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Where can you and how do you buy a penguin for a pet?

Question Posted Thursday January 6 2011, 4:28 pm

I really love penguins. They're so cute and sweet. I decided that I really want one as a pet. I know they would take a lot of care and I would have to buy a lot of fish to feed one but I think I can do it. My mom just laughed when I asked here where I can buy one so I don't think she believes I'm serious. So, like, where can you get a pet penguin at? Obviously not traditional pet stores or shops but, like, is there a place where animals like this are available to people to buy? Like an exotic animal shop maybe?

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Ballin4eva23 answered Tuesday April 26 2011, 1:42 am:
ACTUALLY im pretty sure you can own penguins as a pet. there are such Warmweathered penguins !! ive heard of people in Florida own a few. they are alot to take care of, but very much worth having !! i want one so bad..n honestly plan on trying to get one !!...just ask around town...maybe make some phone calls...if you really want one you can have one...jus be ready for the keep up n care of it..good luck:):) haveee funnnn their amazing animals hahhh:)

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sport1mandi answered Thursday January 20 2011, 10:53 pm:
ok dear. penguins live in places like the north pole and antarctica. (maybe, i think that's where they live) so in order to have one as a pet, you would need it to live in like a walk in freezer, if that would be cold enough. and also i think penguins like to live in giant packs and in large groups, so you would need like 20

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solidadvice4teens answered Monday January 10 2011, 12:09 pm:
Penguins may seem cute and cuddly but there are a multitude of reasons they are classified as wild and in some cases endangered animals. Trust me, you don't want one as a pet in your swimming pool or bathtub any time soon.

There is a reason why they are kept in zoos and attended to by marine biologists and scientists that know them intimately. They need the environment they are in to survive and cannot outside of it.

Even if an exotic underground store sold them it's illegal to do so and to own one. The best thing you can do if you love penguins is call the zoo and World Wildlife Fund to find out how to volunteer time and or donations to specifically help penguins and get more info on them.

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iloveaar answered Thursday January 6 2011, 8:24 pm:
im sorry but that question was very funny i laughed and saw your mom laughed aswell :( so im sorry ...anyway
first of all yea like the other person said you can find someone who will sell you a penguin but its illegal to own penguins as a pet and you'd have to be like idk rich or something to have some sorf of installation for the penguing to be its very very impossible and if someone finds outs you have a penguin and tells the authorities you might get into big trouble eventho you bought it and all, so im sorry this seems very difficult only people like i dont know bill gates or something could actually afford to have a penguing just imagine have you seen the places where they're at at zoos??? like the big room with freezing water and ice ? you'd have to have that urself or your penguing would die ..and installation of that plus refrigeration system for it would be VERY expensive the food i think would be the least expensive im sorry, and its not like you'd be able to play much with him cause he would have to be at this area unless you put on a jacket to enter there to play with him ....

i wanted to have a penguin myself and then i knew it wasnt possible hahaha so this must be hard

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hitler_the_goat answered Thursday January 6 2011, 5:11 pm:
yeah, theres a place to get penguins, but you have to work for a zoo. I have only heard of one instance of somebody owning a pet penguin. it was an old sailor in Japan who had been hunting whales in the antarctic, had found the thing injured and nursed it back to health. he brought it back to Japan, and it became his fish fetcher. the animal had multiple health problems due to the climate, chronic bronchitis and fungal infections being what finally killed it. So yeah, I'm sure you'll be able to find a lunatic somewhere that'll sell you a penguin... but it'll cost a lot(a high-bred dog in america costs several thousand dollars, imagine what the bill would be for an animal from the southern hemisphere), the animal would need a water environment to play around in(not your chlorinated pool, that'll kill it), and though cute, there's a good chance that your cuddly little bird would be a cranky angry bird more inclined to peck the hell out of you than accept a hug.
exotic pets are exotic for a reason.

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