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room decor

Question Posted Saturday July 29 2006, 3:52 pm

I have just moved house and now have a new bedroom to decorate. The room is medium-sized, with a low ceiling, small window with a reddish, wooden, slatted blind and two built-in wardrobes (and therefore two large doors on one wall). I am 18, female, my taste is more classic than modern and I like a more consistent than striking or contrasting look in terms of interior spaces. I would like a feminine but classy look that I won't become sick of within the next five years, and definitely not too dark as the room isn't large enough to support it. In the room already are furniture made from a rich, reddish wood and two potted plants that look like small, delicate palm trees. I would like a look that can be put into a general category as this will make furniture and fabric buying easier. Thanks for any ideas.

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idreamoftiaras answered Tuesday August 22 2006, 4:08 pm:
hi, since you said you had a small window im guessing you dont get much natural light in the room during the day. so when painting walls opt or whites and creams it will give the illusion of a larger space. also keeping the walls a neutral colour means you can then bring in your personality through things such as the bed and other personal belongings. how about painting some sort of a floral patern around the beds headboardand then bring that same /similar pattern in some where else in the room say on a bed sheet or around a mirror. hope it helps

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GoodAdviceGiver05 answered Monday July 31 2006, 5:39 pm:
A BEACH THEME! you said the plants look somewhaT like palm trees. if your floor is wooden, thats great. If its carpeted, get a baige or sandy color. Make the walls a tropical blue or lightish green. Make it have a surfboard on the wall and make it in those colors. hope i helped! :]

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Helpful answered Monday July 31 2006, 1:19 am:
OH, this one's a toughie. I doubt that you want frills all over the place, so if you wanted to, you could go with a lines theme. Just make it subtle, like small lines in most places with a few obviously lined things spread out in the room.

If you don't want to go with that, you could look at something else for inspiration, like the potted plants. Put different tones and hues of green in the room, but keep it very light colors. This will make the room feel fresh and new.

Good luck making your room special!

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