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evil girl

Question Posted Thursday January 24 2008, 9:05 pm

this one girl at my school is horrible. she harrases other girls and she broke onto my screen name some how and pretended she was me. the police have been to her house once when she was in 5th grade but she always gets out of things and blames other people. everyone, even boys, are scared of her. how can I stop this girl?


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Holly22co answered Wednesday January 30 2008, 5:52 pm:
google up some dirty chatrooms, and post her phone numbers everywhere, all the time. juvenile, i know. another thing you can do is have your parents call hers! itll make you feel like a little kid, but hey, it works most of the time..if u do that just be sure to tell your mom or dad to remain anonymous.. idk if these will help, but good luck! =)

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WittyUsernameHere answered Friday January 25 2008, 7:27 pm:

You get bonus points if you can name the reference.


First, you must find the Mystic Sasashrala. He is near the Eastern Temple. He will explain about the Three Pendants you need in order to retrieve the Sword of Evil's Bane.

First, in the Eastern Temple, you must recover the Pendant of Courage from the Armos Knights.

Then you must Journey West to the Pendant of Power, past the desert sands, and the vicious Lanmola that guard it.

Finally, you must venture North. There you find the pendant of Wisdom, the moon pearl, and one pissed off Moldorm.

Once recovered, you must venture into the forest, past the mists, twists, and bandits. You will find there the master sword, driven into stone and awaiting a hero worthy of its might.

Draw out the sword, it will recognize you as its master. Take it with you to school. She will be waiting for you.

When you walk into the classroom, the girl will attack. She will either launch a large blue-yellow ball of energy, a hexagonal fireball spread projectile, or lightning. If she moves to the top of the classroom run to the side, as its always lightning.

Use the master sword to reflect the blue yellow projectiles. Avoid the fireball hexagons, and after 6 reflected magic missile's she will fall.

(Special Note: If you happen to have a bug net in your backpack, that too will reflect the projectiles. No specific kind of bug net required, any will do.)

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Uniq_The_Geek answered Friday January 25 2008, 5:32 pm:
theres nothing to do ironically. we dont want no fights so0 just let her be. of course if she starts bothering you physically sumtin's gunna have to get done. defend ur self most definatly

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orphans answered Thursday January 24 2008, 11:57 pm:
First of all, bullies are ALWAYS insecure in some way or another, and she may be jealous of you. I know this probably sounds dorky, but I would reccommed talking to her. Just let her know that she doesn't have to act the way she does. If she continues to be a you-know-what, ignore her. I know this may be difficult, but sometimes this is the only way to deal with these sort of things.

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asward2006 answered Thursday January 24 2008, 11:54 pm:
One thing that a bully hates more than anything is to be ignored. The more she see its it bothing someone the more she is going to do it beause they are falling into her "game" About the screen name just casually change your password to something only you would know and don't say anything to her about it. The more you guys ignore her and let her think what she is doing doesn't bother you the sooner she will get bored and move on. People like her love attention and it looks like to me thats what everyone is giving her so if everyone stops hopefully she will get tired and move on.

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carayotie answered Thursday January 24 2008, 10:51 pm:
Well you can't really 'stop' her. Its up to her to do that if she chooses too. It sounds like she holds a lot of hostility towards people. Why not try being her friend because I'm assuming she doesn't have very many from how she acts. Maybe she was treated poorly when she was younger so shes beginning to lash out now. Show her that someone is wanting to show compassion towards her. That could be all it takes :)

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