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Does weed cause you to miscarry?

Question Posted Friday June 25 2010, 9:36 pm

Hi. I am 19 years old and I've been pregnant 3 times now for sure. All three of these pregnancies were confirmed by store bought pregnancy tests AND doctor's appointments where they gave me pregnancy tests. I was for sure pregnant.

I smoke weed every day but, otherwise, take decently good care of myself, in my opinion. I've been smoking marijuana since I was like 14 years old. I don't want to stop smoking weed but I can't help but think that it has played a part in me losing 3 babies already. I suspect I am pregnant right now so I'm considering giving up the weed to see if I can carry the baby to term. Like I said though, I'd really like to keep smoking.

Do you think weed affects unborn babies? Will pot cause me to miscarry my baby? Did I miscarry my other babies because I smoked a lot of weed? Any answers pleeeeeease

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Razhie answered Saturday June 26 2010, 6:53 pm:
You need to speak to a doctor, and be completely honest with them - about the miscarriages, and the drugs.

What you are describing is not normal.
It's not normal to have that many miscarriages, certainly not at 19 years of age. If your body is ever perfectly suited to childbirth - it's now. Something is wrong and you MUST speak to a doctor. Immediately. It might be more than just your current pregnancy at stake.

Would stop smoking weed be a good idea for a pregnant woman? Of course it would be. Along with no booze and very limited, if any caffeine. Those things are sort of common sense. So, please, do stop smoking weed. More importantly, see a doctor.

If you need more help than that, ask another question and include your state. People here might be able to help connect you with support networks for young mothers and access to prenatal care... if money or insurance issues are what is keeping you away from the medical attention you desperately need.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

ThirdQED answered Saturday June 26 2010, 3:45 am:
You mentioned going to a doctor, right? Have you asked him about "prenatal care"? If not yet, you should schedule a visit with him or her and go over your prenatal care plan--preferably with your partner.

And yes, not just weed but also cigarettes, alcohol, drugs (even the recreational ones) increases the chances of miscarriage. Still, even so, at most the chances should be only about 30% to 35% at most--maybe 40% if you are a very heavy smoker.

Now, I supposed that you already see the problem. Again, even with smoking weeds, at most the chances should be only about 30% to 35% at most--maybe 40% if you are a heavy smoker. As you can already see, problem is that . . . so far, your miscarriages are at 100% rate (3 out of 3). Now that is unusual.

Of course, this might just be pure coincidence, and I could be completely wrong. I don't want to worry you too much (too much stress affects the baby, too) but I don't want to make any false assumption in these life-and-death kind of situation either. So I honestly suggest you to talk with your doctor about this. Some (if not most) doctors will be willing to have a quick talk with you over the phone for free. Now, of course he won't be able to know the exact cause, but he would be definitely more helpful than us--the stupid people online who more often than not know less than what we talk.

Again, seek help from a professional. There are help available everywhere, from your current school to your local university, and even doctors as individuals. If you seek it, you will find it. Best of luck to both you and your baby :-)

Oh, and yes, definitely give up the weeds, and any type of drug or alcohol that you are using. Again, prenatal care plan! Don't forget that :-)

[ ThirdQED's advice column | Ask ThirdQED A Question

dearcandore answered Saturday June 26 2010, 2:13 am:
I think the more important question is why have you had 3 pregnancies already at the age of 19? Are you trying to have a baby? If not, then you need to either stop having sex or use protection. If you are trying, then I think the very fact that you haven't been able to stop smoking weed every day is proof you are not ready to be a mother. Stop what your doing and re-evaluate what it is you want to do with your life. You've been smoking since you were 14. That indicates to me that you've been dealing with some pretty heavy trauma in your life. That probably has more to do with your miscarriages than the weed. The weed is a symptom. You need to ask yourself what it is you're trying to escape from by smoking all the time. Then you need to go get help to fix that problem. Until then, leave the baby-making alone. You have a bigger problem than you realize.

[ dearcandore's advice column | Ask dearcandore A Question

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