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ok well here it iz..i have been going out w/ my bf 4 a month now n i really do like him its just that he always wants 2 b w/ me n he gets mad if i go sumwhere w/out him or sum like that...well now my best friend wants 2 hang out because we didnt in such a long time even if we see each other in school every day its not the same u no, but wen i told my bf he said well i donno what about me?..ok i hate when people tell me what 2 do but i still hate 2 be mean and i dono what 2 do cuz my friend is mad at him since he is "controlling" like she says.!. ugh im confused i donno what 2 do but i dont wanna hurt either 1s feelings..hellp

You're friend's right. This guy is super controlling. You're caught up in pleasing him that you haven't realized it yet. I know you care for him very much and that you don't want to hurt his feelings, but this relashionship is not healthy. You've got to be your own person. You don;t have to do everything with him. You need to spend time with your friend, because special friendships like that will benefit you in life. But you also need to know that you can't please everyone. Tell it to your boyfriend straight that you want to be with him and you like spending time with him, but just not all the time. He's smothering you girl! You have to be able to be your own person, not someone controlled by her boyfriend. I say you tell your boyfriend that you want to have a social life too as well as being with him. If he's a good boyfriend and cares about you and your feelings, he'll understand! I hope that everything works out for you and I hope I helped!


(Rating: 5) thnxx ill try that

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