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Astral projection

Question Posted Saturday December 13 2008, 5:47 pm

How can one really tell when an astral is actually (No rude answers)?
(1) How can one tell if an astral projector is actually communicating with a non-astral when they are visiting the non-astral. People have told me to reach out to the astral, but how. I mean how do I know if it is really the astral speaking to me and it is not my imagination. PLEASE GIVE DETAILS. I AM THE NON-ASTRALOk the problem is that I cannot ask the men who are astralling to me how they are communicating with me and what they said, because I dont think they will admit to me they are astralling to me.

(2) AND can the astral have s*x with the non-astral anytime the astral wants to

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Additional info, added Monday December 15 2008, 2:49 pm:
Yes it is possible for astrals to interact with non-astrals. .

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Peeps answered Tuesday December 16 2008, 10:15 pm:
Please, consider what you're thinking. Out of everyone some man can "astral project" to and have sex with...they would choose YOU? This is meant in no harm but only a serious thought because we live in a world of the physical, meaning I'd bet money that most all men would rather choose a porn star or a celebrity woman to have sex with--astrally or not.

Next, do you honestly think your COUSIN has sexual feelings toward you? If so, do you think he would act on them purposefully? The only way you will KNOW if to come out and ask him, as it sounds like you are having sexual feelings towards him anyway. Don't be surprised if he is completely disgusted.

If you approach any of these men, including the ex-boss that you had years ago, they are going to be very weirded out--not because they're hiding "the truth" but because you sound completely insane. Honestly, you don't sound like you're in your right mind at all.

Chances are you are developing very strange imaginary scenarios that SEEM realistic. This being said, if you're not careful you can quickly end up in the mental ward for being engulfed in a world that doesn't exist. Many people end up in situations like this and wind up being hospitalized because they lose all grips with reality.

The feelings you feel when you "have sex" with these various men are probably your mind wandering. Your mind can do insane things actually. Some people can orgasm by just THINKING about certain things--people, fetishes, kinks, desires. Most people get horny at some point without having one particular thought in their head that they are aware of that turns them on. Almost everyone has a sex dream in their lifetime that "feels SO real" and, sometimes, so real that you wake up thinking you've gotten the sheets wet. Your mind can do a lot that you may not be aware of.

It sounds like you're falling into a dangerous thought pattern. It's doubtful that you're so drop-dead gorgeous that multiple men, including your cousin, will do everything in their power to bang you. Seriously. Think this through. What would make you so much more appealing than all of the other women in the planet? The time the might spend astralling to you--why are they not spending that time messing with "hot babes?"

Back to the cousin issue, by the way: In the other question you said that your cousin was "flirting" with you by saying he'd rather see a movie with sex in it. Just so you know, men are generally horny and like to see sex. He was probably just being honest with you--not trying to bed you. You're blood relative. It's ILLEGAL to have relations with him. I'm sure he said he wouldn't like to see the other movie because:

1. It sounds boring. Even the title "The Boy in the Striped Pajamas" sounds incredibly dull to me.

2. Porn sounds like a better plan for him because he likes to watch people have sex. It's more exciting to him. He's a typical man.

None of the men are going to "admit" that they are astralling to you because they, likely, are just not doing it. Please, stop assuming that you're the center of these men's universe. If they wanted to have sex with you (and remembered you, at that) I'm sure they'd make a move in real life. Most people are not astral at all and have no interest in doing those sorts of things.

You see, if they are oh-so powerful then they would have the confidence to approach you with sex. If these men know you at all they would be well-aware of your personality. I've read this question and already have an impression of you that would make me believe that it would be fairly easy to "bed" you if I were a powerful man and approached you for sex.

If I were you, I would see a good therapist about this. Please consider seeking psychiatric help for this. This is not normal at all. It is not normal to become engulfed in believing men are coming into your bedroom at night and having sex with you in a whole different dimension. Please, seek out some mental help and tell them all about this. If I'm wrong then may they can answer your questions for you appropriately--but I very much doubt I am wrong.

Please. Get help for this before you become completely obsessed with imaginary scenarios.

Based on the college psychology courses I've taken, I would say you definately need to get into some sort of counseling for yourself as soon as humanly possible. It sounds like you're having a terrible break from reality.

If you have any more questions please feel free to ask me, especially after you've already gotten medical care for your mental health.

[ Peeps's advice column | Ask Peeps A Question

theymos answered Sunday December 14 2008, 3:02 pm:
The claimed properties of astral projection differ depending on whom you ask. Some say that it's only possible to project to an entirely different plane, some say that you can project to this plane but interaction with anything here is impossible, and some say that it is possible to interact with this plane. The latter belief is by far the minority. Having the power to be incorporeal at will makes one nearly omnipotent, and imbalances the universe. Cosmologies must have a balanced universe to be believable.

So you have to figure out which source of astral projection information you believe in, and ask them.

[ theymos's advice column | Ask theymos A Question

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