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Does He Like Me Or Not?

Question Posted Saturday February 27 2010, 10:57 pm

This guy that I've been talking to recently started texting me more and more. He asked me to go to the club last night to see him perform. He seemed like he really wanted me to go, so I went. He was pretty wasted, but he went around, grabbing my hand/holding me, introducing me to all his friends. I ended up sleeping over his house (ONLY CAUSE I WAS TOO DRUNK TO DRIVE)! and he tried to make some moves but I denied them because I don't believe in getting "intimate" too fast. The next morning, I left his house, and he texted me immediately! He asked me to hang out again today. I'm horrible at reading guys so I don't know if he really likes me or if he's just trying to get into my pants. Help! Thanks guys!

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gemmaxxlizx23 answered Sunday February 28 2010, 1:18 pm:
it would seem to me that he likes you, if he's inviting you to see him perform and texting you all the time. but if you really want to know, you should try to be sober when he is, that way you know that whatever he does is all him, not inluenced by alcohol or anything else. but from what he's done, i'd say go for it(:

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thelaura answered Sunday February 28 2010, 12:28 pm:
Well, he is showing signs of interest - he's asking you to hang out again, he's making the effort to talk to you, he introduced you to his friends, although he was drunk... just give it a little longer to see if he still is making the effort - if you happen to hang out with him again, see what he's like. If he tries it on with you again, tell him when he's sober that you don't want to move too fast and see how he reacts. If he still wants to hang and take it slow, he obviously likes you for you and if he's willing to wait 'til you're ready, he's not just in it for the action. If you notice any signs of being pressured, despite telling him how you feel about things, then that's a different story.
Just don't be afraid to communicate, that way, you won't get mixed signals.

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