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Good topics to talk about on the phone with your boyfriend

Question Posted Thursday November 5 2009, 11:47 pm

My boyfriend calls me every night and I absolutely love talking to him but I don't know what to talk about any more. It seems like we've talked about most things and I don't want to sound stupid and repeat myself over and over. I also try not to talk about sex because we both want to wait until we're married (maybe to each other in the future even, which would be so awesome!). I need some really good topics to talk to him on the phone about.

So, what are some topics you talk about on the phone with your boyfriend? ANYTHING is appreciated!

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applegirllx97 answered Friday November 6 2009, 8:55 pm:
*how your day was
*watch television together (on the phone) and talk about that
*childhood memories..funny moments..etc..
*upcoming events/school stuff/holidays etc
*make sure to ask him how he is an how his day was

i dont know me and my boyfriend usually watch tv whle were on the phone and we talk about that or we will talk about our day..and stuff!

hope i helped :)

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gweedsx3 answered Friday November 6 2009, 2:19 pm:
Tell him about your day. Ask about his. Tell him what you love about him. Talk about music, and concerts that you wanna see. Things you want to do, and places you want to travel. Ask him about places he wants to go. Ask about colleges and sports. make plans for dates, talk about books youve read. Pretty much think of things that youve done and you wnat to do and tell him. hope i helped!

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dottie4 answered Friday November 6 2009, 11:15 am:
The conflict in the middle east is one. Anything involving politics, and the economy is what I talk about. Ask about his family, where he grew up, how things were. How school was, work. Talk about global warming, endangered species such as the manatee and polar bear. Maybe the new cars coming out such as the hybrid models coming out. Movies that you both like, tv shows, weather, religon, advicenators,music, your relationship and how much you like him. There's tons of things.


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