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Why does my skin scar so easily?

Question Posted Thursday October 18 2007, 4:11 am

Over the past few months I've been noticing an increase in scars...

I've always scarred easily but it was usually just on my legs. I scar from every little thing - bug bites, and any kind of scrape. It sucks, but I'm use to my legs looking like it was hit by shrapnel. I know it will fade in time.

But the thing is, lately I've been getting scars on my face and my hands too. Every pimple I get lingers into a scar...I don't get pimples that often so I'm not horribly concerned - but its my face! Not only that but I have to use an oven mitt to play with my kitten or the little tiny scratches it makes turn into scars! Its ridiculous.

My skin isn't dry, or anything like that. This doesn't make sense. I've searched google,, and wikipedia but to no avail. Nothing would explain why I scar so easily.

Anyone know something I don't?


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TimidGurl answered Tuesday January 4 2011, 1:42 pm:

I have the exact same problem. Every tiny scratch or cuts I have turn into scars. I'm currently using Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil, it smells like chocolate which I personally really like since I like chocolate. I have just started using it so I don't see any differences just yet, I also read the label and it said that Vitamin E, Cocoa Butter and I think it was Rosehip oil helps with scars and stretch marks.

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jussy answered Monday November 30 2009, 7:55 pm:
I also have this problem. I will scar from any little thing, from bug bites, small scratches, i sometimes scar from pimples (which i raely get)but they will go away eventually.. however the scars from insects will stay! I still have scarring on my legs from when i had that chicken pox and that was when i was about 5! im not 19 turning 20, I am asain mixed so I have olive skin.

People usually compliment me on my skin, but I'm very concious of it. I have scars down my legs, ony my face and light ones on my arms and have a few stretch marks on my inner thighs. I hate them. My sister also has the same problem but worse. I think we just have really sensitive skin. I hated wearing shorts and skits and dresses.

About 2 years ago I started using Bio Oil which has helped, it has basically lightend the scaring on my legs quite alot (mine are dark due to my skin) and even though i have tan skin i have started to buy tanning spray and it helps to cover them easy so Im not too worried about wearing skirts anymore.

I dont think that scarrign can go away, ive had mine for year and they have faded a little but still visible. So I would suggest that you just work with what you have. Although i do know there are lightening gel that you can purchase online to lighten the skin area or bleaching products. If you cant get rid of them completly then try and cover them with makeup or airbrush and you'll be fine. I use makeup to cover the ones on my face.

As for your legs remember to EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE EXFOLIATE!!! get rid of any dead skin layers..and dont forget to moisturize everyday.

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Idril answered Thursday August 6 2009, 4:46 pm:
I have exactly the same problem! I've been searching at google for a year, and I never found the same problem! It was always about acne scars and scars of a car accident... But mine are every month worse and worse!

I have a very beautifull skin, I really have. I really find myself pretty enough, but I have big complexes of my scars, and that is very frustrating because I know no one else who has the same problem. My skin is also very brown in summer, but in the same way that is very irritating because my scars become almost black then (and they stay forever). (I just read, the browner your skin, the easilier you scar, so we all fit then!)

It's like it started when I got my period for the first time. That's strange. 'Of course I already got scars!)I went to gymnastics and I fell with my legg on the beam. It was a big scratch, but it wasn't bleeding at all. It went a scar and I was very surprised. A month later I had a scratch by shaving on my other legg. It went a scar as well and I was suprised again. I was quite panicked because my bothe legs looked ruined. Then I investigated my feed. I noticed lots of keloid scars of little blisterings I had two months ago (before the beam accident) These didn't matter thath much, because the scars were little... Two years later I haven't had any new scar, and the shaving scare was almost gone, the other one never did, but I was quite happy again. I was sixteen years old then.

But since I'm sixteen and a half or seventeen, I become new scars every month. Not only on my legs, but everywhere. They also never disappear. Most of them are quite little, because I became very prudent. Other are bigger. Accidents just happen, you can't prevent them all. Every brown crust, even the tiniest one, not bigger then a point of a needle, will be scar. And, it's true... I also have the feeling to break down in tears when I get a new scratch. Two weeks ago I got one on my legg. it begins at my knee, and stops at my foot... I can see the white skin already... People think I'm not resisted against pain, but I know better.

My friends say I have changed.
I don't like playing in the woods anymore. I can't talk about it because people don't know what to answer. Sometimes they answer: "They will disappear..." But they never do... They are just happy that they don't have the same problem. Especially the girls...

They say you can make disappear scars, are make them look better with laser. But the problem is:
*Do I have to do ALl MY BODY then? That is so expansive.
*Why would I do that, I become new scars every month!
*Will the laser effect cause little wounds that will be new scars again?

P.S.: I know my English is not correct. If anyone wants to chat, it would be nice. It would make me feel less lonely with my problem :)

I also have this question: What does your parents say about this? Mine say I overreact and that nobody sees them, maybe only when they want to see them or if they know that they are there... except the ones on my face. I hate it because firstly I hadn't problems with a scar on my nose, because I can't remember my life before I had it, I only got it by an accident when I was 3.

[ Idril's advice column | Ask Idril A Question

jordanblue answered Sunday May 3 2009, 12:54 am:
So, since I was born... even if I get the tiniest scratch on my left knee it scars. And its a slightly raised scar... (not a keloid ) I asked my dermatologist about it and he replied with " thats what happens if you constantly hurt your knee the tissue is ruined " But the thing is I never hurt my knee before each scratch!!! The tiniest scratch, fall, etc... scars. Its funny once I fell and landed on both my knees evenly the left knee scarred and the right knee healed perfectly. Now that I know it will always scar on my left knee I take great care of it bandaging it, putting neosporin on it... following online instructions but it always scars the same way as even if i didnt take care of it. Haha, Ive got to the point where I almost cry whenever I hurt my left knee because I know it will be there forever... and I have no Idea what it is!!

[ jordanblue's advice column | Ask jordanblue A Question

sugarcane227 answered Thursday April 9 2009, 12:35 pm:
ME TOO! I am 18 and have been dealing w the leg scars since forever (word for word, exactly like you said) and the pimple scars for about 3 years. Furthurmore, although I am not Red-haired-white-skinned, I am about as fair as you can get while still being a brunette, so the scars really stand out.

I even went to a dermatologist to ask about it and all she could tell me was that I should use Mederma on the scars. I just wanted to say (and pretty much did say) that's really cute, but scarring from an ant bite is NOT NORMAL! Is there no way to prevent this? She told me no. I personally don't think she's right. I suspect that there is some disorder or dietary problem that is simply uncommon.

For the pimple scars, I suggest going to your local Walgreens and getting Acne Free. It's about $20 and it a three step system like Proactive. I was amazed that not only did it do a great job of getting rid of my newer pimples, but it almost completely erased the scarring on my face! I hope this helped!

Someone come help us! Tell us what is wrong with us!

[ sugarcane227's advice column | Ask sugarcane227 A Question

idkgirl19 answered Monday September 1 2008, 6:51 pm:
so weird. the same exact thing is happening to me!! i'm 17/f and i have never scarred this easily before. i'm too embarassed to wear shorts or skirts because of the scars on my legs. it's getting pretty bad. i have a dermetologist appointment in a few weeksso hopefully that will help. so maybe try seeing a doctor?

i'm so glad to know someone else is having the same problem as me and i'm not the only one!!

[ idkgirl19's advice column | Ask idkgirl19 A Question

honest2t answered Monday October 22 2007, 9:57 pm:
if you have a scratch and after the healing process it doesnt fade completely even after cocoa butter and lightening creams you should think about it being an internal problem like not drinking enough water to help the cell renewal process which is very important and taking a multivitamin with vit-c(ascorbic acid)to help the healing process

in short, drink water! cut out smoking(if you smoke) drinking alcohol and any other teratogens(drugs). Remember that what you put in your body will show up on the outside sooner or later.

try this for seven-ten days: 8-10 glasses of water a day and use a exfoliating scrub while showering/bathing once daily and apply a cell renewal lotion at night i.e. nivea or cocoa butter. let me know how it works!

[ honest2t's advice column | Ask honest2t A Question

thelaura answered Thursday October 18 2007, 9:51 am:
"A scar isn't always a sure thing. "It's not so much how deep or severe a wound is that determines whether a scar will form, but rather the location of the wound and that person's genetic [inherited] tendency to form scars."

In other words, certain people tend to get scars more easily, and scars are more likely to form after wounds on certain parts of the body."

You're probably just more prone to scars. I'm the same. The slightest scratch will show for ages and it doesn't help that my skin is really pasty. Same with bruises, too.
The obvious thing to do is to ty not to cut yourself etc. I know you can't help the spots, which is unfortunate.
There are ways to make them less noticeable though. Look around for creams/cover ups etc. I use Bio Oil. Works really well.
You're right, they will probably fade in time, so for now, try different ways of concealing them and helping them disappear.

[ thelaura's advice column | Ask thelaura A Question

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