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just 10 pounds

Question Posted Monday May 18 2009, 2:20 pm

ok my cousin is getting married July 4th and i'm a bridesmaid who's gonna be wearing a shortish summertime kinda dress. so naturally i wanna look GOOD and i'd like to lose around 10 pounds for this to happen. i don't have gym access and i live in georgia so it's BLAZING HOT to run outside but i have a treadmill and a couple of 8 pound weights at home. i know i can do it if i really stick to it but the problem is i lose motivation sooo easily. i'll do really good and work out hard for a week or two but then i just lose interest and quit and i'll be super mad at myself. how can i stay motivated for just over a month?? [and also because it's almost summer time too!] i can't work out with a friend, so all i have is me and my house. i already listen to upbeat music when i work out. but how can i really stick to it for once!?

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Additional info, added Tuesday May 19 2009, 6:01 pm:
July 4th actually 46 days. it's a month and a half away. and i'm 5'7 and just over 130 right now, i wanna be between 120 and 125 [which isn't underweight for me, i do have fast metabolism and i'm naturally thin but i've put on pounds since i quit sports].

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DearAbby92 answered Monday May 18 2009, 7:43 pm:
The person below me is not exactly correct; I've been going to the gym for 2-3 weeks now every few days and I haven't changed my diet at all and I've lost 3 pounds. That was basically no effort on the diet part. So you CAN look good for this wedding. You have plenty of time. If your young your metabolism will be up so it will deffinitely be easier for you.

If you can get to a gym, I reccomend it extremely. I've always had a treadmill, but it's hard to stay on it if its in your house and there are other things you could be doing. But if not, what you really need to do is run your butt off. Cardio burns fat. Each time I go to the gym I run between 3-5 miles. Sounds impossible, right? I used to be the biggest couch potatoe and running exhausted me. I would rather die then go and run. But if you build up little by little and don't try to go for that 5 mile run the first day, you'll get in shape and it wont kill you to do it.

So try to go for a mile the first day. Or you can do it by time, I used to aim to do 15 minutes, then 30 minutes, and then I went for mileage. Listening to music is what gets me through it. I close my eyes and get in the zone.

Losing motivation is a big problem for me too. You can't bore yourself. Your body gets used to one routine and so does your mind. Change it up as much as possible. Do outside runs, change the incline and speed on your treadmill, and try some different activites. Swimming is great, and if you hang out with friends how about a game of tennis or basketball? The internet is a great resource. Look up workout videos. Try new things like yoga.

Weights are great for you to have. Google exercises you can do with them. You can do things like lunges, squats, crunches, calf raises, push-ups all without weights.

Put a picture of a dress you would love to wear up so its a constant reminder. Make goals and put them on a poster board.

And eat healthy. Thats 60 percent of the results. Drink a TON of water, replace some food with fruits and veggies, and go for low fat options. You can do it!

nivea lets you join a month workout program on their website that has meal plans and excerise plans, and its just a fun site. try it out!

Good luck!

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theymos answered Monday May 18 2009, 4:09 pm:
To do that you would need to consume 2058 calories less than you burn each day. It is not possible to do this safely; you wouldn't be able to eat even one full meal each day.

DearAbby92, metabolism and exercise have little to do with it. The asker wants to lose 35000 calories (10 pounds) in 17 days. 2058 calories MUST be burnt per day to achieve this. Assuming average height and weight for an 18-year-old female, asker will burn 1950 calories from just staying alive. So asker must burn an *additional* 108 calories each day from exercise. This is equivalent to about 40 minutes of exercise. It is not healthy to eat nothing and exercise every day for 17 days. You would probably die.

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