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hey im asking this question for my friend val

my friend n her bf have been together for a year and 4 months and she lost her virginity to him wen they were together for 8 months and he lost his to her and they just broke up a month ago and he makes out wit other girls in front of her and makes her feel stupid he tells everyone hes a pimp and that he can play anyone so he went out wit like 4 girls aleady my friend still isnt over him because she loves him and loved him or atleast she thoguht she did shes a junior and hes a sophomore shes going out wit this other kid for 2 weeks already but i think shes wit him to make her ex jealous im not sure because she said hes just ok looking and he has an ok personality so i dont think she really likes him i dont feel sorry for her ex tho but people say she used her ex wen they werre goin out beause hes rich but i think it was love well anyways i dont have anything else to tel her and ifeel bad for her that she has to face him everyday if u have any advice please write back i rate good thanx toodles (link)
i think u should tlk to ur friend and tell her that the guy isnt worth it and that she should just move on. she says she loves him and that may be true but look at what he does to her. she shouldnt take that shit from him. she should just move on and forget abnout him. love is a 2way street, u gotta have both ends or else it dont work. point is.....he dont love her. i kno the feeling. and i kno it sux. to care soo much about someone and they dont see u as anything more than a friend. or worse they may not see u at all. or in ur friends case they hate u. tell ur friend to do what i do. try to stop tlkin to him for a lil while and try to avoid him in the halls. and then when/if it dont hurt anymore. ease ur way ^ to him.....hope i helped.

These past 2 years i've been feeling really depressed and its reflecting the way i act towards people now. I feel as if i can't trust anyone, and unpleasant things have been going on. Since 6th grade i've been cutting (im in 8th now). And now, It's like i always want to,and i cant stop, but its gotten to the point to where i dont even know it. I cant concentrate because i've lost most of my friends, and the 2 friends i have now act like they dont even want to be around me. All this anger is built inside of me, and i have no one to talk to about it and so i take it out on myself because i feel like its my fault even though it may not be. Im losing almost everything, and i always feel like my friends talk about me behind my back. I want help, but i want help from people who understand me, and who actually want to listen and care about me, but it seems none of my friends can really fill those needs. (link)
Well if i'm gunna be honest with ya i'm gunna tell you that you need proffesional help. I personally have a few friends who cut and they have therapists. I'm not saying that yor like out of your mind/crazy, i'm saying that it helps to talk to someone who ACTUALLY understands you. Well I hope you benefited from my "brilliant answer".

What would you tell a friend that you were talking to online that was going to die in 20 minutes because he/she just stabbed themselves in the stomach? (link)
i would tell them that he/she is a dumbass and i would tell them that i loved them if it was a close friend and i would tell them that i would miss them like crazii and that i would never forgive them for what they did to me......but then again if u just met them online you wouldnt kno if they reakky did it or not....idk...hope i gave u an idea...

ok i have a BIG problem and im sure that it happens to a lot of people.. but whenever something happens that makes me mad i always want to kill myself and its scary cuz sometimes i almost do.. i dont no wut to do and i need some help before i actually do!!! does this mean im like mentally ill or something?? should i see a doctor or anything?? thanks..
xox manda (link)
umm...i dont think its perfactly normal but i kno A LOT of other ppl r liek that. liek me 4 exsample. i think u should see soem 1 bout it cuz if u get really really mad u just might do it soemday. and thats a dangerouse and scary thought....i hope i hleped a lil

alright well whenever i get upset i feel the need to cause myself pain. sometimes i do and sometimes i just cry. and i used to cut but i dont anymore and im never going to again so that will not be a way of hurting myself...but i want to know if there's anyway to control these feelings. i really dont want to end up hurting myself badly. but i get upset do easily...i dont know im just so confused. (link)
wow. thats terible. well its a good hting ur not cutting anymore cuz that could hurt u really bad if u cut deep enough...umm....i really dont wanna suggest anything cuz i dont wanna hurt anyone. i think that u should just try to ignore the urges. if u really really have to hurt ur self i suggest go to a friend that u kno would never let u do that to ur self just so ur safe. or go laydown out side and look at the soft fluffy clouds and try not to think of sharp objects...think happy thoughts. hope i helped...

My friend told me tht she caught her sister cutting....Can ne1 tell me wht tht is? I asked her wht it wuz and she looked @ me like I wuz crazii...Wht is it?! I need 2 no!! (link)
cutting os when soem 1 takes a razor bladde or a knife or soemthing and they slit theyr wrists,\. the reason they do it is becouse they want to cause them sleves phisical pain to take away from theyr emotional pain. its pretty comin....

well through out my life i have always been pretty sad and thinking how ugly i am when people all the time say im so pretty and everything i just dont belive it well anyways i never seem to be happy about anything and i dont know what to be happy about i guess im sorta depressing but love being happy and smileing but i never seem to feel that why ever can you tell me some things i should be happy about cause i dont know anything and i dont wanna turn gothic? (link) soo sry...that must be terrible. i feel liek that soemtimes. and im really insicure bout myself as well. what i think helps is t\just to hang out w/ a few very close friends and do fun things. or better yet just goof off and do really sypud yet funny things. when ur w/ ur friends and ur laughing ull 4get all bout ur troubles. i hope it works....

well...i am a cutter. i have been cutting for about a year now. by the way i am 13 and female. i want to know why i feel so great after i do cut. its like nothing is wrong after i cut. i have tried to stop....but it has never worked.

also... do u know where i could find other people that are self addmitted cutters? (link)
well the main reason anyone cuts is becouse caouseing phiscal pain tajes a lot away from the emotional pain. thats y it feels so good. ur not thinkin about what happend to u, ur thinkin bout the cut and tha pain thats caousing. its liek all the anger and pain and everything uv been holding in bubbles up to tha top w/ tha blood. i kno how u feel cuz a lot of ma friends r cutters and im one myslef. im sure theres atleast one other person at ur school thats a cutter as well. and ig\f not then im sure u can go to liek google or something and theyll tell u bout other cutters and things that can help u. there r lots of hospitals and physicatric centers that have ppl that specialize in that sort of thing. well i hope i helped at least a lil....

Well.. I'm not sure how to put this... last year before school ended.. I started liking this kid named Kevin. Well we dated.. and then decided we didnt know enough about each other to be together so we broke up. Then he said when he gets to know me better we will get back together. I've talked to Kevin ever since school ended and yesterday we hung out all day long.. and he really really likes me. and If i didnt have a boyfriend wed be together. I really like Kevin. My problem is. I have a boyfriend. And I like Kevin more then my own boyfriend. And I'm not sure how to break up with him. Without him knowing that I'm going to be with Kevin. :( Ahh man... I sound like a slut. (link)
i think what u shoudl do is dump ur bf by tellin him that u guys have nothing inccommen anymore and that u 2 r goin in totally diferent dirrections. then go out w/ kevin but keep it on tha low 4 liek a weeek or so...then break it to evey1....hope i helped...

Hi ok im 14 and well ive never been kissed.. i mean i could have been kissed a couple of times but i kinda said i didnt want to but i wanted to so bad its just i dont know how!! i mean what if u bite the other persons tongue or what if they bite you!? and then what if the other person has braces and u get scratched or sumthing else??? like idk i just keep on getting this ideas in my head and get paranoid!! i dont think ill ever kiss anyone unless its just like a peck.. please HELP!!!!!!!
p.s can u give me tips and how to french kiss??

well...i think that when u first start out u should just do a few quick kises on tha lips. liek a few pecks. and if anything sparks then keep ur lips on his a lil longer. then open ur mouth slitly. dotn stick ur tongue in there or nething but just like kinda...gee idk how to explain it. u watch tha movies right? where they just kinda kiss and its liek theyur heads r tilted and they like lock theyr lips for like a split sec and then pull away and then do it again and pull away and they keep dion that 4 a while... u kno what im tlkin bout?...wel anyway...when u do start to french itll just come to u. its weird...but when u do it its liek uv been doin it 4 eva and u kno exactly what ur doin. with the right person comes the right time....and when the times right ull kno everything....hope i helped...

I have a friend and me and her have been friends sense 4th grade we're in the 8th now , but lately she has been thinking that every single one of her exboyfriends likes me. I keep telling her that its not true, but she still thinks it. I dont want her mad at me over something like this. Its not like I like them back is what I tell her. What should I do? (link)
First of all i think that u should remind her how long u guys have been friends and then tell her that a silly boy isnt gonna ruin any of that. then i think that u 2 shoudl go out 2getha liek to the mall or soemthin and just tha 2 of u hang out. so its like tha good times u used to have together b4 any of this happend. then shell remember what a good friend u r and shell totally 4get bout tha guys ((hopefully))

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