hey...ill try to answer your questions quickly. if i answer then remember to rate. ill try to answer anything i can


Hi my name is Samantha and i really like this guy who goes to my school. Everyone likes him and i think he is really hot, but i dont think he likes me that much... i am not "HOT" as you all would say. But we talk a lot and hes really sweet, sometimes he makes fun of me but in a cute way, i really want to ask him ou t but i am fraid to....... He is so hot tho... can you helpp me?

i don't think you should hesitate to ask him out. if you two talk a lot and hes really sweet to you, then you know that he couldn't possibly not want to go out with you. he might just want to be friends, but hey, it never hurts to see if it can go to the next level. if you're shy about asking him, try forcing yourself to do it, like if you're just talking to him like you would normally then you just need to blurt it out so you don't have time to contradict yourself. in most cases if someone thinks about what they're doing, they tend to not actually go through with it. so i would say to go for it, don't hesitate, and see if things can progress. if he says no, then it's no biggie, just keep having a regular relationship and maybe it'll grow to something more. good luck


Ok well I like this guy, whose name is Frankie. Frankie is a total skater dude, and I’m well... kinda preppy. The only reason I’ve really talked to him is cause he sat by me in a couple of my classes. When I talked to him he was really nice.. and sweet. I finally realized I liked him. I really don’t know if he likes me because he's so different from guys I normally like.. And so different from me. Anyway we had this little inside joke thing where we always like wave to each other outside of this one class we have 2gether... and yea.. He always smiles and waves when he sees me and he is so nice. I mean from what I can tell I barely know him though... it really stinks. Yesterday he switched some classes and now I have no classes with him... I’m really upset. It ruint my whole day yesterday anyway.. I really want to talk to him and just get to know him better. But there are some problems... I’m pretty outgoing but I can be really shy around guys and stuff.... Frankie is totally different from me, and a skater dude... most of his friends totally hate me (mostly cuz I’m a little preppy, and smart).... And most of my friends don’t really know him (and I wont tell them who he is)... and I have no classes with him. He still waves to me though. I need advice on how to like talk to Frankie and like really have a conversation with him or just play around. I’m pretty creative, but with all the problems I dunno what 2 do.... And I’m just not very bold when it comes to guys... please help me find a way to talk to Frankie! (PS. in case it helps, I'm 13)

you said before that when you had classes together you talked to him, and it seems like you had good conversations with him. just try to remember what you talked to him about that both of you could easily talk about in class. if he's into skateboarding, try asking him about it (i wish i could tell you what skateboarding things to ask him about, but i have no clue about skateboarding), so then maybe he'll feel more comfortable with you. and maybe instead of just waving to eachother between classes you can just go up to him and talk to him really quick. so to answer your question, find him and start a conversation about skateboarding or whatever you know that you both could converse well with. good luck


i have this friend and he keeps telling me he likes me. He said he was in love with me and that he loved my body. He is really nice. People are always calling him gay and mean things. He keeps asking me out almost everyday. It is getting annoying. I keep telling him no. I try to say like i not being mean. (I'll sorta laugh like it is a joke.) I dont want to hurt his feelings. Today he asked me out. He said, "If you go out with me I'll give you a cell phone! It's prepaid and eveything!" I hate to keep telling him no, that i dont want to go out with him. How can I tell him I only like him as a friend and nothing more without hurting his feelings? I dont want thing to be too weird between us.

i think that next time he does it, instead of saying no, you should nicely tell him "sry but honestly i don't like you the way you like me" or something that isn't mean but will get across the idea that you don't like him right now and that you don't want him to feel rejected every day when he asks. but don't say it in a way where he would feel awkward about it later. good luck


thats cool. do u know who less than jake is? they are from gainesville i think.

nope. sorry


i think that i might be phyco. like every two minutes i scream CHEESE and every day in second hour i have to flip threw my friends notebook just so that [CHEESE] i know what it looks like when a yellow notebook flips [CHEESE] or somtimes its his agenda ... i dont know what is wrong with me [CHEESE] but i love to do it but only in second hour... not any other time. somtimes ill just hit him randomly too like just walk up and punch him, i think i really am insane, please help [CHEESE] me... oh ya it might help if i let you know i also shout random things like "planters is great babe" for no aparent reason at all.. do u think im insane, somtimes i run around and chase green cars bc the colors are pretty pretty i love to chase squirelles too, they are my favorite... they are so round and furry and i love to cook them over an open fire... NO COW YOU BEEF EATERS ... ok bye please tell me if im insane

yes. it seems like you're quite insane. you're very weird and i'm sorry to say, but i don't think any doctor can help. hahah angelea it's sick that this is actually your real life. but you don't eat rabbit so thats a plus at least. AND DONT FLIP MY NOTEBOOK IN 2ND PERIOD TOMORROW


what part of florda do u live in? my cousin lives in tampa bay.

i live right by tampa. i don't live right in it but my city is only 15 minutes away from it.


ok so love this guy soo much! and he's one of my really good friends. i wanna tell him i like him more then a friend//but i dont know if i should cuz i dont know if he likes me back as more than a friend and i dont want to create something akward between us! please help me. should i tell him i like him or not???

i think you should. you really don't have anything to lose. if he's one of your really good friends, he probably won't act like a jerk if he doesn't like you the way you like him, and then all will (or should) be back to normal the next day. it's happened to me before and all i did was say that i don't like the girl back--no big deal. nothing is different now. good luck


ok my friend really liked this one kid Jordan but hers black and shes white..and he asked her out and she liked him but she said no? she tells me that its because they're to close of friends but me and her are so close that I can tell when shes lying and it seemed like she was lying..so I think that she turned him down because shes black and because supposly people would make fun of her but they wouldn't..I dunno what to do becuase Jordan told me to talk to her but I dunno what to say..and if I believe her? please help!

tell her that a lot of close friend relationships turn into great couples. explain to her that if the reason she turned him down is because of the race differences, she doesn't need to worry about people making judgmenents about her. tell her that there are a lot of mixed-raced couples now. it would be nothing unusual or weird. good luck


my cousin is really nice, but i think i might like him more than just family, is that wrong or am i just liking him cause he's my friend?
-clueless and creeped out

maybe you just like him as your favorite cousin and you're making it seem like you like him more than family, just because it's a possibility. it's perfectly fine to think of him as your favorite cousin, but honestly it's not normal to like him beyond a normal family love. i think that you probably are just freaking out because you know that liking him more than regular family is a possibility, but if it's not the case, don't sweat it. good luck


I'm getting mysterious love notes.
On Monday I found one in my locker that says that "this boy" lovesme sosososososososo much. He also said that he's in two of my classes.

Then today (Thursday)I found another one in my locker. It said I was the most special, cutest, and sweetest person in the world. He said his love burns for me like the white hot embers of the sun.

What should I do about this?
I know all the boys that are in two of my classes, and I know none of them are guys that I'll never want to go out with. How do I handle this?

i think that you should just let it slide unless it becomes a problem. try avoiding it for a little while if you don't want to go out with any of those guys. if the guy keeps sending you letters, ignore them unless it ends up becoming obsessive, which most likely it won't. if it does become obsessive, somehow find out who the guy is and say that you like someone else so his feelings aren't intentionally hurt. good luck


my backround sux, its all white, how to i make something in the backround?


you can go to 'column settings', click the link for page backgrounds, and then copy the url in the middle of the pattern and paste it in the boxes that require a url. good luck


Hey, Im 13 and Im in 8th grade, and I have a crush on Travis my friend hes also 13 and in 8th grade. We have alot in common, but Ive always been kinda shy and not telling people that I like them. But i wrote travis a note one day that i thought he was hott i didnt get a bad responce:) or a good one :(, and nothing is different between us and we are still good friends, i talk to him all the time. I wanna go out with him, but Im afraid of rejection so I dont know if I should ask him out. I feel that he might like me but I can never be positive. One of my bestfriends, Brittany thinks I should ask him out cuz if i dont i might miss a chance to go out with him if he likes me, and he might get over me and go out with someone else:( SO... my question is should i ask him out, i would really appreaciate your advice! THANKS!

wow...that's pretty coincidental because i have a friend who had the same problem and i helped her with it. i think you should ask him out, mainly because you know that if he says no then things won't be awkward between the two of you [at least thats what it would seem like because when you wrote him the note that said he was hot, he didn't give you a negative response and things are still regular now]. the way i see it, you have nothing to lose. you shouldn't be afraid of rejection though, because if you end up not asking him out, it could be something that you regret. good luck


my mom recently found out ive been cutting myself so now she questions it all the time and along with alot of other people do! i just want them to back off, its kind of a personal problem. what should i do? pleez help n' thanks.

i can see why you want them to stop bugging you, but they're just trying to help. they care about you and they want you to stop. maybe you should try talking to them and tell them that you don't want to talk to them about cutting anymore. hopefully that helps. good luck


Hey guys im a 15 f. At nite it takes me like 45 mins to fall asleep. i have no clue why but its SO frustrating. Neways.... i was just wonderin if u guys had any tricks to fallin asleep (besides counting sheep) that could help me. Thanks so much!

this won't sound like awesome advice but it's true, you shouldn't think about anything as you fall asleep. actually close your eyes and just really don't think about anything at all. the counting sheep doesn't work because when you want to go to sleep, you just find yourself sitting there in the middle of the night counting and doing something for no reason. what i do, if you have a tv in your room, is when you start to go to sleep, dim the brightness on the tv and put it on sleep for as high as the time will go. then don't have the volume be normal; make sure its so you can just barely distinguish what they're saying. so all you have is a mostly dark tv with low volume and sleep on as high as it can go. it works for me. and it also helps a lot of theres no lights on outside your room or anything like that either. good luck


My friend and I were talking tonight. We started talking about slitting your wrists, and I asked her if she'd ever done it. She was really weary and said "maybe..." and then I said "Have you?" and she's like "I tried it. It hurt." and I'm like "How old were you?" and she said "13...or 14." (She's 15) and then we talked, and she's like "I DON'T WANNA TALK ABOUT IT ANYMORE!" but then she's like "I'm just kidding, I don't.". She's a strong Christian and she's only 15. She wears TONS of bracelts all up her arms. Do you think she was really joking, or just insecure and really does it? I don't want to talk to her about it, incase she gets madder...

that sounds like a pretty clear cry for help to me. keep talking to her about it more and more and make sure that before you go outside for extra help you know if she's joking or if she really is cutting. if she really does have a problem with it, don't be afraid to bring it up. it might irratate her a little, but she needs help. good luck


there is this guy named michael and he is my friend but then he asked me out and i said yes so i told my best friendand she said i like that guy break up wit him or i wont be ur friend not more so what do i do?

im not sure how she's your best friend when she's telling you to break up with him if you don't want to. if you really really like him and don't want to give him up at all, don't break up with him. if he's nothing special and you wont be heartbroken if you let him go, then i'd say break up with him. decide between those two, and the main thing should be if you really like him, not if it'll make your friend happy or not. good luck


OK...i went to "browse columnists" and i couldnt find myself!Is there something i need to know so that i can find myself cause i rly want to see how im doing!thnx 4 answerin if u can!xoxo

make sure that you've answered at least 5 questions first. i don't think that you get included unless you've done that. then make sure that you put all your stuff in there for the gender and age and all that you can. good luck


okay well see im going to the movies with my 2 bestfriends and they are bringing their boyfriends!! see i dont have one so i feel left out what is a good way to get someone to like you?

i think that if you're just trying to get a boyfriend so you wont feel left out at the movies, you shouldn't need to. if your best friends are there, then there shouldn't be a reason for it to be weird or anything like that. if they're best friends, they probably don't realize that you think that they're leaving you out. try talking to them and try to attract a lot of attention when you go the next time so you feel included. good luck


I just got kicked out of my moms house and i am starting off fresh at my dads. He doesnt trust me and neither does my grandma. I can t talk on the phone without them listening or i cant get on the computer with out them reading my stuff. I cant go anywhere without them spying on me. They dont let me go any where to begin with. I have to sneak on the phoen and the com at night. I ask if they can just ftrust me and they are like no. They dont even know me. My grandma thinks buying me things is going to keep me out of trouble and my dad thinks keeping me from the world is going to keep me out of trouble as well. I need some advice .

well i dont know what you did to lose their trust, but if you're really serious about starting over then make it clear to everyone that you want to change. tell them that you're different now and that you can be trusted to do things, even if it just starts out by letting you talk on the phone or talk online. show them that you're responsible now, and that way they'll be happy to let you be more independent. good luck


is this juan? because if it is plz let me know i am youONLYliveONCE!!

yea this is juan is this hannah?


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