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how effective are sit ups?? well ima girl & i do around 50 a day & i definately feel it but i heard that they weren't that effective at all. any ideas??

thanks!! (link)
Well if you are doing sit ups that is a great start. i go to the gym and do about 50 on a gym ball and it has definately toned up my stomach. But you must be patient because it does take a while for it to work. you should look on the net for other excersises that are also effective for the stomach that can be done at home. it is worht it all in the end.

Ohk im 17. f.

i Have a sister that 13.

Im skinny and she bigger then me by like 2 sizes.

every single day she goes in my room when im asleep and takes my clothes and ask me if she can wear them. im still asleep when she asks me so i have no idea what im saying. She takes it as a yes and wears my clothes. She takes jeans, shirts, and even my damn uniform pants for work. today she went to the movies with her friend. her friend didnt have clean jeans so she gave her a pair of mine to wear. her friend is bigger then her.

When i see her with my clothes on i tell her to change right now and she does she throws my clothes in my room and doesnt even wash them after. She gets stains on my shirts and they dont come off. Well the jeans i dont have many pairs and when she wears them the strech out and i cant get them back to regular size.

I bought like 2 pairs of new jeans and she asks me everyday if she can wear them and i say No every time and she continues to ask me.

Is there any way to get her to stop asking me to wear my clothes all the damn time. She has more clothes then i do. she just doesnt wear them.

ill rate good if you give me good help. (link)
maybe you should buy her the sameoutfit for her for chrissie or her b'day and kindly tell her that she is stretching your clothes cause she is bigger than you. or take her stuff and see how she likes it then make and agreement together.

i am 14 years old and very caucious of my pubic hair. When i go to teh beach in my bikini i am scared my bathers go see through and everyone can see! i want to get my bikini line wax but i dont know if its normal for a 14 year old to get it done !? HELP! (link)
hey i think if you want to get you bikini line waxed you can but it is quite painful and can cause ingrown hairs and rashes. it also costs a fair bit. try veet bikini line cream it pain free cheap and simple. it also takes longer for the hairs to grow back. it can be bought from any supermarket in the toothpaste and deoderant isle. also if you are self concious about it you dont have to take you nickers off in front of a complete stranger put up with them putting hot wax and touching down there either
hope this was a great help
good luck

Why do boils occur. I have a huge one on my groin. What can I do to get it to come to a head and what can I do to prevent future boils? (link)
well boils can be cause by a couple of thing.
1. an ingrown hair insect bite
i had a boil on my leg and got a swab done and turns out it was from a spider bite.
whatever you do dont squeeze it cause it spreads the infection. if possible put a bandaide on it when it forms a head so if it pops you dont get puss everywhere. the best thing to do is see a doctor to give you a cream and tablets.

okay i think i have pink eye my eyes really icth and
there swellen i were contacts if thats any help but is there any way i can stop the ichin or anything it might be other than pink eye? i rate 5s (link)
you should see you optometrist cause i had the same prob and i went and saw him and i was having an allergic reaction to the cleaner from the contacts even know i had been using it for 1 year it just started a year later. whatever you do dont rub you eyes cause it give you wrinkles when you older and makes the irritation worse. even just a call to your optometrist to explain whats happening can help you understand what is going on and could stop incase it is an infection form your contacts.

I'm 16 and I want to try contact lenses. My optician says it's all OK. I was just wondering if anyone had any really good/bad experiences with contact lenses they could tell me about, or if there are tips any of you might have? Are they really weird to get used to? I have a real thing about touching my eyes, I don't like it at all. Will I find this really difficult? What happens if you can't get it out? (link)
first of all if you optometrist says you can wear them he must think you are able to put them in or she/he wuld of said no to you wearing them. i have been wearing contacts for 3 years now and have had no problems.
when you see the doc he should give you a sample pair. try them if you like them then you can buy more. i recomend that you see you optometrist to teach you how to wear them cause they are a great help and know how it feels to be a first timer. even if it costs money its worth it.

yes contacts make your eyes worse in the long run but if you wear them only when you need them it will be okay. talk to your optometrist about it. you wont be the only one to of askes. they know what it is like and can give you some great tips.

Alot of the time I wish I could me more glamourous; more well-liked; more respected. I guess you could say popular.
Not like the bad popular, I just want more people to like me. I have a bunch of friends but I want to be friends with everyone. Not just a few cliques. I want to be self-confident; A girl all the guys like; a girl that would make a great friend; a girl thats always got plans to be with someone. I hate being alone and unliked. Anyone got any ideas? (link)
i know just how you feel. one thing i have to say to you is do not change your image or personality for anyone. if they so called popular people dont like you they are probably not worth hanging around. most popular people are jerks anyway. trust me i used to one of then until i changed for the better.

Ive dated my girlfriend for almost 3 years, I love her so much. Im 25 years old, and for whatever reason ive had issues finishing school and getting my degree on my way to a full time job and "grown up" responsibilities. My girlfriend is 23 and one year away from obtaining her degree. Since we met, she has been very supportive of me and refuses to give up on my school, which indicates the signs of a tru keeper. Lately she has been upset at me because she doesnt see me up to par with school like i should be. We have cried together many times about this cause she wants to be with me, but at the same time isent sure about many other things. Now i know ive failed her a lot, but is these reason enough for her to have thoughts of braking up? is she being selfish? every body tells me to dump her because she will hurt me and besides they say there are many other girls out there. They fail to realize that i love her so much and see a future that she sees as well, am i beign weak and stupid for wanting to continue with the relationship? like my friend says, if shes giving up on you now, what makes you think she wont give up in the future. What should i do? (link)
if she can't accept your wishes then she isn't as great as you think. she should accept you for who you are and not for who she wants you to be.

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