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how to get over a boy.

Question Posted Monday September 11 2006, 7:33 pm

Okay well all us girls know how hard it is to get over a boy after he dumps us or just says he doesnt like us anymore, especially when it was super unexpected. so my questions are...

how do you get over them? besides getting another one. cause I can't get another one.


Do you boys feel the same way? like if we ever did that to you? do you feel like crap for days on end? do you guys like obsess over it as we do?
Do you ever even miss us? or do you just move on right away cause you just thought we were attractive?

Thats people!

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awesomet123 answered Friday December 11 2009, 9:45 pm:
I was recently dumped. Yes, it hurt. The reason he broke up with me was because I didn't have a SPARK in my kiss. Pssh, boys. What you need to do is take your time, but try to forget about him. Tell your friends not to talk about him in front of you, and hang out with your friends more often. If that doesnt help, don't go crying unless you honestly need to. I may not give the best advice, but this is what I do.

I hope I helped, and good luck!

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evan66 answered Wednesday September 13 2006, 9:15 pm:
Im a guy and yes it's one of the worst things when a girl dumps you. You feel horrible, like dirt, and you feel like theyhave a better life going for them if they dont need you around anymore. And we dont just get over it, it takes lots and lots of time. Most guys dont go out with girls that they think are just attractive, theyll do stuff with them butnot go out with them. THeyll only go out with a girl if they are actually atracted to them mentally. hope i helped

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MelLeDisko answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 3:41 pm:
To get over a guy as best as you can, you just got to stop thinking about them, stop thinking about the good times, and make some good times with your friends instead. Go shopping, have a movie marathon, spend the night at a friends, try picking up a new hobby or just have fun with the current hobbies you have. But before you do all this: cry if you need to. Cry yourself silly, and get all those sad emotions out of the way so you don't need them anymore and you can focus then on good emotions and good times.

And, well, I'm not a guy, but I'm sure they do feel the same way. I don't think as much onto the point where the cry for days and eat ice cream haha, but I'm sure they feel crappy whenever they're dumped. It really does depend on the guy. If he was just into the girl for stuff and cause he thought she was hot, I'm sure he doesn't care if she dumps him or not other then the fact he might think its sucks because he won't get any [ even if he WASNT going to ] but then other guys who really liked the girl would probably be hurting for a good while.

I hope I helped.

[ MelLeDisko's advice column | Ask MelLeDisko A Question

DearMegii answered Tuesday September 12 2006, 12:50 am:
There are many different ways to cope with your boyfriend loss. It kind of depends on what kind of person you are, or what makes you happy. Some girls like to sit at home, and watcin sad movies and be alone, while they cry til their eyes have gone dry. Others feel the need to get out, and HAVE FUN, or at least PRETEND to have fun. I suggest the second idea, rather than the first. He already upset you, dont let him get the best of you.. enjoy yourself, and show him you can do better without him. and im not a boy to answer the next two questions. But IM SURE they do get upset. they just have different ways of expressing it. In most guys cases, that would be NOT expressing it at all.. its not "cool" with the guys to be upset over a girl.

Hope i helped.

[ DearMegii's advice column | Ask DearMegii A Question

xEVYx answered Monday September 11 2006, 10:36 pm:
Well, it's normal to dwell over breaking up with someone. It's not easy to just forget everything special you had with that person, but if you have to, then you have to. Even if it takes time, which more than likely it will.

But just think about it like this, why wanna be with someone who doesn't wanna be with you?

Even though it maybe hard at the time, you'll realize it was for the best at that time.

Take married people for instance. If they wouldn't have gone through all their high school boyfriends and girlfriends, they wouldn't have had the chance to find each other and love them. [unless they were together the whole time]

=] Evy

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