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i wanna go to beach but i have my period

Question Posted Monday June 6 2011, 8:40 pm

hi im going to beach in 2 weeks with my friend and she has no clue ive ever got my period and she hast got hers and shes that kind of person whos shy and stuff im going to the beach with her in 2 weeks but i cant go in the water with my period and im to scared to use a tampon what should i do and also her mom knows i have gotten my period before but im still to shy to tell her mom and also will my period end by the time i go to the beach im just concerned!!!!! thanks so much please answer

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megzsmiles answered Wednesday June 8 2011, 7:30 am:
Using a tampon isn't as bad as it sounds...! The first time i got my period i decided that there was no way that i was walking around with a pad hanging between my legs! Ive swam with a tampon and believe you me it wont get soggy!

I hope you're not so scared anymore!!??

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Xui answered Tuesday June 7 2011, 2:07 pm:

Most periods don't last 2 weeks, That is a very long time for a period to last. In most cases they last no more than a week. Unless you have a serious medical condition you should have nothing to worry about. Relax

Also for future references never wear a tampon in salt water, Salt water carries sand, Seaweed and you don't want to risk getting anything stuck and clogged up there. Never wear anything like that if you are going to the beach or a pool it will end up soggy, wet and uncomfortable. If you have your period when you are going to the beach try slipping on some dark shorts so nobody will notice. Just relax, You will have a great time!

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lovealways1221 answered Tuesday June 7 2011, 1:45 pm:
It depends on when you get your period. It lasts from 5-8 days. Find out when your last period was and count 28 days from the LAST day you had your period. After you count 28 days from that point, thats when you can expect your next period to begin.

Ok now for the beach part, you have several options.

You can talk to your friend or her mom about this. I know you said you're shy but be brave :) you don't have to say you have your period.. make up another excuse like you're scared of the water and don't want to go swimming, or you sprained your ankle so you can't go swimming. Or you're sick and your doctor said you can't go swimming. And if you do talk to your friend or her mom about this, you should realize that they won't hate you for it.. they will actually be happy that you came to them to talk to them about it, because it says that you trust them and are comfortable enough to tell them anything. Treat her mom as if she was your own mother. Don't be shy, be brave :)

another option is to be brave and try tampons. I'm guessing you're pretty young. Well let me tell you a story. I'm 18 and guess what? I started using tampons recently!! I got my period when I was 13 and ever since a few months ago, i've been so scared to try tampons too. I used to get really sick to my stomach whenever I thought about them. I didn't like the idea of something being inside of my body. It felt uncomfortable and hurt. And guess what? it WILL feel that way at first because your body is not used to it. But one day, I decided that it was time for me to be brave and try it. I kept on trying until I finally figured out how to do it :) It took me 5 years to get brave and use tampons. So don't worry if it takes you a few times. Let me just offer you this- its SOOOO much easier if you do it NOW rather than 5 years from now like me. When I finally learned how to use them correctly, it seemed super easy. I thought "why didn't I do this before??" I regret not being braver 5 years ago. You can do it :) its really easy. Just remember to breathe. breathing helps your relax. in through your nose and out through your mouth, slowly. read the instructions and you'll be just fine :) Inbox me if you have more questions about tampons ok?

Another option you have is to simply not go to the beach. Call your friend and say you have other plans that your parents are making you go to. And ask her if you can go another time (when you don't have your period)

Good luck and inbox me if you have more questions!

[ lovealways1221's advice column | Ask lovealways1221 A Question

xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx answered Tuesday June 7 2011, 5:41 am:
I know it's scary going to the beach for the first time since you've gotten your period, but it's okay! I promise it isn't as scary as you think :)

Periods last for up to 5-8 days a month. If you've recently got yours, your cycle can be a little bit unstable and sometimes you can get them like every 3 months. When the day to go to the beach comes, check before you go if you have your period. If you don't, you should be okay. Put a packet of tampons in your bag just in case. No one will notice that you've got your period because you'll be in the water, but when you go to the toilet just check, and if you do have them then you can use a tampon.

I know tampons are scary at first, but they're nothing to worry about! Inside the packet there's a little instruction manual with pictures that shows you how to use them. You put your leg up on the bathtub or toilet, or squat down, and just carefully insert it up inside of your vagina as far as it will go. It might hurt a little bit the first time, but it's okay sweetie. It's small and it will go up there easily. You need to put your finger up there a little bit to push the tampon up. Just relax, take deep breaths and stay calm. Do it slowly and try and keep your muscles relaxed. When I say it might hurt, it's just a little bit. I promise.

If you have your period now, try and practice. You'll get the hang of it. Also, I don't think you will have your period when you go to the beach if you have it now.

If you're still scared about using a tampon, talk to your mum about it (even though that's embarrassing). The first time I used one it was really scary, but then I figured it out and realised there's nothing to be scared about!

[ xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx's advice column | Ask xXxPuNki-PiXiExXx A Question

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