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Question Posted Thursday May 19 2005, 2:14 pm

What is herpes?
I've heard of it but I never really knew what it was;
and how do you get it?

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Poppsie answered Thursday May 19 2005, 4:43 pm:
Its an STI a sexually transmited diseas that people get form having unproteced sex with out a condom. Hope this helped!!!

[ Poppsie's advice column | Ask Poppsie A Question

EJ47 answered Thursday May 19 2005, 4:27 pm:
Herpes is an STD ( sexually transmitted disease ) That, well, you get from having unprotected sex. Either intercourse /or/ oral. Herpes is like a really bad acne for your crotch. You get nasty outbreaks of boils, and it isn't much fun. Herpes has no cure, but there are ways to keep the outbreaks from being as severe as they tend to be.

So basically, it's just another good reason to use a condom.


[ EJ47's advice column | Ask EJ47 A Question

x0xMrSm answered Thursday May 19 2005, 4:23 pm:
its a kind of STD (sexually tranmitted disease)
you get ir from having sex or sometimes even oral sex (like genital herpes for example)...
hope i helped.

[ x0xMrSm's advice column | Ask x0xMrSm A Question

Pixiemagic14 answered Thursday May 19 2005, 4:06 pm:
Herpes is a ssexualy transmited dieses. STD. and you get it from sexual contact. or also form unprotected oral sex. heres appears as sore like pimples on the genital area.herpes are uncuriable. you can't just pop a pill and it'll be gone. you cantake pills though to stop the breakouts but you'll still have herpes.


[ Pixiemagic14's advice column | Ask Pixiemagic14 A Question

zapreth answered Thursday May 19 2005, 3:59 pm:
Herpes is a virus in the same family of viruses as Chicken Pox. However unlike Chicken Pox, Herpes only goes away to lay dormant for awhile. It comes back causeing painful open sores that can pass the virus to others by touch transfer. Cold sores are a mild form of Herpes, though they get worse, larger and more painful with age. Some people are born with the virus, from their mother or father. Most get it by kissing someone with a cold sore or having sex with someone with genital Herpes. Condoms arenot terribly likely to keep you from getting Herpes, because the sores are not just located in the vagina or on the phallus. Plus the condition is painful. I doubt a person with a flairup would be interested in having sex. Aslo it is possible to contract the virus even if the person is not having a flairup, though much less likely. I hope this was the information you wanted. Health.

[ zapreth's advice column | Ask zapreth A Question

xXxpinky615xXx answered Thursday May 19 2005, 3:49 pm:
Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease: Any of several viral diseases causing the eruption of small blisterlike vesicles on the skin or mucous membranes, especially herpes simplex or herpes zoster. If a person you sleep with has it, chances are you'll get it. No one knows really how it started but it just keeps getting passed along. You can get it on your mouth by giving oral sex to any sex or by having plain old sex.

[ xXxpinky615xXx's advice column | Ask xXxpinky615xXx A Question

mrs_radcliffe answered Thursday May 19 2005, 3:08 pm:
Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease! It can be passed on during sex if you or your partner dont wear a condom.
luv roxie

[ mrs_radcliffe's advice column | Ask mrs_radcliffe A Question

ThugGirl041790 answered Thursday May 19 2005, 2:53 pm:
hey herpes is a sexually transmitted disease.. you always have it..its not exactly cureable but you cant die from it.. a cold sore is another form of herpes.. you get it from oral and unprotected sex..

[ ThugGirl041790's advice column | Ask ThugGirl041790 A Question

Lizzardi answered Thursday May 19 2005, 2:41 pm:

Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease- and it is NOT curable. My sister has had it now for 20 years as she had unprotected sex (while on the pill). You can get it from having oral sex with someone as well that is infected. You can take medication prescribed by a gynecologist, but there is no over the counter remedy.

Please be careful out there- condoms are important to stay safe.

[ Lizzardi's advice column | Ask Lizzardi A Question

kim___xXx answered Thursday May 19 2005, 2:15 pm:
hey ist a std sexually transmitted diease. you cath them by having sex with someone with herpes.
love kim

[ kim___xXx's advice column | Ask kim___xXx A Question

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