Hiya! My name is Chi-Chi, and I'm really easy and good at talking to and making new friends. School means everythig to me because I hope to make it BIG! I Love GOD (yep...I'm a Catholic-Christian and proud of it!) and shopping at Abercrombie&Fitch, Hollister, Delia's, Urban Outfitters, American Eagle, Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom, etc. just makes my day :) I'm exciting and crazy and act wacky at most times, but hey-I don't like to be boring. I'm also super random :) Having a good time is my specialty, and I enjoy cheering people up. I would say that I give good advice as well as many other people on this site. If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask and I'll answer ASAP. I really do love when I get messages in my inbox because I feel that I am up to the job to answer your question the best way possible. Well...enjoy my site, and make sure to tell others about it. I'm outty. PEACE.


My friends are all members of xanga and i know what it is but i dont know how to use it all my friends have one but im to emmbarased to ask how to make one as they all think im the smart one so when i reallised you had one i thought you could help me(My email address is kbrookes@optusnet.com.au) thanks

Hey. Well first you have to get a username and password. You do that by (1)going to the page,and on your left you'll see a link that says "Sign in" and under that you'll see the link "Get a xanga site". (2)Click that link, and you'll have to (3)fill in things like your date of birth, email, password, username, etc. Once that is complete, you (4) go back to that home page and (5)sign in with your new username and password. After that, a new page will come up, and on the left hand side it will have topics such as Dash, Subs, Blog Rings, etc. (6)Click the topic titled "Settigs" (under blogrings). After that a new page will come up with topics like Basic Info, Site Design, Privacy, etc. Under Site Design, you'll see a subtopic called Look and Feel-(7)click that. After that a page will come up where you have to sign in again. (8)Sign in. Then you can (9)decorate your page with the choices there. If you have any other questions feel free to drop me another message in my inbox or email me at chichi_ohiri@yahoo.com I check my email everyday, so no worries. I hope I helped and tell me your username when you're done so that I can look at your xanga page.


My school just changed its boundres. I am the only one of all my freinds thats going to a different school. this has been the best year of my life cuse my bffs were there and now im never going to see them again. when ever my freinds have moved or something we both said that we would keep in touch. well that never happened. i dont want that to happen to my bffs again. so what should i do? these are my BEST FREINDS IN THE WORLD!!! i dont want to lose them. im 14 and going into 9th grade. thanks for the help.

---> Mandy

Hey. Dude, like the same thing happened to me! The superintendent of our county decided to change our school boundaries, so instead of me going to a magnet (tag) school with my friends which I was supposed to be going to, I had to go to a different middle school which lacked academics, and I only knew like 3 people which I don't even know that well. Anyways, I didn't let all of my friendships slip away. You can try calling them often or going out together sometimes and just having fun. I know that it doesn't beat seeing your best friends every single day like you used to, but it's way better than not having any contact with them at all. Keep in contact with them, because you don't want to let a great friendship like this slip away. I hope I helped, and feel free to ask me any more questions that may be bothering or concerning you.


16.f...My good guy friend, also on my tennis team with me, started to like me over the summer. He like talked to my bff about me, to find out if I liked him? Atleast that's all she could/would tell me. We went on like 2 dates to a movie a couple months ago but I decided I wasn't that into it. So, it's been a few months and I'm successfully tried to not talk to him as much so not to lead him on or anything. But I just found out that he still likes me hardcore-his friends call me and are like "do you like jared?" UGH it's just really annoying. So, now i really just don't like him in that way and now *partly bc of his friends calling me, who by the way i have never met* well, I just don't know what to do. I thought we had moved passed that but boy was I wrong. What should I do?!

I understand how you feel. The best direction for you to approach would be to just call up Jared and tell him that you don't like him like the way he likes you. If you explain to him that you want ot keep the friendship that you guys share, I'm sure he'll understand. You can't just get into a relashionship to fit the needs of someone else. You have to do what is right, because the #1 thing is for you to feel comfortable. If you don't want to be in a relashionship with him, ell him directly either face to face, calling him, etc. There;s no way him, his friends or anyone else can force you to be with him. I hope eveything works out for you the way you hope and I hope I helped!


i worte these peoms ,about mark and my best best best friend kayliegh .people are saying that hes cheating on her and they've been only at the time been going out for three days.mark swore that he wasnt but i never ever belived him i fallowed my gut and didnt trust him .people like casey is talking about how hes not and im saying he is she says she doesnt kno who to belive now so shes still going out with him .she asked mark if he was and he said no and she didnt even belive him im not sure what to do kick his ass or be there when mark breacks her heart i told her ill be there when he breacks it ill be there to pick up the peices

You are so right as to followig you gut because most of the time you turn out right. If you have the feeling that he's cheating on her, sick with that because if you ignore that possibility, it might be too late and he'll break her heart where it might not be fixxable. Ask references as to who might have seen him with other girls, and you could ask his friends, people in his classes, or people that live by him if he's cheating. I hope I helped and I hope that you find out the real truth!


okay this is what my friend sent me.

her: okay well like the bad thing is he doesnt like how your a preppy n wear abercrombie
her: LIke TO Much of it
me: okay
her: he liked how you wear pac sun.. and how u are nice.. and all that little stuff... and like yeah i asked him all this ... n than at the end i said would u ever go out with her and he was like if she was not that weird and wasnt a prep and yeah then we talked and were like yeah yup yeah

and i really like this guy, shoudl i clean my act up because my aprents thing abercrombie is rediculous and everything. so they refuse to buy it

and i love pac sun also... but some of the things i bought like are WAY too see thought... so yeah im going to act my self and yeah is that a good idea?

ps im not doing this to get him to ask me out

Yeah, I totally think that you should act yourself. You don't have to act a certain way to impress someone. Acting yourself is the best option because you feel comfortable with the way you act. Also, dress in the style that you like. If you like shopping at Abercrombie-shop there. The same for Pac sun. Just because someone doesn't like your fashion style or sense, doesn't mean you should change it. I hope I helped!


hey guys...im really scared!! ok...i used to be really good friends with this guy and then we didnt really talk for a while, and in the past few months we have been talking alot and become really close again, well about 45 minutes ago i found out that his dad killed himself...what do i say to him? i mean HE doesnt even know yet...his mom called me before she told him...i used to be pretty close to his dad too...he didnt seem the type to do something like that...i have been crying my eyes out since i found out and when this guy does find out, what do i say to him? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before you tell him anything, make sure from his mom that he knows first because you don't want him to know that his mother told you before him. Let him know that you are very sorry and that you are there for him and if he needs to talk about it, you are there to listen. This must be really devastating, and I'm greatly sorry for their and your loss. He needs to know that you are there for him, and that he can cry on your shoulder when he needs to. He needs you know, and you have to be there for him. I hope I helped!


Hey advice-giving people! I have this friend who acts like I should be devoted to him and I should have no other friends beside him since I've known him since pre-k. Ok, well, one of my other friends, Jessica, asked me to go to the beach with her and I said sure because well.. the beach ROCKS! But anyways.. We told John Ross (the obsessive friend) not to tell Brittany (our other friend) because we knew it would make her mad at us. Ok, well he went & told her & it made her mad. He's ALWAYS doing stuff like that. How do I tell him to shut the freak up without losing him as a friend?

I think that the reaone why your friend is so obsessive over you is that he is scaread that he might lose you as his friend. He probably told that girl Brittany about going to the beach because he knew she was going to get upset, and he may have thought that you wouldn't have gone because she was so mad...that way, you can't interact with other people. I think you should talk to John, and tell him that you are his friend, but you have to have other friends too. Also, let him know that you guys have a friendship so strong that it is unbreakable. Talk to him, and maybe he'll finally let go. I hope I helped!


see the thing is i have alot of friends but not one best friend i can do everything with. i want my one friend to be my bff but i dunno how, its really confusing and even tho i have friends i feel so alone.....help please

I think you should find one of your friends that you guys have a lot of things in common with. That way, you guys can click more. Talk about funny and embarrasing stories with that person. When you guys keep having fun together like this, you guys may turn out best friends.


hey okay i had this real good friend until she meet olivia me and olivia were good friends but now she is just a bitch she always turns people against me and now she has turnd my best friend against me like one night she IMs me saying i hate your guts but she does this when she is only around olivia ........i have to be nice and i cant say nething to her because she is hooking me and her cousin up.....but like she usualy talks to me on the internet but last night she was curseing me out and stuff but hey olivia was at her house right next her ........i dont kno what to do like should i talk to her about this or just leave it alone and let time take its tol?

I think Olivia is trying to ccontrol you, and your lettingher do just that. Believe it or not, you are her walking mat, and boy is she stepping hard. You can't let her or your best friend curse you out all of the time and treat you badly even if she is hooking you up with her cousins. Olivia has turned you own best friend against you, and you need to step up to the plate and confront her because right now you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. It doesn't matter if she is trying to get you and her cousin together because you shouldn't let a guy get between you and a best friend. You know what they say "Boys are whatever, friends are forever". Also, talk to Olivia and your best friend together at the same time.Try and see why they are treating you this way. Work things out with them, and try to come to an understanding. You don't deserve to be treated this way and they should know that. Keep this is mind-If they are real friends they will be able to care about your feelings and try to change so that you all can be good friends. I hope I helped and make sure you get through to them.


i have a friend and she always lies to me. i tried ignoring her but she just puts me on a guilt trip and i end up being friends with her again. all of her friends talk about her behind her back because she is like... socialy chalanged. all of my other friends who dont pretend to be her friend hate her and they rnt shy about showing it. ive for the most part exepted my friend's lieing problum but i still cant believe annything she sas. can someone help me? thanx and i will rate 5s for annyone who is not jokeing or being sarcastic

I think that you should confront your friend. Tell her that her lies have led yo uto not believe her. Tell her that you love her as a friend, but her lying ways have got to stop if she expects you to trust her. I also think you should tell her that peopleare talking behind her back and that she is a turnoff socially. It may hurt her, but she deserves to know what is being said behind her back, and she needs to hear it form you because you are her friend, and that's what friends do. You should try to help her get rid of her lying ways because it will be really difficult if she handled it by herself, and if you, her friend, were there to support her through this then it wouls give her the motivation she needs to change. Stick by her the whole way through. I hope I helped!


Well, my friend and i always try to plan going to citywalk, and every time SHE cancels it. I never canceled it. I'm not sure if she really has a reason to cancel it every time, or if she just doesnt want to go with me. If she didn't want to go with me I wish she would just tell me, and I would rather her do that then expect her to go there with me. I'm not sure if I should still try to plan it with her or what. I mean I hope it's just because she has a reasonable explanation. Because I don't think that i'm that bad of a friend, I don't do anything to be mean, and I like to have fun. If you know whats going on, or if you have a idea please help me. I'm totally confused.

I think that you should ask her why she always turns down your invite. We don't know why she always cancels it, so we can't really tell you what she's feeling. You can find that out from her though. Ask her what time would be best for her for the both of you to go to city walk. If she doesn't say a date and time then ask her what's going on, but not in a pushy way because you don't want to turn her off to not answering your questions. I hope I helped!


alright this might be long so be prepared.

last year i was friends with like EVERYONE but this year people are telling me how much i've changed and stuff. i didn't even notice it until they told me. now it seems like i'm pushing everyone away and i honestly don't mean to. it's like i can be fine talking to a person one second, then all the sudden i'll remember something they did and i'm annoyed. a couple minutes ago i was listing the people i talk to regularly and stuff, and i think i only got up to like 20 people and theres 600 students in my grade. it seems like im being a fake person than what i really am and lately i've been kind of depressed like everythings going wrong. so i guess my question really is what are some ways i can get back to my original self and maybe regain some of my friends that i used to have

Think back on how you used to act. People liked your personality then. Ypu had many friend, and you still want that now. If you can manage to be like you used to be when everyone liked you, then that can happen again. Give yourself a second chance. They are probably still waiting on the old you to come back. End the wait, and just change your ways. Try to get things back to normal and how they used to be. I hope I helped!


i have this guy friend who me and him want to be sex partners and still be the best of friends were like best friends but he might be going out with this girl i dont mind i just dont wanna have sex with him if he goes with this certain girl who me and the girl have been in a bad argument already over him. but i dont like him its just i like the attention from him and i dont know if he goes with the girl should i stop talkin to him or should i not care cuz in the end we still best friends.

-lovers and friends mix-up

You should ask him if he still goes with her. I know that you two wouldn't want to upset her if she found out about the decision that you guys made. Just think about it...how would you feel if your boyfriend had casual sex with his best friend? If you don't really like him or even love him, then don't have sex with him. You shouldn't do it just because you want attention from him. That's not a very good way to get attention. Is it really worth it? Think about it. I hope I helped!


wewell my one friend has really been annoying me lately ....and like calls me every hour.....and i dont know what to do cuz i dont want to tell her and her get mad at me but i dont want to not tell her and she keep being annoying! what should i do?

I completely understand where you are coming from. One of my best friends also annoyed me by calling, as it seems like every 30 minutes. I got to the point where I got really frustrated with her, but I didn't tell her because I didn't know how to say it or how she would feel. I finally got it through her to not call os much because my mother told her in a very sincere and nice way. I think that you have to be braver than me and try and tell her yourself. Tell her that you don't mind her calling, but a little less than she does because you aren't able to focus. If you tell her in a nice and friendly way, I'm sure that she'll understand. I would really appreciate if you sent me a message about the outcome of this or what happened because it would set a good example on me so that I could try it next time...I need to take my own advice! lol. I hope I helped!


there is a new girl in my class and she is taking over my friends. my friends act like they dont want me around anymore.what should i do?

I think that you should talk to your friends when the girl's not there. Tell them how you feel. Tellt hem that you think your friendship is getting taken away by a new girl, and that you don't want it to. Make them understand because if you don't, then this will continue to run on and you will lose your friends which you don't want to happen. Tell them that they are acting as if they don't want you around. Don't take answers like "Don't be silly" or "You are just exagerating, so get over yourself" becase if they do respond to you with that then you really need to sit all of them down and realyl get through them. Be sincere and a little emotional about it. If the really know that you are not liking th evibe of all this, then they will do the best in their abilty to change that if they're good friends. Who knows...you guys could solve your problems and you could make good friends with the new girl also. Remember, if you talk, the problem can find its right solution that you want. I hope I helped!


I go to a private school, and my friend did also, but then she went public. i still keep in touch with her and she is still a really great friend. But now i have this other great friend in school with me and i'm not sure wiether to think she is a better friend or not. Should i replace her? is it bad that i do not feel as close to my previous best friend?

I understand where you're coming from...really, I do! My best friend and I went to a private school together, but I left in the 4th grade to go to a public school. I was very sad, but I knew that public school was better for me because I could get a better education. I'm sure that she made great friends just like I did, and I'm glad for that. Just because you guys go to different schools doesn't mean that you have to stop being friends with her because you met another good friend. You can have more than one best friend, so don't cut that other one loose just because you found a new one...would you like it if she did that to you? Also, it's ok to think that your new friend is a better friend because you talk to her more and have gotten to know her. That doesn't mean that your friend is a horrible friend. Don't cut her loose because 2 best friends are better than one. I hope I helped!


Well , i was eating lunch with my 'friends' and they were completely ignoring me, so then they were talking about going to a sooftball game at school and didnt even see if i wanted to go.. so then i just left and they said i ditched them, but they werent even acknowlaging that i was there. so then the next day at lunch i went to find them, but i couldnt, so i ended up eating by myself, but they were like oh you probably are just making excuses. so then after school they were walking together, and they looked at me, laughed and then went into the bathroom. this was the day that they were going to the softball game. so yesterday i was talking to lets call her "E" and i told her that i was upset that they were leaving me out on their plans, and she was like ' oh my god, your making this such a bigger deal than it really matters' and then 'oh my god, you know i have to go .' so they all are saying that im making a biggger deal out of this, but when i was making plans, i included them all in it, and then they didnt want to go if one of them werent going so we ended up not even doing it. but this time they didnt even bother to ask me if i wanted to go. sorry this was so long, but i need advice on what i should do. thanks!

I think you should sit and talk to them again. This time though, you should talk to them in a tone that you are really serious and you want it to change. Yell at them, do whatever it takes even if it embarasses you or them because you need to get it through their sckulls and minds that they need to consider your feelings. If they can't change, then you probably need to find better friends. I know that you probably won't want to consider leaving them for other people but think about it...If you stay being friends with them you won't have any fun like friends help you to do (have fun) and you'll just be miserable, but if you find other friends, they will be able to respect you, listen to your point of view, and include you in their social events. I hope this works out for you, and that I helped! If you have any more questions or comments, post me a message and I'll be sure to answer them the best way I can ASAP!!!!!


I have this "friend"that talks behind my back!!! she even said she hated me, to my other friend!!!I don't know what i did?!! When i try to talk to her all she does is say "i don't need advise I'm not rude so shutup!!!" I think she is also a show off to impress me and my best friend!! How can i solve this?!!!

Wow. Well, I think that yes your friend is wrong because real friends don't talk behind your back, and tell the other friend that she hates you. When you talk to her, you tend to just give her advice, and not really see her point of view in this, but instead call her rude. I think that's not how you should go about this situation because it will just make htings worse. Talk to her and ask her why she doesn;t like you. See where she's coming from and what her problem is so that you guys can resolve it like mature friends. Remember, let her speak her side of the story. If you have any more questions, send me a message in my inbox. I hope I helped!!!


well my friends suck, theyre always rude to me and get on my nerves. i try to help with their problems but they just act like im an idiot. anyway, i try to meet new people and talk and get together but no one wants to..and they already have best friends. what do i do?

Friends, Friends , Friends. I understand where you're coming from completely. I have a freind who most of the time underestimates me becausse she thinks that she's smarter than everybody else when I've shown that I'm as smart as she is, and maybe even smarter (got a higher GPA than her). Although I feel that she's at fault, I haven't comfronted her about it because I'm not sure how she would feel, but you have got to be brave and confront them. You know that you're not an idiot, so ask them why they think you are one because hey, you could be the best advice giver in this planet! If they can't change and stop hurting your feeling like they're doing now, then I think they're not true friends. I know you will find other good friends that also have bad friends, and you have got to know one thing, you can have more than one best friends. You might just make friends with that other person also. Talk to them, and then go from there. I wish you the best of luck! If you have any more questions...post me a message in my inbow and I'll answer i ASAP!!!


I know this is wrong but i got myself into some serious mess.My bestfriend has a bf and they been together for 9 months and the other day me and him saw each other at this one place and we ended up in his car doing things.I feel really bad i don't know if i should tell her or not.I dont want to but i dont want her finding out from anybody else because i love her so much she is like my sister.IM confused plz help!

I think the best thing for you to do is to just teel her. What you did was wrong, and she has a right to know, and from you. You are her best friend, so let her here it from you because if she heres it from somebody else, she will be even more angry at you. Let her know immediately, even though it might hurt her, because that's what friends do...tell the truth. I really hope she forgives you, and if you have more questions, contact me on my page and I'll be sure to answer you ASAP!


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