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Question Posted Saturday August 9 2008, 3:52 pm

i'm already in high school starting on my sophomore year, and i still don't know what i was to do when i grow up. still looking for what i have a passion for, is it cooking? is it dancing? do i want to run a business? idk, what age should i know what i want to be? how will i find out? please & thank you<3

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WittyUsernameHere answered Tuesday August 12 2008, 12:08 am:
Most people figure out what they want and do not want as they go through their 20s.

I wanted to be a computer programmer when I went into college. Then I got a taste of programming for 40 hours a week, and I hated the idea that I'd be doing it twice as much if I actually pursued it as a career.

Over time, I finally figured it out. All my life, I've been one of the people my friends talked to when they were upset. My participation in websites like this was another sign. I like talking to people. I like helping, advice, and helping them figure out their own problems.

And so, I took a course on psychology.

I loved it. Learning how the human mind works, how people think, etc? It was great.

So I am a psychology major. I plan to eventuall get a doctorate, and become a therapist.

My advice, go into college planning to take basics. Pick courses like history, economics, electives, things that will contribute to any major. And pick one class per semester that is an area of interest. Try it out. See if you like it. If you do, take another. And another. Eventually you'll have a major.

Just so you know, most people change majors more than once in college. I went from electrical engineering to Comp sci to psychology, I know people who have changed more than that.

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WonderlustWeirdness answered Saturday August 9 2008, 8:42 pm:
I do not think MOST sophomores really know what they want to do in life. That thinking usually comes during the senior year, when the prospect of transferring to a college comes into their psyche.

The key to what you want to do is to consider what interests you have... hobbies, pastimes, things in the news that catches your attention beyond the excitement level such as maybe you see a story on a person that reveals their occupation.

For me it was trains. From when I was just an infant, I always took an interest in trains. After college, I became a locomotive engineer. I could not take any educational courses on that, the railroad and my co-workers taught me everything I needed to become an engineer.

If you do not know what you want to do, you can always take a Liberal Arts general education tack, and then take a second degree in something that interests you. So the best thing in high school is to get the best grades you can, especially in the prime courses that are important.

As well, your counselor can advise you on various occupations so you know what exists out there. You can also take an occupational interest personality test, which will tell you how you rate in things like clerical, mechanical, mathematical, science, so on. Then you can consider the careers that have your highest ranking from your test.

See your counselor.

And when you get to college, take courses like College Success... it will help you a lot. Becauase of my College Success course, I went from a 2.8 grade point average to a 3.4 grade point average!

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S_C answered Saturday August 9 2008, 4:17 pm:
There isn't an age where you find out what you want to become.
I've already graduated high school and it took me until quite recently to realize what I want to do with my life. A lot of the people I go to colloege with aren't quite sure yet.

When you finish high school & go to college, you don't declare a major until you're sophomore year. Even then, some people will change their majors 2-3+ times. It's normal not to know what you want to do.

To help yourself find a career that might interest you, take some different elective classes at your high school.
Sign up for foods classes, early childhood education classes, fashion merchandising, marketing, etc.
Most high schools offer a variety of career pathway courses that could help you decide what you like & what you have no skill for whatsoever.

Also, there are plenty of websites that can help you determine some future careers.
Then again, I've taken a few of those online tests & surveys & very few of them have pointed me in the direction of my chosen career.

There are also some sites that go over the what you would do for certain jobs & such.

Use google
only search

You can google whatever you want where I had written "Career pathways".

[ S_C's advice column | Ask S_C A Question

kcerica answered Saturday August 9 2008, 4:10 pm:
Please try to think of what it is that you like to do, it's not hard if you think of what it is that you'd be doing if you had some free time, are you a leader or is it easier for you to have someone tell you what it is that you have to do? You'r counsellor in school should have tests that help you find what careers or fiels would be good for you. Please be serious about this because I didn't take this seriously and didn't go to college now I'm struggling trying to find a good job without an education and I'm realising that I'm going to have to go back to school to have a chance at getting pretty much any kind of job these days. Stay focused, know what you want, keep aiming for the future and don't look back.

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