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How much cum does it take to get pregnant?

Question Posted Sunday November 1 2009, 11:00 pm

How much cum does it take to get pregnant?

I mean can it be a little bit or does there have to be a lot of cum to make you pregnant?

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sobeg answered Tuesday November 3 2009, 6:32 pm:
If you are asking does it take a lot of sperm to fertilize an egg? No it doesnt take much.
If you are asking about how much fluid is needed? Again not much. Now if you are saying two people had sex no contraceptive what are the chances of getting pregnant? let me say this and even though many people will say no it aint true it has happened alot of times...even if you have sex once or a penis enters a vagina once without a contraceptive you have a high risk of geting pregnant. semen carries sperm, and sperms only mission is to fertilize so haveing said that i will use the last example when a woman wants to have a child on her own and gets donor sperm she does not need a cup or not even a teaspoon or half a teaspoon she only need about the amount of half of a Qtip ..HALF of the Qtip!! wow huh? so you dont need much if thats what you mean.
hope this helps.

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ThirdQED answered Monday November 2 2009, 6:31 pm:
Theoretically, one single spermatozoon (matured sperm cell) has the potential to make you pregnant.

Generally, there are about 50 million to 500 million sperm per "cum" (or ejaculation, whatever you want to call it).

Even pre-cum (the clear and colorless fluid that comes out when the man is sexually aroused, pre-ejaculatory fluid, pre-ejaculate, blah blah blah, whatever you want to call it) has the potential to get you pregnant. It is because after a recent ejaculation, not all of the sperms are gone--some may still be left in the urethra. (Urinating after ejaculations will flush the urethra of leftover sperms.)


Once the sperms enter the woman's body, some will die on their own, while others will be kill by the woman's acidic mucus. Eventually the mucus will change and assist the remaining sperms to survive a little bit longer. And finally, only one sperm reaches the egg--one out of millions of sperms, with some exceptions (which are when you get twin or triplet, or something like that).

So, if your question is "How much cum does it take to get pregnant?"

then allow me to ask you this, "How much luck do you have?"

Hope this helps,
Ng2491 =)

[ ThirdQED's advice column | Ask ThirdQED A Question

kat_and_jess answered Monday November 2 2009, 7:31 am:
It doesn't really matter how much cum there is. It depends on how much sperm there was inside the cum. There's not really any way of knowing EXACTLY how much sperm there was inside the cum. But even the tiniest bit of cum can have alot of sperm in it so if there's alot of cum then there's a higher chance of getting pregnant.

Hope we helped

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Razhie answered Sunday November 1 2009, 11:39 pm:
Pregnancy happens when a sperm from the male, makes contact with an egg from the female.

Semen (cum, if you want to use the playground word for it) can contain hundreds of millions of sperm. And it only takes one of those, to reach the egg, to begin a pregnancy.

So, a little bit can cause pregnancy. Even a very, very, tiny little bit, can possibly cause pregnancy. A lot of semen, is more likely to cause pregnancy then a little bit. But a little bit can still get the job done.

[ Razhie's advice column | Ask Razhie A Question

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