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Is it okay to have sex before taking a pregnancy test?

Question Posted Friday June 25 2010, 9:31 pm

I had sex with my boyfriend like crazy last night and early this morning. When we finally got out of bed I took a pregnancy test because my period is already a week late and it's never been late before. I did everything like the instructions in the box said to for this pregnancy test. I got the pregnancy test at a pharmacy place here, by the way.

The pregnancy test showed a + which says I'm pregnant on the paper. Well, I was wondering if having sex right before taking the test maybe caused it to have a false positive or something? Can you have sex right before taking a pregnancy test? Does sex affect a pregnancy test in any way?

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ThirdQED answered Saturday June 26 2010, 2:20 am:
Yeah, there're a few problems. Let's quickly go through them, shall we? :-)

|| Sperms Don't Swim THAT Fast

From what I read, you took the pregnancy test right after you got out of the bed with your partner, right? Now that's a problem by itself. The sperms had NOT have time to even reach the egg yet--if there was an egg to be reached, that is. How on the planet Earth can the pregnancy test check?

(And of course, this is assuming that your partner isn't Superman, hehehe.)

|| False-Positive Possibilities

False-positive results are rarer than false-negative results--still happens here and there, but rare. You can go to [Link](Mouse over link to see full location) ( and search for "pregnancy test false positive" (without the quotes) and read about the potential causes.

only search

Me? I don't think many of those causes applies to you or the general populace of women who use the test anyway. Still, read through them and check if any of them applies to you. If not, let's move on to something not commonly known.

|| If not, then it's TIME!

If all or most of those possibilities revealed by a Google search doesn't apply to you, then this might be something that you should watch out for. If this isn't it either, then you might want to wait one more week and try another test. Of course, in either cases, a visit to a doctor is recommended.

All right, here's the thing: After the reaction time is passed, the result should be ignore!

Every test has a reaction time interval, usually between five to ten minutes. After that time, problems start to occur. For example, one of the problems is that the kit might become too sensitive to the point that it can detect hCG in even men's urine. (HCG is what the home pregnancy test kits check for in order to determine whether the woman is pregnant or not.) Others include faded result, or evaporation lines, and so on, so on.

only search

|| That's a Positive Result

There's NO WAY for any of us to know for sure whether it's a false-positive result or not. Well, I suppose we could tell if you have never had sex in the last few months (except "the time right before the test") but we don't even know that so it's just simply impossible.

The only good thing that I can suggest is . . . go visit a doctor. If you are not pregnant, yay! Get on birth control pills and get him to use a condom. If you are pregnant, also yay! Time for some prenatal-care planning? Either way you two win, maybe except the cash (doctors don't come cheap), but hey, having a baby is like one of the four most joyous thing in a young married couples' life--it worth it.

Good luck and I wish you all the best,
ThirdQED :-)

P.S. Congratulation, too, if that's really a true positive :-D

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THINKPOSITIVE7 answered Friday June 25 2010, 10:38 pm:
Hello having sex the night before taking a pregnancy test would not effect the pregnanacy test that you take. If you were pregnant before then you will still be pregnant after you and your boryfirned had sex. The preganancy test, tests for a hormone in your body, and if that hormone is detected even in the slightest then you are most likely pregnant. The only things that cause false positives are if you are taking certain medications, certain medical conditions, if the preganacy test was faulty, or improper testing. So all in all habing sex the night before does not affect the outcome of a pregnancy test the next day. You can try to take another pregnanancy test to confirm or disclaim the positive you saw on the preganancy test just to be sure as well...if you have any more questions or if I did not answer your question fully you can send me a private message and I would be happy to help..goodluck with everything :)

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