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i like clothes and fashion but is working in a clothing store at the mall going to be boring? i dunno what kind of jobs there are, but im guessing like cashiers or people who put clothes back on the racks

That's true, it does depend on the store you work at. Working in a mall would be good though because on your breaks you could shop at other stores, and grabbing a bite to eat on your lunch break would be closeby. I would prefer a fun & vibrant, hip store with cute and unique clothes. If I were to work at a store I would probably go for Urban Outfitters (has a cute unique style and they sometimes have bands perform in their store, which should be a lot of fun!)or just any store that you're really into and seems like you would have a great time workig there.

Also along the lines of sales merchandising, they'll let you dress the mannequins in outfits you (as well as other employees, manajers, etc.) feel will inspire the customers' fashion appeal.

You should narrow down the store you want to work at (particularly your favorite because they give you employee discounts) and go to their store websites to locate the job offering they have in your area. I hope I helped!


(Rating: 5) thank you that's great advice!

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