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What boys like

Question Posted Wednesday August 8 2012, 2:08 am

I'm 15, and I was wondering what kind of things boys like. Such as PDA and just talking.

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VoiceofReason answered Wednesday August 15 2012, 8:59 pm:
Guys are visually and dominance focused while women are more emotionally and security oriented. Guys are about the destination or the end result rather than the path or the process, which are things girls like. Guys bond through doing stuff, girls bond through prolonged self disclosure. Guys aren't raised to be all that verbal. That's something you see more among girls. Instead, guys are raised to be and valued for their strength, ability to suck it up when the going gets tough, how much money they make and how much security they can lend their mate. When guys are together, they don't talk about emotional stuff unless it involves shows of aggression. Guys love PDA but aren't into talking about the underlying emotions.

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SamuelinSampa answered Wednesday August 8 2012, 5:27 pm:
That's a very tough question, I would just tell you what I like, but I'm not really your typical guy, and I'm also a bit older than the guys you're probably into, so let me try to mentally travel back to my late teens and give you some advice.

First, guys like it when you flirt with them. At your age, they're probably too shy to flirt back or even directly express interest in you. Honestly, flirting is just making more physical contact than you would with just a friend. Grab his arm when you're telling him something, give him a hug when you see him, and so on and so on..

Most guys like talking alright, but conversations can be a little weird at your age (something about underdeveloped social skills). If you're looking for something to do, as in a date idea, I would skip eating out. If you do decide to eat, get something to go and eat it in a park. The most awkward thing in the world is staring at someone across a small table while you can't think of something to talk about. Going for a walk, playing mini golf, or tossing a frisbee make much better dates in my opinion.

On the physical side, it's a little difficult because there is a large discrepancy between what guys think they want and what guys actually want. You are probably a little young for this, but I'm sure you've seen this scenario before in a movie or heard older people talking about it. A girl meets a guy in a bar, she goes home with him, and they have sex, and then he never calls her again. She cries and wonders what's wrong with her, etc.... The reality is that guys need that sexual tension. Once you've let it all hang out, the tension is gone and frequently, so is the interest. If you wait a while before having sex, you give him time to really fall for you, and then he's not going anywhere.

Different guys are different on PDA. Most guys are fine with holding hands, cuddling, hugging, quick kisses in public. This will all depend on exactly where you are and who you're with.

Most importantly, just be yourself. Dating isn't about figuring out how to change yourself so every guy will want to be with you. It's about finding the guy who loves spending time with you when you're just being yourself.

Good luck!

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adviceman49 answered Wednesday August 8 2012, 11:19 am:
I like the answer Xenolan has given you. It is very much like the answer I would have given you.

This is what dating at your age and later in life is all about. Finding out about other people. We are all individuals. We all like different things though we can have similar interests. Dating is how you find out what the other person is all about.

Life is not all about sex. At some point in life sex becomes secondary and you have to talk to each other. It is really to late at this time if you are married and have children to find out you have no common interests. Yes I know I slipped into an area you may not have wanted to go to though it is important.

If we were to turn the tables around and first find out about similar interest in the people we are dating and sexual compatibility second I believe we would have less divorces in the world.

If your interested there is away to do this. sit sown and make a list of things that interest you and that you like to do. Yes put them on paper, then number them in order of highest interest. These would include hiking, camping, photography, biking, swimming and so forth. Once you have don this then start looking for clubs an organizations with these interest. It is here that you will find boys with similar interests.

These are the boys who will have more interest in you for who you are. Not just for just your beauty and sex appeal.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

Xenolan answered Wednesday August 8 2012, 10:28 am:
What kind of things do girls like?

What you have here is a largely unanswerable question, because "boys" are not all clones of each other and they don't all like the same things. Some of them like motorcycles, puppies, and holding hands while they walk down the street; others like photography, baklava, and kissing in the rain. Some of them inexplicably like "My Little Pony".

One thing which is almost universal, not just among "boys" but pretty much everyone, is sincere interest. Using me as an example, I like it when I say something that is important to me and people listen to it, and when someone takes the time and effort to get to know me as an individual person. And I think the same is true for just about everybody.

[ Xenolan's advice column | Ask Xenolan A Question

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