'll fall in love eventually.

Eventually .. huh? aghh, I'm just sick of being alone.

I mean does anyone actually get my point.. of how i wanta boyfriend, i want to be in love?
ahghh what can i do? is patience the best answer?

dont give me some mean/smartass answer please.


I think that you shouldn't rush love. People are right when they say it'll come when it's the right time. You just have to trust it. Try talking to boys you are interested in or ones that make you smile and happy-you know, the ones that you get along with. Ask them on a date or to go out with you and a group of friends. Maybe after a few dates, you guys could develop a relashinoship, and love may come your way if you play your cards right. If you try and force love, you'll end up regretting it in the near future, so take things slow and easy,and let them come as they go. I hope I helped,and I hope that you find the true love that you're looking for because it feels good to be loved.


I've liked this guy since the beginning of the year and we are so much alike but we dont talk alot. Then in my music class there is another guy that isnt as popular as the first one but is still really nice and we talk alot more than I talk with the other guy. My friends tell me that I should do whatever my heart tells me to but what if even your heart doesn't know. So my question is, how do I decide between the two perfect guys?

I rate high for good advice

I think that you should find out which guy you have more in common with, who is easy to talk to and is better at listening to you, Who will spend more time with you, etc. You should take these into consideration because this is very improtant in a relashionship, and is apart of what makes a good relashionship stay strong and together. I hope I helped and I wish you the best of luck in finding Mr. Right. Good Luck!


as a last minute addition to my boyfriend's gifts.. i'm going to make him a mix of love songs.

any good r&b love songs?

There are many great love songs-especially the ones in the past:

Brian McKnight: Start Back at One
Genuine: Stingy
Genuine: Differences
Sisco: Incomplete
Monica: Angel of Mine
Mariah Carey: Always Be My Baby
Musiq Soulchild: Don't Change
Mya: My Love is Like Whoa
New Edition: Can You Stand the Rain
Stevie Wonder: Isn't She Lovely
Toni Braxton: I Love Me Some Him
KC and JoJo: All My Life

The old time songs are simply genius and you wouldn't go wrong if you chose them because they're amazing. Also, songs by Tyrese and Jagged Edge are really good as well. I hope I helped, and a love mix is an awesome gift to give your boyfriend.


Okay, here's the scoop. My friend Jon broke up with his Girlfriend Amy because he said he didn't love her, and that he could no longer stand being with her. They had been together a total of 1 year and 8 months. He broke up with her last week. Jon and I have had this little on/off fling going on, and I think that he's going to ask me to be his girlfriend on Valentine's day. I really like him, and would say yes if he asked me... but..

Well, I know this sounds silly, but Amy put Jon back to her number one spot on myspace after she changed it to last when he broke up with her. That's kind of a quick recovery if you ask me. I'm worried because I think he may still be 'seeing' her or telling her he loves her. Or in the future he might want to pursue a relationship with her. She's different, but she's beautiful. So, I can understand why he'd want her.
But he's sworn on a stack on bibles that he didn't want her anymore. I'm just so aprehensive on starting a relationship because he may cheat on me. He's cheating on Amy twice, but he said that's because she was flirting with other guys or whatever. I don't know what to do. Her cousin even asked Amy if the were dating, she said no but her myspace say's otherwise.
He's told me he liked me, and wanted to date me, but ever since she's done all this stuff with MySpace, I've been nervous.

Help. ♥.

Oh, PS, He asked me out for VDay... so??

I think that you should go out with him. I mean, it's really big that he swore on a stack of bibles. Amy might be putting that stuff on her myspace to fool people, especially you so that you don't go out with him. Ask her if she's still seeing him or if he's telling her that he loves her still, etc. and find out from his and her friends. Don't let her stop you from getting into a relashionship with him. I hope I helped!


i'm 15 and a girl and i have a best friend that is 15 and yes a guy. we like each other more than best friends and we really want to go out like boyfriend and girlfriend. the thing is my parents are very strict portuguese parents. THEY DONT WANT ME DATING UNTIL I'M 50!! i even asked my mom why she wont let me date..i asked if she didnt trust me and she just says well i dont ant any boy to take advantage of you and she doesnt want me to get hurt..and i told her that i'm not stupid & i know the consequences of everything..and its soo unfair because his parents dont mind..and my mom knows him well because he used to be one of her students but my father doesnt really know him at all..how do i get my parents to allow me to have a boyfriend? any tips? thanks =]


I would suggest you bring him over your house to get to know your parents. Although he was your mother's student, she and your father should get to know him more than just that-don't you think? You parents could also talk to his parents, and maybe you could invite him and his parents over for dinner for everyone to get to know eachother. If your parents get to know that he's a respectible guy, they will feel more comfortable with you dating him. I hope I helped!



I know everyone hates relationship questions, but this one... well I'm basicially dying for advice.

My friend Jackie asked my crush if him and i could ever be more than just friends and he said could be. I am seriously considering telling him how I feel on Valentines Day and then maybe giving him a peck on the lips. Is this a bad idea? I've liked him for a long time and I feel like I really need to tell him in person. So does anyone have any suggestions for me?

If you answer, thank you SO much, you have no idea how grateful I am for your feedback.


Hey. I definitely think that you should come out to him about how you feel. It's not good to keep things inside. You already know that he would want to be more than friends, so why not step to the plate and tell him how you feel. What can you lose? And what not better time to do it during Valentine's Day, when sweethearts come together. Great thinking! Remember this, it's better to know than not to know. I hope I helped.


I'm 22, my boyfriend's 24 and we've been going out for 2 yrs. After the first year the dating had significantly decreased. He's excellent about calling me everyday as if we were married! However he has this thing about not taking me out and I've sorta broken it off with him before last summer about it and he begged me for another chance. He still seems to cling to the notion that he doesn't want to spend the night defending me and worrying about me. Nowadays it's starting to take it's toll about how i feel. I know he loves me but why doesn't he want to take me out? Friday and Saturday nights he works in club management, then he calls me over to his house about once a week, we're intimate, it's cool, we hang out but that's it! I brought up how i felt recently and he says he's been (for 3 weeks) looking at various gov't job offers I understand he's busy and I'm a busy too! but as the saying goes: if u want something bad enough you'll make time for it right? (and i don't mean booty calls) I was hoping I could get advice on how to go about getting some chivalry back into the relationship!

From my opinion, I think that if he's s busy then you should call him to arrange a date and tme for when you guys could go out. A very romantic thing for you to do on that date is maybe take if to the places of your first date, or just set up a romantic picnic along the beach or something with candles and sweet scents. I wish you the best of luck!


I went on a blind date today and it didnt excactly turn out the way I wanted it to. Well for starters, I had agreed to meet him at a local coffee shop with the couple that set us up. He was late and when he did show up he didnt look too happy when he saw me for the first time. He didnt offer to buy me anything to drink or eat, and the whole time we ended up talking about his friends or his business. He didnt ask me any questions about me or my personal life or interests, which indicated that he wasnt too crazy about me. We all talked for about a half hour, and when the couple the introduced us had to leave, my date looked at his watch and said he had to go. He never offered me his number or asked for mine. He actually looked like he couldnt wait to get out of there. The other couple looked surprised and thought we would have stayed longer. My friend (the wife of the other couple) I think felt bad and invited me over to her place afterwards.
Is it just me, or was my blind date really rude? I don't understand what I did to make him act like this, the whole time I was polite and engaged him in conversation.
Any feedback will be appreciated. I rate high!

No worries-you're date was totally a rude jerk. I mean, even if you guys didn't have any interest in one another, he could of at least asked about you instead of ranting about his personal business. Don't worry-you did nothing wrong...just don't be bent up about the whole ordeal. I hope I helped!


Okay tonight i was suposed to go see a movie with my boyfriend and some of his friends. By the way Im 15 and hes 16. The movie was rated R and I told him to get his parents to go ahead and get them in advance. But he didnt take my advice we get there and we buy tickets to another movie. Well then the movie i wanted to see ... they were checking ticket. Now Im pissed because I really wanted to see this movie and Me & my bf were the only 2 who didnt get in. He should have listened to me right??

Should I really be this pissed?

Hey. Well, I think you were totally right. If he had listened to you then yeah, you guys would have got to watch the movie. But hey-it's over and you've got to forget about it. What's done is done, and you definitely can't change the past. ITS NOT GOOD TO HOLD GRUDGES! He made a careless mistake...don't hate him just for that. Forgive him now, and he'll learn from his mistake, so that the next time he'll actually listen to you. I hope I helped!


Well , i really like this guy in 7th grade, but the thing is I'm in 8th grade. I don't really know him that well but i really like him.
I know him well enough to like ask him out, but i dont want to yet.
I know some of my friends would give me a hard time about it but i know his friends wouldn't.
Should i ask him out or not?
I rate high for help

You shouldn't pay any attention as to what negative doubts your friends have to say about your relashionship with him. If you like him, then go for it. Your friends don't think for you, you do. Who cares if they don't approve of it. You are an independent person, and you can't let them make dicisions for you. I hope I helped!


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