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dress punk

Question Posted Wednesday May 3 2006, 7:01 pm

ok well im punk and i really wanna dress punk and like i wanna start dressing punk not goth but my mom is not really likeing it but o well what are some styles to be punk other the wearing black and having converses cuz i do that already and i rate 5s

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HxC_arrrrie answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 10:29 pm:
im punk, indie, emo. whatever you wanna call it. but. punk is like studded belts, converse, black, umm track jackets. yeah thats about it. but dont get zip up jackets that have bands on it that you've never heard of just to look punk.

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MyHappyShoe answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 9:39 pm:
First off.. stereotyping yourself is stupid and second off "punk" isn't a way of dressing, it's attitude and music. If you want the so called "punk" looked just miss match everything (use a lot of bright colors) and wear studded belts. Just find clothes you like and mix them around or just wear a ton of band shirts and grungy jeans. You could also reconstruct the clothes you already have. If you want the whole image then you have to have an "I don't give a shit about what you think" attitude. Next, dye your hair freaky (not like anybody elses hair style.. be bold) and layer it with choppy layers or a faux hawk. For example, dye it brown with blonde bangs or tip it, something like that.

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DarkDesire23 answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 8:16 pm:
Well,studded things are punk,but most of the people i know that are into the punk style make there own clothes,or buy things they like jackets(weather its preppy or anything) then they'll change it into what they really like,(add studs,designs,anything like that.) i cant really tell you any stores that i know of punk clothes,because its really original type of clothing,everyone is different. try hottopic (which every single other peorson would say) but it is easiest to find things there,rather than other stores.colors - pink,black,crimson,white.(more,its all up to you,you make your own style)
hair styles are usually (from what i see) are either spikey layers with streaks.or short hair.but its your style,so we cant really tell you what to do :).make somthing different up:)!!

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brizz27 answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 8:04 pm:
spiked belt. band t-shirts and zip up hoodies (senses fail, taking back sunday, from first to last)..vans checkered shoes. a short choppy haircut with maybe a streak. light jeans with holes. weird shirts that no one would think to wear. hope i helped =)


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orphans answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 8:03 pm:

it has a lot of gothic stuff but there's tons of punk stuff too! it has both punk and goth so just look through the punk stuff.

[Link](Mouse over link to see full location)

it's titled how to dress punk, so i'm guessing it might help.

anything else.. ask?

[ orphans's advice column | Ask orphans A Question

DearLeslie answered Wednesday May 3 2006, 8:01 pm:
Well, there really isn't a way to dress punk.
You can go to Hot Topic, there not ONLY goth, and find some cute clothes there.

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