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When i do push ups i feel pain in my lower abdomen.what is it??

Question Posted Saturday May 4 2013, 12:55 am

i am a 13 years old boy.i am not very fat but little fat.when i do push ups i feel pain in my lower abdomen.what is it?Could anybody tell what is it and what are good exercises for a 13 year old boy??

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mercury answered Saturday May 4 2013, 10:14 pm:
Probably it's just because you're not quite accustomed to working out. This is normal, in my opinion. I used to have the same pains when I was younger. If you're in pain, try to take a break and let your muscles rest for awhile. Don't give up working out though. It's just a matter of time til you get stronger and then your pains will eventually go away. Hope it helps a little :)

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adviceman49 answered Saturday May 4 2013, 4:21 pm:
Zane';s advice to see a doctor is good advice as push-ups should not cause you abdominal pain. It is also possible you are doing something wrong in the manner in which you are doing your push-ups.

Since you are 13 I would believe the best person to show you what are the best exercises for someone your age are? Would be any of the physical education instructors at school. Some schools even have after school exercise programs supervised by the physical education teachers. If your school is one of then I would suggest you look into joining; after seeing a doctor about your abdominal pain.

Over the summer your school district may also offer so type of exercise program as part of a summer activity program. Ask about it and see if it is of interest to you. It is probably not part of summer school program. It is either something the school(s) offers as a summer activity or the city or county parks and recreations department offers.

The first thing though is to ask mom or dad to arrange for you to see your doctor to make sure you have not injured a muscle.

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Xui answered Saturday May 4 2013, 4:14 am:
I am not a doctor, but a lot of the times when we di certain exercise we contract muscles in our body.

If it concerbs you then you should see a doctor.

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