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Stomach Cramps && Diarrhea constantly?

Question Posted Tuesday July 17 2012, 11:36 pm

Hi, 19/f
I know you guys aren't doctors or anything- I just wanna know if anyone has went through this before and what not.

Anyways, I'm sexually active. I'm not pregnant-know that for a fact.

Last year- I went to the ER for stomach cramps. It wasn't like 'period' cramps it felt like someone was twisting my insides up and squeezing them- the doctors took a pregnancy test-negative- and gave me some pain relievers- said they had NO idea what was wrong. Took a cat scan- and nothing. The doctor told me that what I was feeling was 50x worse than a woman have contractions & giving labor with no medication.

Well, that lasted about a week. Worst pain I've ever been in. I took some Prevacid and suddenly it went away. (So I'm guessing, it might have been acid reflux, & gas)

Well, for the past 4 months everytime I go to bed, I feel like I'm going to throw up, but I never do- Sunday night, while I was laying down, I started having similar stomach cramps as a year ago.

I woke up every hour to poop (it was diarrhea);; went to work && the pain got worse from there.

All day yesterday, I diarrhea'd every 30 minutes-1 hour and had constant stomach cramps.

I took a pregnancy test- and it came back negative.

Now today, my stomach is still uneasy- I'm still diarrhea maybe every hour and a half- two hours. My butthole itches & burns while I'm pooping and after. So i'm thinking it might be raw? Or is there something wrong in that area too??

Any idea whats going on? I took another prevacid- and nothing; and I took something for gas- and nothing.

My normal bowel movements are usually 2 a day.


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OneDirectioner answered Sunday July 22 2012, 3:22 pm:
I don't know what is going on. The ER was the worst place to go to,I will say. And another thing I don't think this is a site you should be askinv that question. It is too personal. You need to see a doctor or get treatment. Something has to be wrong! :)

~Farrah :)

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adviceman49 answered Wednesday July 18 2012, 8:59 am:
This is the type of question that we should not try to tell you what to do or try to do. There are just too many things that could be wrong and any advice we may give could make things worse.

What I can say is the ER is the wrong place to go for care. An ER is a treat them and street them assembly line medicine. They treat what they can see. If they can't find a cause they will treat the symptoms. If that is not enough they will admit you so that staff doctors can take the time to do the testing and investigating needed to find a cause. Hence the term "Emergency Medicine."

You need to see a gastroenterologist or possibly and Internist who will run the proper tests to get to the cause of your problem. The symptoms you write about bring to my mind several different problems such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, then there is a stomach virus similar to an ulcer the name of which I can't remember and acid reflex. All require different testing and different treatments.

Make an appointment with a gastroenterologist and she what he or she has to say. If you don't know one ask your primary care doctor or gynecologist to recommend one.

[ adviceman49's advice column | Ask adviceman49 A Question

XXkaiiOO answered Wednesday July 18 2012, 12:54 am:
Do you feel sick after eating constantly? is this when the cramping/problems usually start? (if so..)

one possible thing I can think of would be maybe you could have celiac disease. (allergy to gluten)

I'd make an appointment with a doctor and discuss this with them though to be sure it's nothing more serious..

Also if you want to try out the theory of it being celiac disease without getting a diagnosis (for any odd reason you don't want to go to the doctors, etc..) you could just try eating a gluten free diet and see if you feel any better. and go from there.

just a suggestion on something that it could possibly be! hope this helps you out! good luck!

[ XXkaiiOO's advice column | Ask XXkaiiOO A Question

solidadvice4teens answered Wednesday July 18 2012, 12:41 am:
Go to a different emergency room and insist that they put you under and have a gastro-intestine specialist put a scope down your stomach to look for the source of the pain, constant desire to puke and diarreha. None of this happening constantly is normal. The scope will show them exactly what's wrong with your stomach and insides. Best way to find out.

Pain could be associated with gallbladder as that's one thing the scope can find. Why they'd do a cat scan when it's a stomach issue I don't know. Not a doctor but been in a situation where this was the next step if it got worse. Have the gallbladder checked too as a ton of pain exists with that as does vomiting, weird taste in the mouth that feels like you will and sudden build up until you do if it feels like a vicious cycle. All this from personal experience. As far as the runs could or couldn't be related at all.

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