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inexpensive hangout ideas?

Question Posted Wednesday August 9 2006, 8:18 pm

Me and a few friends are planning to hangout tonight, but we cant come up with any ideas! We arent looking to spend a whole lot of money because we are all budgeting to save money up for school. The only idea I have so far is to rent a movie and have a girls night in, but that may tend to get boring. Any creative ideas?

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orphans answered Wednesday August 9 2006, 10:14 pm:
i think a girls night in CAN be fun. it depends how you do it.

things i do when im having a girls night are

-truth or dare
-truth or dare around the neighborhood..
-since i live on a dead end, if im at my house with a freind or 2, we usaully stand on the house on the corners lawn becuase they are old and go to sleep at like 8, and we dance for cars and pretend to flash cars and funny stuff like that or run up the street yelling 'sexual words'
-make overs
-the food/drink game (where you mix food with other foods...and the one on the 'seat' has to eat it. or drink it. depends if your playing with liquids or solids.)
-makeovers gone wild =0 where the 'judge' picks a category like 'craziest hairstyle' and the 2 players go into 2 differant areas and do there hair the craziest. or you can do like your makeup with this game too.
-the 'boy' game. where you and your friends put in 2 differant bowls, peices of really small paper. first you all write differant boys names (dont share what you write on the papers with ANYONE) and put them in 1 bowl. and the other bowl but actions to do with them...some can be mean, some can be sexual, fun, funny, etc. like go bowling, have sex, kick in 'balls'.
then you pick a peice from both. this can last a while if you do funny ones. =]
-turn off the lights in your room and play 'monster', acually the lights dont have to be turned out, but what you need to do is blind fold someone and you pretty much wait until they count and you run around the room and have the blind folded person find can hit them with things and push them over. as long as they dont 'tag' you. haha.
-secret go in a circle and tell secrets or funny stories or embarresing stories about you, or other people.
-just talk about crushes and shyt like that
-make up a dance.

theres alot you can do.
girls nights can be fun and lets you act immature and let loose.

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missmissgurl answered Wednesday August 9 2006, 10:05 pm:
You could do that and have a scavenger hunt. My sisters friends always buy ice cream and pig out and they make their own pizza's. You could play truth or dare, the water game, or the other water game. lol I'll explain. Water game #1. Everyone will have a cup of water or another beverage. Then you'll go in a circle saying stuff like "I've never made out" and the people that have take a drink. Then you do a differn't round and go w/ stuff you have done and those who haven't take a drink. You keep switching on and off. Then the other game is where you take a big drink of water where your mouth is full. Then another person does the same and your friends try to make you guys laugh and whoever spits it out first looses. Do crazy make overs. Take weird pics. Do prank phone calls. Go walking. Have fun!!

[ missmissgurl's advice column | Ask missmissgurl A Question

NoLies_JustLove answered Wednesday August 9 2006, 9:38 pm:
Hm, well there are a lot of things you could do! You couldddd:
- Go to a rollerskating or iceskating rink
- Go to an amusment park
- Go to a park and be like little kids and play on the playscape haha
- Get your nails done
- Go to a lasertag place (idk if you have one near you, though)
- Do manicures/pedicures yourself
- Go to the mall and get your makeup done at a makeup counter (it's usually free; depending on where you go)
- If one of you has a video camera, use it! You can film yourselves dancing to music, like a music video-type thing, or something like that. Me and my friends pretend we're in a corny soap opera and make up commericals and stuff and film it .. it's really fun haha
- Go mini-golfing or bumper-boating
- Roast marshmallows

That's all I can think of .. have fun!

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